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Ebyholme – The End of an Era

Ebyholme Goldwyn Marcia - Ebyholme Complete Dispersal Top Seller

Ebyholme Goldwyn Marcia – Ebyholme Complete Dispersal Top Seller

It’s with sadness that I watched my first definition of a dairy breeder herd sell on Friday.  I have had the opportunity to get to know Clarence, Don, Brian as well as the many family members that have helped make Ebyholme one of the greatest homebred herds in the country.  Their passion for cattle and their talents as cattlemen are of the highest level.  It’s because of that that watching the Ebyholme prefix come to an end brought a tear to my eye.

How it all began

You cannot go far in the Kitchener, Ontario area without running into the name Eby.  That’s probably because Kitchener’s original name was Ebytown because of the number of Ebys who came there in the early 1800’s.  Starting from it’s roots as part of the Ebydale herd started by his father Edwin, Clarence started the Ebyholme herd in 1957 when he and Doris made the decision to farm on their own.

Since the very beginning, the herd has been known for its long row of tall, framey cows, rather than for any particular prima donna, just a picture of consistency from top to bottom for type and production.  Over the year, any visitors left the farm, somewhat amazed, thinking that they had just seen one of the best homebred herds in the country.

The Foundation of Ebyholme

This three time master breeder herd got it’s start from three main cow families: Ebydale Snow Peggy B (VG-2*): Braeside Benefactor May (EX-3*): and a dam-daughter pair that Clarence had purchased from his cousin, Howard Eby, Eby-Manor Duke Retainer Patsy (VG) and Eby-Manor Shamrock Patsy (EX).In 1991, Clarence’s and sons Don and Brian who had joined the farm in 1967, purchased Oak Ridges Bella (EX) for $27,000 at the Oak Ridges’ Dispersal.  From Bella came Oak Ridges Beverly (EX-2E), who would become the fifth generation member of the Ganaraska Belle (EX) family to classify Excellent in Canada (Later joined by Ebyholme Bubbles EX-92-4E, Ebyholme Leader Babe EX-2E ).  In 1999, Ebyholme Lindy Bella (EX) became the sixth generation, joined by Ebyholme Leader Beauty (EX) to become the 2nd 6th generation excellent.  Who then produced the 7th generation excellent, Ebyholme Lindy Beautiful (EX-2E) in 2006.  Not surprisingly, thirty-five descendants of the Bell family grossed over $143,000 (over 27% of the sale total) in the sale on Friday.

Hillcroft Leader Melanie  EX-96-3E-USA      2*

Hillcroft Leader Melanie EX-96-3E-USA 2*

Another big contributor to the recent sale was Hillcroft Leader Melanie (EX-96), who Don and Brian had purchased from a somewhat reluctant seller, Robert Miller, as a bred heifer in February 2001.  I can still remember when they had purchased her.  Jeff Stephens had told me he had seen one that could be a great one, but was having troubles getting the deal done.  Well Don and Brian did get the deal done and Jeff was correct as Melanie went on to be a 2 time All-American and 2004 Madison Grand champion.  Thirteen descendants of Hillcroft Leader Melanie averaged $6938 in the sale. Including Ebyholme Goldwyn Mellow (VG-89) from a 4E-92 Gibson, then Hillcroft Leader Melanie(3E-96), then 3 VG dams. She was purchased by Yvonne Sicard, Pierre Boulet and Richardo Boulet, PQ

Is it the end of breeder herds?

For me, growing up, there were a few cornerstones when it came to breeder herds.  Fradon Holsteins of Frank and Don Donkers, Dupasquir Holsteins of Oscar and Eric Dupasquier, and Ebyholme Holsteins. The interest in cattle, some international travel, a few family romances and other community involvement provided the opportunity to get to know all of these families quite well.  Two of three now have held dispersals. What this tells The Bullvine is that times are a changing.  , There is not always a next generation to continue the legacy.

What happens next?

I am confident that the we have not heard the last of the Eby name.  Rob (son of Brian) and his wife Julie, from the great Pleasant Nook Jersey’s, purchased the sale topper  Ebyholme Goldwyn Marcia  EX 94 2E for $31,500.  Having grown up and competed against both Rob and Julie there is no denying the level of talent and passion they have for dairy breeding.  From Rob winning grand champion at Hays Classic as an intermediate showman to Julie’s perennial success showing “them Jersey’s” there is no question the Eby name has more to come.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

You will not see an Ebyholme heifer on top of the index lists or Ebyholme following the latest trend.  Don and Brian, like their father Clarence and grandfather Edwin before them, took great care to protect every mating they made.  They made sure that they focused each time on finding that perfect mate that would deliver the consistency, frame and longevity they so desired.  We may be sad at the passing of an icon we can be enthusiastic about the future. With many of the local breeders who they had supported for many years purchasing animals in the sale and Rob and Julie purchasing the sale topper, there is more than likely a 4th Master Breeder Shield destined for Ebyholme.  They have shared their legacy.

