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Milk Markets Mostly Lower in Chicago Tuesday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday, cash dairy prices went down except for butter, where they went up. On Tuesday, futures for Class III milk went down. December milk prices went down 24 cents to $21.01/cwt. January lost 23 cents and now costs $20.30/cwt. Even though spot butter went up, Class IV milk futures were slightly down.

The price of dry whey stays at $0.44. At that price, there were two sales. Cheese blocks were still $2.20 each. There were no sales. Cheese Barrels were down $0.0375 at $1.8050. At that price, one sale was made. At $2.93, butter went up by $0.03. There were five sales between $2.93 and $2.9450. At $1.4175, nonfat dry milk was down $0.01. There were no sales.

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