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International Jersey Show 2022



Date: October 3, 2022
Location: Madison, WI

Judge: Keith Topp, OH

Keith Topp lives in Botkins, Ohio. He grew up on Topp-View Farms with his mother Marylou, his late father Don Topp, and his brothers Eric and Phillip. Topp now runs On Topp Genetics with the help of his wife, Kindra, and their two children, Keaton and Kinley. Topp has been a judge at the All American Jersey Show, the Jersey Jug Futurity, and the World Dairy Expo.

Associate: Ryan Krohlow, WI

In Poynette, Wisconsin, HammerTime Holsteins is owned and run by Ryan and Haley Krohlow. Krohlow has worked as a hoof trimmer for the past three years. For the past 20 years, he has also worked as a professional dairy cattle fitter. Krohlow has been the judge at many shows all over the U.S. Callie, Conway, Cooper, and Case are the names of Ryan and Haley’s four kids.

805. Spring Heifer Calf

MM-T Pockets Nuance Gloria-ET
1st place Spring Calf
International Jersey Show 2022
Glamourview-Iager & Walton

Pl Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1     902 MM-T Pockets Nuance Gloria-ET Glamourview-Iager & Walton Walkersville, MD N
2     941 Milksource Annas Angel-ET Velthuis Farms Ltd Osgoode, ON N
3     929 Kash-In VIP Kaycie-ET S&R Bollenbacher, M&M Sloan, D Borba, S Stanford and M Sell Watertown, WI N
4     927 Freedom Lane Kid Rock Gisele-ET Bollenbacher, Stanford, Sell & Krahn Dyersville, IA N
5     932 Verona Malic Princess Sophia-ET Clarkvalley, Peter Leach and Heavenly Genetics Woodville, ON N
6 1 1 926 Freedom Lane Kid Rock Ginger-ET Josh, Eli & Noah Arp Norwalk, OH Y
7     906 BGKK Money Vine-ET Sabrina Clark and Madison Fisher Springville, PA Y
8     924 Discoverys Joey Jypsum Lisa Demmer Ellsworth, WI Y
9     934 Arethusa Colton Cremee-ET Crestbrooke Jerseys Fond Du Lac, WI N
10 2   937 Roc-N-Roll Shameless’s Snapchat Bob Nagal and Kristy Ellsworth Mt Morris, NY Y
11     912 Crestbrooke VIP Matilda-ET James Niple Fond Du Lac, WI N
12     905 LL Money Train-ET Julie Eby, Mauranne Herbert and Madison Iager Ayr, ON Y
13     922 Bakers Fashion Ecstasy Brantley Baker & Hayley Jackson Huntington, IN Y
14     913 Leachland Mini Egg K Colin & Karen Leach Woodville, ON Y
15     914 Beslea Strathburn Gunman Envy Beslea and Select Farm & Export Services Yarker, ON N
16     919 Milksource Metalica Adorable-ET James Ostrom and John Vosters Kaukauna, WI Y
17     940 Heart&Soul Fizz Frappe-ET Franchise Kind and Enhanced Genetics Ashville, OH N
18     938 Stoney Point Joel Fawn CLF, LLC Oldwick, NJ N
19     936 Jelau Honeydew Canellonie Ferme Jelau Inc & Ferme Cerpolait Fergus, ON Y
20     942 Pleasant Nook New Season Pleasant Nook Ayr, ON Y
21 3   944 Z-Class Frothy Cappuccino Mason Ziemba Durhamville, NY Y
22     943 Ratliff Money Amaze Me Emory & Gavin Benley Hebron, IL N
23     911 Sample Farm Chocolate Lexa {5} Kolby Sample Ellenburg Center, NY Y
24 4   910 Meadowridge Maestro Mimi Mark, Kaitynn & Tani Riebe and Alleah & Alexa Anderson Cumberland, WI Y
25 5   917 Freedom Lane Kid Rock Glitter-ET Hannah Heagy Annville, PA N
26 6   901 WHJ Shot Assure Tre Wright Elizabethtown, KY Y
27     916 Big Time Magicians Alakazam Linehan Jerseys and G-Bros Genetics Lena, WI Y
28 7   907 Erhardt MPH Ferdinand Joy-ET Cael, Chase & Caden Cannon Dyersville, IA N
29     900 Stadview-JJK Colton Fame-ET Stadview and Jim & Janet Kappers Litchfield, MN Y
30     939 Woodmohr Fn Perfect Woodmohr Jerseys Bloomer, WI Y
31     930 Ledel Maybe Mystery Dustin, Lee, Collin & Madison Hesler Winchster, OH Y
32     908 Mi Wil Reckless Zia Michael Wilson Cumberland, WI Y
33 8   909 B-J-Grove Chrome Prancer Kasey & Kyle Clanton Mulberry Grove, IL Y
34 9   915 Schulte Bros Colton Foxtrot Chase Schirm, Franchise Kind and Doug Petzel Ashville, OH N
35 10   928 JVF Koop Dream Mason, Hunter, Abby & Austin Foster Juda, WI Y

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