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Rocky Mountain High Sale: The Heart of the West

Yesterday as I watched online the Rocky Mountain High sale that averaged a strong $9776, this year hosted by Rocky Mountain Holsteins and I found myself missing being there very much.  Not because there were some great cattle selling, which there was, and not because there were some great buys to be had, which there were, but rather because of the showmanship and the western hospitality.

I can still remember when my brother first went to work for Alta Genetics and had the amazing opportunity to work with Dr. David Chalack and the AltaGen program.  One of the key responsibilities he had was working on the annual sale to be held each summer in conjunction with the Calgary Stampede, which has now morphed into the Rocky Mountain High sales series.

It was there that I learned there is nothing really like western hospitality, or the show that Dr. David and the team put on.  From the line dancers dancing to the John Michael Montgomery song “sold” that opened the sale to the shootout in the middle of the sale to make sure that everyone is still alert, they really made things memorable.

It was also at that sale that we really started getting into purchasing top index cattle.  My mother and I had been given a budget of $10,000 to purchase that would be the foundation of our breeding program.  After much homework and careful consideration we purchased Summershade Icemarti, a Ricecrest Marty (thanks Ron) from the then #1 LPI cow Summershade Icebreak Luke for the ripe sum of $11,000.

Then the whole western hospitality combined with auction fever hit and we kept purchasing more.  We purchased AltaGen Mattie Jenni, Altagen Marty Shari and 2 other animals.  And it was a good thing we did.  Icemarti, did not score VG as a 2yr old, a kiss of death at that time, and she was not a prolific flusher.  So the ROI on her was not very good.  However, Mattie Jennie did score VG as a 2yr old and that combined with a show heifer we purchased at the sale from Willswick did at least manage to salvage the trip.  It was also there that we learned that you either go big or go home, and lead to us purchasing Rietben Con Carmel, a Convincer out of the now EX Rudolph sister to Freelance and Goodluck at the Royal Sale of Stars that year, who would become a top index and foundation cow for our breeding program.

For many breeders a trip to the Rocky Mountain High series sales is a highlight of their summer.  They get to see great cattle, a great show and have a great time.  With Dr. David’s strong involvement in the Calgary stampede you can bank on having a great time.

The Rocky Mountain Holsteins team, and more recently with the Morsan involvement, the RMH series of sales, has proven to have some of the best cattle in the world to offer.  It has become a mainstay on the top list of sales each year, and is always presented with no expense spared.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

I almost shed a tear watching how things are changing.  My brother is now moving to The Netherlands to be closer to the corporate executive team, my “farm” is in Vaughan Ontario and I ask myself if I will be able to make future sales.  My answer is, “Hell yes!”  The west will continue to win my heart with the great cattle sale and hold it with the rodeo, races and hospitality!



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Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 3/17/2012


