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International Dairy Week 2018 – All Breeds Youth Show

Judge: Brian Behnke (USA)


Photo Crazy Cow In Print

Senior Champion In-Milk Heifer (Senior Leader) was (r-l) Fairvale BC Armani (Cally O’Shannassy, Vic) followed by Reserve Elmar Firstclass Jessica (Brady Hore, Vic) and Honourable Mention Lightning Ridge Archrival Jane 2 (Dylan McDonald, Vic) Photo Crazy Cow In Print

IDW GRAND CHAMPION HEIFER – Fairvale BC Armani Nola, Cally O’Shannessy, Munden Farms, Nilma North, VIC, 15‐04‐2015 Mr Apples Armani‐ET , Fairvale Damion Nola 21 
IDW RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION HEIFER – Elmar Firstclass Jessica‐ET, Brady Hore, Elmar Holsteins, Leitchville, VIC, 04‐08‐2015 Zahbulls AltaFirstClass‐ET, Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 11‐ET
HONOURABLE MENTION – Diamond Hill SSM Victoria, Hayley Braendler, M Mangold, Regentville,NSW, 11‐07‐2015 Select Scott Minister Avonlea Latola Victoria

Grand Champion of the youth show was led by the show’s must successful handler, Cally O’Shannassy. Fairvale BC Armani was a Grand Champion Heifer of the Youth Show. Fairvale BC Armani Nola is the first Holstein Karl Munden, from Warragul, has bought. He secured her in October 2016 at the Big Bang dispersal and she calved in this year with an Awesome heifer. Reserve was Elmar Firstclass Jessica, led by Brady Hore, of Victoria and Honourable Mention was a Jersey who her owner Mark Mangold bought in a package of B-grade embryos from River Valley Jerseys.

SENIOR CHAMPION IN MILK HEIFER – SENIOR LEADER – Fairvale BC Armani Nola, Cally O’Shannessy, Munden Farms, Nilma North, VIC, 15‐04‐2015 Mr Apples Armani‐ET, Fairvale Damion Nola 21
RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION IN MILK HEIFER – SENIOR LEADER – Elmar Firstclass Jessica‐ET, Brady Hore, Elmar Holsteins, Leitchville, VIC, 04‐08‐2015 Zahbulls AltaFirstClass‐ET, Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 11‐ET
HONOURABLE MENTION – Lightning Ridge Archrival Jane 2‐ET, Dylan McDonald, Munden Farms, Nilma North, VIC, 25‐07‐2015 Eclipse Atwoods Archrival, Pooley Bridge Advent Jane 17‐ET‐RED

In the Senior Champion in-milk heifer (Junior Leader) the Jersey Diamond Hill SSM Victoria (Hayley Braendler, SA) came in first with the Holstein Eclipse Goldchip Paradise (Mia Deenan, Vic) taking second.

Photo IDW

SENIOR CHAMPION IN MILK HEIFER – JUNIOR LEADER – Diamond Hill SSM Victoria, Hayley Braendler, M Mangold, Regentville,NSW, 11‐07‐2015 Select Scott Minister, Avonlea Latola Victoria
RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION IN MILK HEIFER – JUNIOR LEADER – Eclipse Gold Chip Paradise, Mia Deenen, Zanders Family,Kialla,VIC, 29‐07‐2015 Mr Chassity Gold Chip, Eclipse Atwood Paradise
HONOURABLE MENTION – Foleama Lix Rose 11, Chris Wright, E Cullen, Tatura, VIC, 20/04/2015 DJ Lix, Foleama Shyster Rose 4

Photo Crazy Cow In Print

Photo Crazy Cow In Print

Photo Crazy Cow In Print

JUNIOR CHAMPION HEIFER – SENIOR – Wyena B Mac Caboose                                        Cally O’Shannassy           D Edge, Carpendeit, VIC                                     12‐07‐2016 Childers Cover Anniedale Mcapple‐I Wyena Brook Caboose‐ET
RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION HEIFER -SENIOR LEADER – Llandovery Foremans Emma 1906th                   Zoe Hayes                        Hayes Family, Girgarre, VIC                                01‐04‐2017 Llandovery Stellas Foreman 4936 Llandovery Empires Emma
HONOURABLE MENTION – Cedar Vale DH Tequila Crystalyn Imp‐Et             Loren Osborne                 Cedar Vale Jerseys & M Mangold, Moss Val    15‐09‐2015 Tower Vue Prime Tequila                                                              Rock Ella Impressive Crystalite

