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The Bullvine Has Bite!

It’s hard to believe that it has already been two years since we launched the Bullvine.  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday, other times it seems like it has been a long road.  Nevertheless, here we are at 2 years and still kicking.  Something many   predicted would never happen.

Since we launched and said there would be twice the bull and half the fluff of the other publications we have held true to our word.  (Read more: Twice the Bull – Half the S**T) Unlike others, we have expressed our opinion. No matter what the issue, no matter what the ramifications, we have said it as we see it.   That has gotten us in trouble at times, but that was a risk we knew we had to take in order to focus the industry during these changing times.

Who Killed Professional Livestock Photography?

An interesting thing has happened as we have grown.  We not only grew readership but, more importantly, we have gained significant influence in the dairy cattle genetics industry.  With that influence have come detractors. There are those who blame us for the downfall of the hot houses and those trying to work the system (which we gladly accept – Read more: Has Genomics Knocked Out the Hot House Herds? And The Hot House Effect on Sire Sampling), as well as the photography industry. (Read more:  Introducing the Dairy Marketing Code of Conduct, Dairy Cattle Photography – Over Exposed, Has Photo Enhancement Gone Too Far?, No Cow Is Perfect – Not Even in Pictures and Dairy Cattle Photography: Do You Really Think I am That Stupid?)  The ironic thing about the professional livestock photographers is that we tried to help them save themselves, but instead they were too short sighted, preferring to bite off their noses to spite their faces.  In the most recent dairy print publications, less than 50% of AI company ads had a professional side photograph.  This was once the bread and butter of the professional photographer’s income. Well they can`t say we didn`t try.

Influence Comes From Talking About Subjects No One Else Will

There are those who blame us for amplifying the problems that the genetics industry is currently facing. (Read more: How I Killed the Dairy Cattle Marketing Industry, Who Killed The Market For Good Dairy Cattle?, The Genomic Bubble Has Burst? and How Genomics is Killing the Dairy Cattle Breeding Industry)While our egos would love to take credit for these changes, that is just not the case.  At the Bullvine we prefer to talk about the issues before they become critical.  We prefer to raise the touchy issues, instead of waiting for things to happen and then report on them after the fact. (Read more: Genomics – Lies, Miss-Truths and False Publications!, MILK MARKETING: How “Got Milk?” BECAME “Got Lost”, and “Got Milk” is becoming “Got More”)  Sure that may seem to some like we are creating the issues.  But in fact it simply proves that we are in touch with the issues that are currently facing the industry.  That’s what has led to the Bullvine being the most read daily dairy magazine in the world. We are not counting friends we are interacting, engaging and building community.

Unbiased Sire Recommendations

One of the areas that has attracted the most attention is our willingness to make sire recommendations.  We consistently bite off more than the others are afraid to chew. Instead of just profiling those sires that will generate us the largest ad revenue, we have always done complete recommendations. (Read more: The 16 Sires Every Dairy Breeder Should Be Using to Accelerate Genetic Gain in Your Herd, 12 Sires to Use in Order to Reduce Inbreeding, and The 24 Polled Bulls Every Breeder Should Be Using To Accelerate the Genetic Gain in Their Herd)   Often we don`t know what sire a stud belongs to until after we have published the article.  When talking with many of our readers, it`s this level of transparency that has led to such trust in our recommendations.

What does the future hold?

As we look forward to what’s to come, we will bring this same perspective to the entire dairy industry.  Sharing messages that others are afraid to.  (Read more: Select Sires vs. Semex – A Contrast in Cooperatives, Casualties of the Genomic Wars – The End of Seed Stock Producers) In our first two years we have heavily focused on genetics and the show ring. (Read more: World Dairy Expo 2013 – Memories to last a Lifetime, The Royal Flu – Did you catch it? And Fantasy Exhibitor – World Dairy Expo 2013 Edition – The Results!). As we go forward we will start to cover more issues, challenges and opportunities throughout the dairy industry.  While we will continue our high demand contests and show coverage, we will also balance that with quality coverage of all aspects of dairy farming for those who are focused on getting to the next level. The Bullvine is not worried about the status quo but is seeking out the game changers who are inventing the future. (Read more:  NORTH FLORIDA HOLSTEINS. Aggressive, Progressive and Profitable!! And Sexed Semen from Cool Technology to Smart Business Decision) A relevant, profitable future for the dairy industry.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Over the past two years we have certainly not been afraid to get into our share of dogfights.  Instead of running away with our tails between our legs, we have backed up our bark with a strong bite.  As we look forward to what is to come, I am sure there will be many more skirmishes.  As we have done in the past we will continue to back up our bark with the bite of facts aimed at delivering the highest quality information to you the dairy breeder.  Thanks to all of you who have contributed to us being the fastest growing dairy publication in the world after our first year and now having the largest daily dairy readership in the world in year 2.  The Bullvine isn’t growing because important people endorse it. It is growing because passionate people do. We are very excited about dairy business success.  One bite at a time.



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Is The Bullvine Your Guilty Pleasure?