  • Clandeboye & Relough Herds Reign Supreme
    A dream champion which would compete anywhere in the world was how Welsh judge Andrew Jones described the winner of the 2012 Irish National Holstein Show. Mr Jones who runs the 100-cow Rossett herd based at Wrexham, awarded the supreme overall championship ribbons, sponsored by Cookstown Dairy Services, to Clandeboye Champion Francesca VG89, a senior second calver brought out by Mark Logan, herd manager at Clandeboye Estate in Bangor, County Down. “This is an exceptional cow which would be capable of winning her class at any show around the world. She is a modern, well-balanced Holstein with a super mammary system, and moves well on a great set of feet and legs,” said the judge, who was undertaking his first judging appointment in Northern Ireland. Clandeboye Champion Francesca VG89 also scooped the exhibitor-bred championship ribbons, sponsored by Holstein UK. This was her third show, having previously won the intermediate championship, honourable mention and exhibitor-bred awards at the Irish National Holstein Show and Balmoral Show in 2011. Bred in Lady Dufferin’s 70-cow Clandeboye herd, this much-admired cow calved in December and is yielding 55 kilos daily. During her heifer lactation she produced 11,800 kilos in 305 days, and has a calving index of 380 days. She is by Calbrett IHH Champion, while her dam Clandeboye Francesca EX94 has produced her eighth calf and has given over 100 tonnes of milk. Claiming the reserve overall championship and reserve exhibitor-bred award, was the third calver Relough Deuce Danna 2 EX93, exhibited by the Ronald McLean, and sons Malcolm and Barry, from Donaghmore, County Tyrone. Sired by Scientific SS Deuce, she hails from the renowned Danna family, and is one of 280 cows in the noted Relough herd. Calved in November she is giving 47 kilos daily. Andrew Jones added: ”This is another really good cow with length, dairy strength, and tremendous width.” The honourable mention award went to the junior heifer in-milk class winner Kilvergan Duplex Ethel VG86 (2yr), owned by Stephen Haffey, and sons Timothy, David and Aaron, who milk 180 cows at Lurgan in County Armagh. Making her showring debut she also scooped the intermediate championship ribbons, sponsored by Genus ABS. Calved in December at two-years-old, this heifer is currently producing 34 kilos per day. Sired by Mesland Duplex PI ET, her dam is the noted Bricknell Rubens Ethel 3 EX93, who has produced 70,000 kilos in four lactations at 4.75%BF and 3.43%P, and was honourable mention winner at the RUAS Winter Fair in 2008. “This heifer has a great future ahead of her,” added the Andrew Jones. “She is a nice youthful heifer, well- balanced and full of dairyness.” The father and son team of Philip and Simon Haffey, Portadown, County Armagh, claimed the reserve intermediate championship, sponsored by Genus ABS. Glasson KJ Jasper Sara VG87 was described the judge as an extremely tall dairy heifer, with a long body and super feet and legs. This senior heifer is a daughter of Wilcoxview Jasper PI ET, and is bred from the noted Copywood Goldwyn Sara 2 ET – reserve champion at last year’s Irish National Holstein Show, and supreme champion at Balmoral in 2011. Honourable mention in the intermediate championship line-up was the Picston Shottle daughter, Hilltara Shottle Reann 3 VG85, a junior in-milk heifer from Sam and John McCormick’s Hilltara herd based at Bangor, County Down. The junior championship was sponsored by McLarnon Feeds, with the plaudits going to Jason Booth, Stewartstown, County Tyrone, for the home-bred Beechview Advent Lalita Red ET. Sired by KHW Kite Advent Red PI ET, she is bred from Ourway SS Larissa Red ET. “This in-calf heifer is another splendid example of the breed. She is angular, stylish and well- balanced, “said Mr Jones. Standing in reserve position was Sahara Jasper Regenia owned by Conor McAufield from Lisburn, County Antrim. Sired by Wilcoxview Jasper, her dam is Keofon Shot Reggnia 7. Honourable mention in the junior line-up went to Sam and John McCormick’s Hilltara Monsoon Lulu. Sired by the Innwood Terrason son, Hilltara Monsoon, her dam is the VG88 Dale Valley Astronomical A Lulu. The Hilltara herd also claimed the premier breeder and premier exhibitor awards which were sponsored by John Thompson and Sons Ltd. Concluding Andrew Jones said:” “I would like to thank Holstein Northern Ireland for inviting me to judge. It has been a privilege and the hospitality has been excellent. This has been a great show, and I’ve been very impressed with the standard of cattle forward and the level of enthusiasm shown by many of the younger exhibitors. The future of the dairy industry and the Holstein breed lies in the hands of our youth, and I am delighted to see that the Northern Ireland club has a large number of young exhibitors and members. “ Holstein NI chairman Alan Cleland thanked Andrew Jones for officiating as judge and presented him with a token of the club’s appreciation. “I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and thank all of the exhibitors who participated in this year’s show. A special word of thanks to our valued sponsors, without whom this event would not have been possible. Thanks also to the organising committee, and everyone who contributed to the success of the event.” The 2012 Irish National Holstein Show, held at the Pedigree Sales Arena, Moira, attracted almost 200 spectators, and an entry of over 70 pedigree Holsteins from more than 20 exhibitors.
  • Red Champion in Austria
    For the first time ever, a Red Holstein won Austria’s National Show organized last weekend within the scope of the Dairy Grand Prix. In the battle for the Grand Champion title, Regiment daughter Linde of Alois Bliem triumphed over well-known Starleader daughter Saly of Margit Grosspötzl. Tipped as favorite, Saly claimed Reserve in an exciting finale. While the Champion title in the Intermediate classes went to the Goldwyn daughter Romina of Elisabeth Riegler, judge Erhard Junker awarded the red Carmano daughter ScH Zamara of Rupert Wenger Junior Champion. Within the scope of the National Show, the Dairy Grand Prix Sale took place, where 22 lots averaged €5,722. Sale topper (€17,000) was Teemar PG Airline (2349 gTPI), an Observer daughter out of Teemar Shottle Aloha from the cow family of Aaron. At €15,000, a 1st choice Epic or Explode out of Perk Rae’s Goldwyn daughter Golden-Oaks Perky-P RC was the second-most expensive lot.