Finesse Burdette Marcie (Heath Treloar, SA) the reigning Junior Champion from the Adelaide Royal Show was again in the broad ribbin count, winning the Junior Champion (Junior Leader). The story goes that every year at Adelaide Boldview Ayrshires, Geelunga Ayrshires, and Cher-bar Ayrshires give away an Ayrshire calf (by rotation) to the winner of a handler’s class. Several of the young people from different breeds who have won, have continued to exhibit in the Ayrshire show, including Marcie’s owner, Casey Treloar. Casey won the foundation cow behind Marcie, Geelunga Starad Molly.

Photo IDW

One of the meaningful shots of this year’s IDW Youth Show was when US judge Brian Behnke congratulated Indiana Cole and Rivendell Tornado Pretty for winning Honourable Mention in the Junior Champion (Junior Leader) championship. Pretty is the first heifer Hayley and Stewart Menzies have sold and Pretty was very young when the Cole family approached Rivendell to sell two Jersey heifers for their daughters to show. Pictured over the heifer’s topline is Hayley cheering and Indiana’s mother, Bec, capturing the moment on her iphone. Rebecca said they had considering holidaying away from the cows this year, but their daughters had greeted them at the dairy chanting: “Dairy Week, Dairy Week.”

JUNIOR CHAMPION HEIFER – JUNIOR LEADER – Finesse Burdette Marcie                                     Heath Treloar                  C Treloar, Victor Harbor, SA                               07‐08‐2016 Palmyra Tri‐Star Burdette                                                                                 Roxson Poker Molly
RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION HEIFER – JUNIOR LEADER – Hawova Doorman Tamie                                     Georgia Sieben                SD & JL Sieben, Torrumbarry, VIC                     28‐04‐2017 Val Bisson Doorman                                                                                 Hawova R Reginald Tamie
HONOURABLE MENTION – Rivendell Tornado Pretty                                    Indiana Cole                     S & R Cole, Wagga Wagga, NSW                                                                                                                                       01‐09‐2017 Kauri Klen Hg Tornado                              Rivendell Request Prissy

Photo IDW


Photo IDW


Photo IDW


Photo IDW


The youth show this year had 253 entries and 220 young people exhibited. The classes peaked at 45-head in a strong showing of Australia’s next generation.

Heifer, born 01/09/17 to 31/12/17 ‐ Senior Leader






Hightop Niels Okanobie


Sam Fitzsimmons


Hightop Holsteins, Numurkah, VIC


01‐09‐2017 Ever‐Green‐Veiw Edify


Wyena Windbook Valarie

2 5 Leader Solomon Sandalwood‐ET Nathan Smith Hightop Holsteins, Numurkah, VIC 03‐09‐2017 Walnutlawn Solomon‐ET Paringa Beemer Opaque
3 1 Wyena Edify Valarie Cally O’Shannassy D Edge, Carpendeit, VIC 09‐09‐2017 Mr DDS Rubi‐Haze 54682‐ET Glensandy Donante 2235
4 1218 Rockstar Fizz Electric‐IMP‐ET Sarah Alderton R Allen, Cobargo, NSW 09‐09‐2017 Walnutlawn Solomon‐ET Leader Atwood Sandlewood
5 3 Emu Banks Rubihaze Sandy 9018 Rachel Dickson Emu Banks, Terang, VIC 11‐09‐2017 Hill Valley Niels Hightop Attwood Orbette

Heifer, born 01/09/17 to 31/12/17 ‐ Junior Leader






Rivendell Tornado Pretty


Indiana Cole


S & R Cole, Wagga Wagga, NSW


01‐09‐2017 Kauri Klen Hg Tornado


Rivendell Request Prissy

2 10 Dryfield Solomon Paradise Sienna Ross Dryfield Farms, Numurkah, VIC 01‐09‐2017 WalnutLawn Solomon‐ET Dryfield Goldwood Paradise
3 9 Leader Solomon Sandalwood Ruby Mackie AJ & SD Mackie, Meeniyan, VIC 01‐09‐2017 Walnutlawn Solomon‐ET Leader Atwood Sandalwood
4 15 Whyndell Brady Allieu T Jett Easterbrook RK & JL Easterbrook, Tatura, VIC 10‐09‐2017 Butz‐Butler Attwood Brady Whyndell Masterpiece Allieu
5 21 Benlargo Cancun Frosty Shae Tweddle Benlargo Holsteins, Glencoe, SA 18‐09‐2017 Tinber JC Cancun Benlargo Sid Frosty