Everyone has their guilty pleasures.  Some people like to eat lots of ice cream, some people drink a little too much (yes cattle fitters out there you know who I am talking about), but everyone has their guilty pleasure.  Recently The Bullvine has started to become many dairy breeders’ guilty pleasure.

For years, dairy breeders have had limited options when it came  to reading unique content.  I can still remember when Holstein International came on the scene.  At the time, it was so different from all the other publications that breeders had, that it was very warmly received.  Since launching the Bullvine we have enjoyed  the same reception.  Dairy breeders have been giving us such great feedback it’s really humbling, even for someone with as big an ego as mine.

In introducing the Bullvine, we are seeking to make breeders think.  Yes we do produce content that for some can be edgy, but, with every piece we produce, we are seeking to give our readers something unique to chew on.  For example: Holstein vs. Jersey: Which Breed Is More Profitable?The Top 10 Most Influential Holstein Breeders of All-Time and Show Cows: All Type and No Action? As long as we achieve that with even one breeder than we have achieved our goal.  Does that mean that everyone needs to agree with us?  Hell no.  I would be disappointed if it did.  We are not doing our job if we are not pushing the limits.

Have We Gone Too Far?

Now some might call our willingness to push the limits,  tabloid fare, or even dairy scandal mongering. To them I say, get real.  We have never slandered a single person.  Every article we write is written and backed by hard facts.

However, for those who call us controversial!   Great!   We wanted to be different.  We wanted to stand out from the crowd and be something that dairy breeders would enjoy reading.  Moreover, the stats prove it. Are we “XXX” rated?   How do YOU measure pushy and provocative?

What makes us the fastest growing dairy magazine in history?

Well part of it is the age we live in.  In launching the Bullvine, we did not seek to use the old school printed versions.  Instead we did a full press digital launch.  That means more than just our website.  It included The Bullvine’s Facebook page where we reach over 30,000 readers weekly, and our Twitter account that reaches over 300,000 readers monthly.  All that in fewer than 5 months.  We are happy to say folks, and competitors, there is no question we are the fastest growing dairy magazine in the world.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Do we use a creative spin to make things interesting?  You bet.  Are we afraid to say something just because it may not be politically correct?  Hell no.   We aim to be an influential information source for dairy breeders. For us, that will mean that no subjects, issues or people are off limits! Thanks for all the amazing support and constructive criticism.  We are excited about the many great issues we plan to cover in the future.  That is our guilty pleasure.

Twice the Bull – Half the S**T

Some people may think I am crazy.  Others may think I am arrogant.  They could all be right!  It doesn`t matter. I am tired of sitting back, depending on gossip and watching as the all the news comes in the same old way.

Maybe it’s from the years of watching risk takers like Albert Cormier, Doug Blair, and Pete Heffering, learning that you have to risk to move ahead of the herd. On the other hand, maybe it’s from working and debating side by side with my father that has developed a passion for great cattle; I can’t sit on the sidelines and not take action.  Dairy breeders need a chance to have a voice. They deserve to get more than just a listing of what happened.

That is why I am launching!  We want to give progressive dairy breeders a chance to join the 21st century.  Every day, we will seek to provide insight and host lively debate about the people, the cattle and the story behind the story that makes us have a passion for this the dairy industry. To prove this, we have already created  “The Dairy Breeders No BS Guide to Genomics” and a great tool for when you invest “The Dairy Cattle Return on Investment Calculator.” One is easy to read the other easy to use!

“The Journal” has been an institution since I was born. At our house, it was pored over as soon as it arrived. The problem is the message doesn’t look that different from it did some 33 years ago.  Throw  in a few more colours, shorter hair and get rid of the bell-bottom whites that Lowell Lindsey used to wear and nothing has changed.  But trust me the dairy industry and especially the progressive dairy breeder has. Computers! Blackberrys! Instant messaging! The facts are at our fingertips!

And yes I know there are more magazines out there than just “The Journal”, there is “The World”, And “International”, but one looks more like a billboard for those who will pay them the most money and the other has great insight, but is under lock and key, that  makes it hard for most breeders to truly find what they want.  A diary is great for looking back.  What happens next is where the action is! It’s goes way beyond who you know from the cattle ring and the breeder awards.  You’ve got to know what is happening on the leading edge. What makes the difference? Who knows? Who cares?

Over the next few months, we plan to add the following items:

  • Breeder directory
  • Chat forum (bring back some of the greatness that was
  • Donor directory

Ultimately, we are going to let the breeders tell us what they want.  Through your feedback and our  advisor board we are going to seek to give the type of content that breeders want.  Not what we think you want.  While my odd rant article (such as this one) may be mostly the opinions of the editor,  we will strive to bring you fresh perspectives:

  • Breeder profiles such as Morsan Holsteins
  • Cow family profiles such as Lylehaven Lila Z
  • Investment advice from experts such as Tim Abbott

In addition, there will be more great insights from such well-known experts as:

  • Patty Jones – on what is takes to get a great picture of your cow
  • Pam Nunes – on how to market your cattle
  • Barclay Phoenix – on what it takes for you to find the next great one

In the end, we are going to strive to give you the modern dairy breeder with twice the amount of great content with half the amount of BS.  We are looking forward to the challenge.

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