  • Budjon ‘Get In The Game Sale’
    March 10, 2012,
    Fond du Lac, WI
    Unofficial Average $3,636

    • $23,000 – Lot 112 – Budjon-Vail Adv Dessert-ET *RC, a Junior 2 Year Old Advent daughter Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96-3E GMD the Grand Champion of the International Holstein Show in 2005. Dessert is a sister to Budjon-Nitzy Destiny-Red EX), who has been nominated All-American R&W numerous times.
      Buyer: Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
    • $9,000 – Lot 5 – Budjon-JK Atwood Egypt, a September 2011 calf out of Budjon-JK Laurin Embassy-ET GP-84 VG-MS. Her 2nd dam is Budjon-JK Durham Embrace-ET EX-95 2), the Reserve All-American 4 Year Old in 2008, her 3rd dam 2E-95 Electra, then 3E-96 Elegance.
      Buyer: Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, WI
    • $8,700 – Lot 7 – Budjon-JK Sanchez Exchange-ET, a March 2011 Sanchez daughter of Rolling-Spring G Escence-ET EX-94-2E who was nominated All-American 4-Year-Old in 2010.
      Buyer: Jason Lloyd, NY
    • $8,500 – Lot 10 – Budjon-JK-RS Atwood Eavie, a June 2011 Atwood from Rolling-Spring Embrace-ET EX-92, her 2nd dam is Budjon-JK Dur Esquisite-ET EX-92, her 3rd dam 2E-95 Electra, then 3E-96 Elegance.
      Buyer: John Lora, OH
    • $7,400 – Lot 1 – Bujdon-JK Gold Elgoma-ET, a December 2010 Goldwyn from Budjon-JK Durham Embrace-ET EX-95-2E, who was Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old in 2008.
      Buyer: Shawn Vervoort, ON
  • The Franchise Kind Sale a Success!
    March 11, 2012
    unofficial average is $4,160.
    It’s been a great day in Wooster, OH for Jersey Breeders across the US, and Canada as the Franchise Kind Sale took place that was managed by Dusty, Nicole, and Wyatt Schirm.

    • Topping this prestige event was lot 1 for $24,000 Laurick Giller Missie owned by Schirm, Mckay, and Brewer of Chebanse, IL. Missie was the 1st Place Senior 2 Year old at the 2011 Royal Winter Fair. Missie now resides on the other side of Illinois at River Valley.
    • Second high seller was lot 3 for $12,000 Rock Ella Impressive Crystallite bred by Lorne Ella of Hornby, ON. Crystallite is now owned by ST Jacobs & Franchise.
    • Also in the top 3 was Lot 8a for $10,500 Chilli Bailout Celebrity-ET owned by Ehrhardt & Heath of Baldwin, MD. Celebrity now is owned by Appleton Valley Farms, MA.
  • Vente Classique Sale Highlights
    March 9, 2012
    Victoriaville, QC
    Unofficial Average $4,608

    • $12,200 – Choice of a Goldwyn calf to be born in September or a calf by a mutually agreeable sire from Garay Alexander Destiny VG-89-USA-2YR. Destiny was the All-American and Honourable Mention All-Canadian Milking Yearling in 2011.
      Consignor: Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph, WI, & Frank Phillipson, Cumbria, England
      Buyer: Ferme Paninou, Mirabel, QC
    • $11,800 – Dubeau Dundee Sosa, an April 2011 Dundee who is a full sister to Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92, the 2009 All-Canadian and All-American Senior 2 Year Old and 2011 Reserve All-American 4 Year Old.
      Buyer: Kevin Doeberiener, Wooster, OH, and Adam Hodgins, Kincardine, ON
      Consignor: Dubeau, Ste-Elizabeth, QC
  • BC Spring Sales
    At the Spring Sale in British Columbia, show cow Bernalta Goldwyn Jade left the ring as sale topper ($71,000). She was purchased by Woodmansee, Crasdale, T&L, and Blondin. Sired by Observer and out of Cosmopolitan, Larcrest Chevelle (2341 gTPI) fetched the second-highest price. At $34,000 she went to Cedarwal, Wistleview, and Premier West. A total of 84 lots averaged $7,548.
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