Heifer born 01/07/17 to 31/08/17 ‐ Senior Leader






Aroona Mario Ester 3406


Joshua Peter


Eloora Pastoral Co, Deniliquin, NSW


02‐07‐2017 Quality Doorman Mario


Aroona Desire Esther

2 27 Cherrylock Rumour Has It Rachel English B & J Gavenlock, Tallygaroopna, VIC 27‐07‐2017 Pleasant Nook Tequila’s Venom Rapid Bay Resurrect Robin
3 23 Lightning Ridge Diamondback Frosty Charlie Lloyd D Patten & Ryanna Holsteins, Sale, VIC 07‐01‐2017 Mr D Apple Diamondback Budgeree Demspey Frosty
4 29 Riversleigh Alston Majedi Rachael Barnes Tuhan Family Trust, Tatura East, VIC 18‐08‐2017 Glencliffe JP Jedi Riversleigh Alston Majeda
5 28 Miami Medalist Fiesta 5493 Emily Stephenson Philmar Dairy Company, Tocumwal, NSW 02‐08‐2017 Sunset Canyon Medalist Miami Vanahlem Fiesta 4693

Heifer born 1/7/17 to 31/8/17 – Junior Leader






Three Creeks Redgum Honeymoon


Henry Hill


JJ & BL Evans, Greta West, VIC


05‐07‐2017 Three Creeks Redgum


Three Creeks Honeymoon 2

2 71 Winganna Velocity Day Dream Kieran Coburn Coburn Family, Bodalla, NSW 20‐08‐2017 Arethusa Jade Velocity Winganna Vanhalem Day Dream
3 34 Eastview Atwood Surprise Sarah Lloyd S Lloyd, Kyabram, VIC 03‐07‐2017 Atwood Eastview Goldchip Surprise
4 37 Eastview Jacoby Bonnie Fletcher Robinson F Robinson, Shepparton, VIC 03‐07‐2017 Cycle Doorman Jacoby Eastview Contender Bonnie
5 1204 Whyndell Velocity Pansy Jett Easterbrook R & J Easterbrook, Tatura, VIC 25‐08‐2017 Arethusa Jade Velocity Whyndell Regal Pansy

Heifer born 1/4/17 to 30/6/17 – Senior Leader






Llandovery Foremans Emma 1906th


Zoe Hayes


Hayes Family, Girgarre, VIC


01‐04‐2017 Llandovery Stellas Foreman 4936


Llandovery Empires Emma

2 1206 Pooley Bridge Mogul Rose 110 Emily Lock Leslie Farms, Kialla, VIC 29‐04‐2017 Mountfield SSI DCY Mogul‐ET Pooley Bridge Goldwyn Rose 87‐ET
3 81 New Hope Solomon Butter Anthony Glennen B Pedretti, Tallygaroopna, VIC 09‐05‐2017 Walnutlawn Solomon‐ET Bluechip After Shock Butter
4 78 Diamond Hill Stephanie ‘J’ Ella Goldsmith M Mangold, Regentville, NSW 22‐04‐2017 Guimo Joel Shirlinn Special Stephanie
5 76 Lemon Grove Honeymoon 50 Sophie Chittick S Chittick, Greta West, VIC 07‐04‐2017 Three Creeks Verbenas Viper 4931 Lemon Grove Honeymoon 43

 Heifer born 1/4/17 to 30/6/17 – Junior Leader






Hawova Doorman Tamie


Georgia Sieben


SD & JL Sieben, Torrumbarry, VIC


28‐04‐2017 Val Bisson Doorman


Hawova R Reginald Tamie

2 92 Illinga Blushing Handsome Kieran Coburn Coburn Family, Bodalla, NSW 15‐04‐2017 Wallumlands Blushs Savard Illinga Miami Handsome‐RED
3 89 Avonlea Kingboy Amy‐ET Luke Gardiner JH & CJ Gardiner, Cardinia, VIC 08‐04‐2017 Morningview MCC Kingboy Avonlea Sanchez Alana‐IMP‐ET
4 106 Hill Valley Scenario Silk‐ET Alice Guye R & H Perrett, Kongwak, VIC 29‐06‐2017 Sandy‐Valley Scenario Hill Valley High Octane Silk
5 96 Three Creeks Elmo Verbena Thomas Hill JJ & BL Evans, Greta West, VIC 01‐05‐2017 Creighton Park Elmo Llandovery Ja‐Bob Verbena

 Heifer born 1/1/17 to 31/3/17 – Senior Leader






Avonlea Solomon Bettine 2‐ET


Tamara Loughridge


JH & CJ Gardiner, Cardinia, VIC


21‐01‐2017 Walnut Solomon‐ET


Avonlea Braedale Bettine

2 117 Llandovery Royal Queenette 2 Zoe Hayes Hayes Family, Girgarre, VIC 05‐02‐2017 Stormans Royal Standard Llandovery Blushes Queenette
3 123 Hazel Vale Celebrity Benita Kaitlyn Wishart J Hayes, Invergordon, VIC 15‐03‐2017 Galaxies Celebrity Hazel Vale Verbatim Benita 4‐ET
4 111 Eclipse Jacoby Princess Charlie Lloyd D Patten & B Salmon, Sale, VIC 10‐01‐2017 Cycle Doorman Jacoby‐ET Eclipe Atwood Princess 7
5 114 Griffland Beemer Dasher‐ET Connor Griffiths C Griffiths, Katunga, VIC 20‐01‐2017 Pol Butte MC Beemer Bluechip Atwood Dancer

Heifer born 1/1/17 to 31/3/17  – Junior Leader









Brindabella Solomon Sammy



Georgia Sieben



SD & JL Sieben, Torrumbarry, VIC



14‐03‐2017 Walnutlawn Solomon‐ET



Brindabella Baxter Sambuka

2 133 Kathleigh Goldywn Nanda Lawson Kath Kathleigh Farms & Cherrylock Cattle Co, For 07‐01‐2017 Bo Joy Agenda Goldwyn Kathleigh Wonder Nanda
3 127 Rivendell Principal Tammi Matilda Cole M & I Cole, Wagga Wagga, NSW 01‐01‐2017 Rivendell Cyrus Principal Rivendell Visionary Tammi
4 1210 Whataview Byway Dorinda Cassie Broad D Spokes, Cobden, VIC 04‐02‐2017 Ohc River Byway Avonlea Crackholm Dorinda
5 1211 Arrowstar Doorman Summer‐IMP‐ET Alice Guye ID& EJ Louden,Garfield,VIC 09‐02‐2017 Val‐Bisson Doorman‐ET Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue‐ET

Heifer born 1/7/16 to 31/12/16 – Senior Leader






Wyena B Mac Caboose


Cally O’Shannassy


D Edge, Carpendeit, VIC


12‐07‐2016 Childers Cover Anniedale Mcapple‐I


Wyena Brook Caboose‐ET

2 176 Elmar Solomon Jessica‐ET Brady Hore Elmar Holsteins, Leitchville, VIC 14‐09‐2016 Walnutlawn Solomon‐ET Elmar Aftershock Jessica





Sun Vale Lotus Emerald‐RED


Renee Anderson


Sun Vale Holsteins, Yarroweyah, VIC


02‐10‐2016 Blondin Lotus


Moombra Cnt Emeralnd

4 164 Burn‐Brae Octane Satin 2 Jasmin Mackie AJ & SD Mackie, Meeniyan, VIC 18‐07‐2016 Stantons High Octane Bushlea GS Satin
5 183 Cherrylock Victoria’s Secret Anthony Glennen B Pedretti, Tallygaroopna, VIC 21‐10‐2016 Rock Ella Impression Genesis Online Venus

Heifer born 1/7/16 to 31/12/16 – Junior Leader






Finesse Burdette Marcie


Heath Treloar


C Treloar, Victor Harbor, SA


07‐08‐2016 Palmyra Tri‐Star Burdette


Roxson Poker Molly

2 202 Leader Goldchip Satin Georgia Sieben SD & JL Sieben, Torrumbarry, VIC 17‐09‐2016 Mr Chassity Gold Chip Leader LD Satin
3 200 Clydevale Easyboy Imperium Hannah Dee Clydevale Holsteins, Cohuna, NSW 05‐09‐2016 Warramont McCutchen Easyboy Clydevale Proshot Imperial
4 204 Aitken Farms BW Karbala Bonita Olivia Aitken Aitken Farms, Warragul, VIC 25‐11‐2016 BW Karbala Gelbeado Park Black Bonita 2‐ET
5 201 Stoneleigh Park Premier Silvermine Thomas Burnett Burnett Family, Merrigum, VIC 15‐09‐2016 Hawarden Impuls Premier Stoneleigh Park Spirit Silvermine

Class 11

  1. Homelands Tequlia Silvermine 2                         Katie Anderson                Sun Vale Holsteins & P Hentschke, Yarrowe    02‐04‐2016 Tower Vue Prime Tequlia                    Homelands Ringmaster Silvermine
  2. Paschendaele Lovely Blossom‐ET                        Sally Downie                   Eagles Partnership, Gooloogong, NSW              24‐04‐2016 Terrace Bank Free Beer                       Paschendaele Real Blossom‐ET
  3. Wisteria Park Forget‐Me‐Not                             Sarah Ludington              E Ludington, Terang, VIC                                    24‐06‐2016 Terrace Bank Free Beer                       Hurlstone Fabiola Rose

Class 12

  1. Brookbora Love Lies 723                                     Jed Young                        R&S Bacon, D Bacon & S Leppart, Tennyso     04‐04‐2016 Pannoo Abe Vanahlem                        Brookbora Love Lies 652
  2. Exclusive Delta Didie                                           Beth Tivendale                S Livesay, Toolamba West, VIC                         05‐04‐2016 Glenally Pie Delta                                Glenally GNP Didie
  3. Paschendaele Stilmore Klassy‐ET                        Jack Cole                          Eagles Partnership, Gooloogong, NSW              25‐04‐2016  Palmyra Poker Riggins                        Paschendaele Klassy Girl‐IMP‐ET

Class 13

  1. Coleshill Gazza Noelene                                       Ryan Barker                    Coleshill Farms, Riana, TAS                               18‐03‐2016 Coleshill Linx Gazza                             Coleshill GP Noelene
  2. Brookleigh TM Beige                                           Kyella McKenna               LF & JM Cleggett, Glencoe, SA                          13‐02‐2016 Gilbert Trademark                              Brookleigh Geo Brunette

Class 14

  1. Miami Blackice Dahlea 5235                               Rebekah Love                  Philmar Dairy Company, Tocumwal, NSW          06‐03‐2016 Shirlinn Black Ice                                  Miami Cairnbone Dahlea 4545
  2. Wellcoora Colton Veronica                                  Abbie Hanks                    A Hanks, Cobden, VIC                                        19‐01‐2016 Chilli Action Colton                              Southern Star Governor Vegemite
  3. Carell Josuper Milena                                         Harry Moon                     C Moon, Numurkah, VIC                                     08‐03‐2016 Uecker Supersire Josuper‐ET               Wilara Oilslick Milena
  4. Linderlan Richards Tess                                        Bailey Roberts                 Linderlan & Sherbrooke Brown Swiss, Katun    29‐02‐2016 Jo‐Dee Nemo Richard                           Strathlea Zerberus Tess
  5. Wanstead Valentino Junette                              Sheridan Heath               Wanstead Jerseys, Bookar, VIC                         27‐03‐2016 All Lynns Louie Valentino                    Wanstead Eltons Junette

Class 15

  1. Cedar Vale DH Tequila Crystalyn Imp‐Et             Loren Osborne                 Cedar Vale Jerseys & M Mangold, Moss Val    15‐09‐2015 Tower Vue Prime Tequila                    Rock Ella Impressive Crystalite
  2. Murribrook Reginald Victory‐ET                         Jasmin Mackie                 AJ & SD Mackie, Meeniyan, VIC                        16‐08‐2015 Regancrest Reginald                            Strongbark Linjet Victory
  3. Missy Moo Goldwyn Cathy                                 Nathan Smith                  Hightop Holsteins, Numurkah, VIC                      12‐07‐2015 Braedale Goldwyn                               Missy Moo Ladino Cathy
  4. Three Creeks Jango Verbena                              Sophie Chittick                Three Creeks Illawarras & Cotonhall Shortho   12‐08‐2015 Ovensdale Jennys Contender               Llandovery Ja‐Bob Verbena
  5. Boldview Rockstar Jord                                       Brittany Liebich               Boldview Farms, Jervois, SA                              24‐09‐2015 Kamouraska Rockstar                          Boldview Peri Miss Jordan

Class 16

  1. Crookslea ST Doreen                                           Kieran Coburn                  NM Wilkie, Bacchus Marsh, VIC                         03‐10‐2015 Four Winds Showtime                         Crookslea Doreen 5
  2. Enterprise Burgette Rose 2nd                             Jack Cole                          Eagles Partnership,Gooloogong. NSW               15‐08‐2015 Palmyra Tri‐Star Burgette                   Enterprise Ristourn Rose 3rd
  3. Three Creeks Rosarian 10                                    Thomas Hill                      JJ & BL Evans, Greta West, VIC                         12‐07‐2015 Three Creeks Redgum                          Three Creeks Rosarian 4
  4. Boldview Free Aurora                                         Hayley Braendler            Boldview Farms, Jervois, SA                              02‐12‐2015 Terrace Bank Free Beer                       Boldview Raider Atlas

Class 17

  1. Elmar Firstclass Jessica‐ET                                   Brady Hore                      Elmar Holsteins, Leitchville, VIC                        04‐08‐2015 Zahbulls AltaFirstClass‐ET                   Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 11‐ET
  2. Lightning Ridge Archrival Jane 2‐ET                    Dylan McDonald              Munden Farms, Nilma North, VIC                       25‐07‐2015 Eclipse Atwoods Archrival                  Pooley Bridge Advent Jane 17‐ET‐RED
  3. Cairnhill Goldchip Muskie, Zali Deenen, Zanders Family, Kialla, VIC 08‐08‐2015 Mr Chassity Gold Chip, Cairnhill Sid Music
  4. Miami Tequila Girlie 5115‐ET, Emily Stephenson, Philmar Dairy Company, Tocumwal, NSW, 01‐07‐2015 Tower Vue Prime Tequila, Miami Gannon Girlie 4254‐ET
  5. Hazel Vale Celebrity Eve, Celine Pirie, Cedar Vale Jerseys, Moss Vale, NSW, 30‐08‐2015 Galaxies Celebrity Hazel Vale Vanahlem Eve

Class 18 

1 1215 Diamond Hill SSM Victoria Hayley Braendler M Mangold, Regentville,NSW 11‐07‐2015 Select Scott Minister Avonlea Latola Victoria
2 1216 Eclipse Gold Chip Paradise Mia Deenen Zanders Family,Kialla,VIC 29‐07‐2015 Mr Chassity Gold Chip Eclipse Atwood Paradise
3 244 Brookbora Love Lies 717 Ella Young R, S & D Bacon, Tennyson, VIC 01‐09‐2015 All Lynns Louie Valentino Brookbora Love Lies 630
4 242 Whitegold Tequila Strike Twice Ikayla Shaw M & A Rood, Morans Crossing, NSW 01‐07‐2015 Tower Vue Prime Tequila Parrabel Resrected Strike

Class 19

1 248 Fairvale BC Armani Nola Cally O’Shannessy Munden Farms, Nilma North, VIC 15‐04‐2015 Mr Apples Armani‐ET Fairvale Damion Nola 21
2 249 Brindabella Dempsey W Nana Lincoln Sieben SD & JL Sieben, Torrumbarry, VIC 16‐04‐2015 Lirr Drew Dempsey Brindabella Windbrook D Nana
3 250 Jugiong Leonie 7260 Charlie Lloyd Nicholson Family, Girgarre, VIC 30‐04‐2015 Jugiong Ras Governor Jugiong Leonie 6824
4 245 Sun Vale Shottle Winnie Katie Anderson Sun Vale Holsteins, Yarroweyah, VIC 13‐01‐2015 Glenbas Liberty Shottle Moombra Juote Winnie
5 247 Kings Ville Cowslip 115 Meg Anderson R & K Anderson, Drouin West, VIC 01‐04‐2015 Dutch Hollow Clearvision Kings Ville Cowslip

Class 19

 1st Place Folema Lix Rose – Chris Wright,

2nd Jugiong Jade 7206 – Sarah Lloyd


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