April 2014 US Holstein Sire Proof Highlights

Proven Sire Highlights

Robust jumps to the top of the gTPI list.  Robust goes from #5 to #1 with the addition of 201 daughters for production and 140 daughters for type.  Milk went up 174 lbs.  Fat went up 15 lbs, and protein went up 11 lbs.  while type dropped slightly to +1.88 (down 0.07). Since his debut in August 2013, Robust has gone from #6 to #5 to the current #1 position.  Dorcy, Bookem and Massey all drop one spot but their numbers hold strong.  The highest new release proven sire goes to AltaGreatest (read notes below).  Freddie is #6, AltaIota #7, AltaMeteor #8 and Hill #9.  The second highest new release sire is Picardus at #10 (read notes below). A Casualty of the April Proofs is unfortunately Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock who slips from #8 position to #46.

Robust also jumps to the number #1 spot on the NM$, followed by former number #1 Erdman and Twist who is now #3.  New release sire Yano comes in at #4.  Jarvis #5 and Freddie #6 hold their ranks with another new comer Diesel debuting at #7.

G W Atwood holds on to his #1 position on the conformation list.  Absolute-Red moves ahead of Sabathia to take the #2 spot.  Golden Dreams and Braxton hold on to the #4 and #5 spots with Gold Chip debuting at #6.

Closer look at new release proven sires:


Planet x Bolton x BW Marshall

The highest new release sire is Den-K AltaGreatest (Planet x Bolton x BW Marshall). He comes in at #5 gTPI on the US proven list.  From the Den-K Rudolph Cub Kiddy EX-91 2E GMD DOM family.  An extreme production sire with high components, AltaGreatest also has functional type.  Look for AltaGreatest daughters to have shallow udders with strong suspensory ligaments.  One area the AltaGreatest daughters will need to be protected on is their rump angle and pin width.  AltaGreatest will work well on your straight legged cows, as long as they have good foot angle. AltaGreatest has already been used as a sire of sons with such notable sons as Co-Op Upd Greatest Lifelong  (GTPI +2312), Farnear Briley Boy (gTPI +2273) and Farnear AltaBuzz (gTPI +2248). Interesting to note that AlaGreatest official proof is within 60 points of his initial genomic proof back in April 2011 of gTPI +2315.






PicardusPine-Tree Picardus
Planet x O Man x Rudolph

The second highest new release sire comes from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET TV EX-92 3E GMD DOM family.  Picardus’ dam is an Oman daughter of Missy.  As his sire stack would indicate Picardus has a strong production proof with good components.  Picardus daughters are solid with open ribs and high wide rear udders.  One area that he will need to be protected on is his feet and legs.  Low foot angle combined with slightly sickled rear legs means he will need to be correctively mated for this. Picardus official daughter proof is only 31 points below that of his initial genomic proof in April 2011 at +2239.









YanoCo-Op Upd Planet Yano
Planet x Bret CV x Manfred

A product of the Co-Op breeding program, Yano debuts at #3 on the NM$ list.  Yano is the Planet brother to the very popular Massey, sired by Mascol.  Not surprisingly then Yano daughters are extremely durable with strong health and fertility traits.  Yano daughters will work well in a commercial environment though they may lack the dairy strength that some would expect.  They are not tall and can tend to be weak loined.  They do however have extremely strong udders with lots of ligament and snug attachments.









DieselJuniper Planet Diesel
Planet x O Man x Durham

Diesel’s dam has been a very popular bull dam in Europe with two sons already proven (Malke +1758 gTPI and Dada gTPI +1670).  While not a type improver, Diesel does offer strong components and high herd life.  His low somatic cell and high fertility will certainly make him a management trait improver.  However be careful because his daughters have been slower milkers from time to time.  While his udders and legs are sound, he will need protecting on his dairy strength and median suspensory ligament as well as rear teat placement.







Gold Chip

Gold ChipMr Chassity Gold Chip
Goldwyn x Shottle x Champion

The very popular Goldwyn son from Regancrest S Chassity-ET TL TY EX-92 GMD DOM has been leaving high type daughters that have been winning shows across North America.  (Read more: REGANCREST S CHASSITY – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist) So it’s no surprise that great grandson of Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET TV EX-92 GMD DOM would debut with a strong type proof.  Extensively used due to his well known cow family and strong genomic tests, Gold Chip daughters did not disappoint.  Gold Chip daughters are very tall and angular with great feet and legs and very snug udders.  One area breeders may want to protect Gold Chip daughters on is their depth of rib and width of chest.





Genomic Test Sire Highlights (Enrolled with NAAB)

Making his North American debut, Supershot goes straight to the top of the TPI and NM$ lists.  Supershot is followed by former #1 Alta1stclass and #2 Kingboy who now find themselves in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Another new comer AltaHotrod finds himself in the #4 spot. Coming in at #5 is an early Cash Coin son Draco.

A closer look at new release genomic test sires:


Supershot-042014Cogent Supershot
Supersire x Super x Shottle

The much talked about Supershot did not disappoint when his official numbers came through.   The pedigree behind Supershot is certainly not well known among breeders with last 5 of his 8 generations coming from Dutch breeding. Behind that is the US cow family at Vir-Clar Holsteins, tracing through the highly acclaimed Tirsvad Patron Claire EX92. He hails from the same line as the famous Koepon Classy’s and Anderstrup Claire family, known worldwide for its ability to breed high-ranking females and bulls on numerous different bases.  Supershot has an extremely high genomic test and his pedigree indicates that he should be able to sire those extreme production daughters many breeders are looking for. Supershot should be protected on milking speed and dairy strength.






AltaHotrodGlen-D-Haven Castle
Jerod x Altaiota x Goldwyn

Another new sire debuting on the top gTPI list at #4 is AltaHotrod. While AltaHotrod does not have Planet, O-Man, Justice and Shottle in his pedigree, he does have Goldwyn.  However, he   is still a relative outcross sire because Jerod and AltaIota were not as heavily used.  Look for AltaHotrod to sire extreme production and conformation, with solid health and fertility traits.   While AltaHotrod daughters will not likely be winning the shows, he does have strong type numbers that will make for a significant type improvement in regards to classification and longevity.  AltaHotrod daughters will need to be protected for teat length.







DracoMr Delicious Coin
Cashcoin x Robust x Planet

Draco is an early Cashcoin son who debuts at #5 on the gTPI list.  Draco’s dam Miss OCD Robst Delicious from the WINDSOR-MANOR RUD ZIP-ET 3E 95 GMD DOM family is quickly proving that she can produce high genomic offspring.  She already has 47 offspring over 3,000 LPI and has other sons, MR Delicious Pre 57512, who will also be joining Draco on the top TPI lists shortly and Delta mentioned below.  Look for Draco to sire strong production with good components and durable type.  While not a health and fertility leader, he is sound in all areas.








DeltaMr Mogul Delta 1427-ET
Mogul x Robust x Planet

Joining Supershot in the over 1,000 NM$ club is Delta.  Delta is a Mogul brother to Draco and is from the WINDSOR-MANOR RUD ZIP-ET 3E 95 GMD DOM family.  Delta offers extreme health and fertility traits with solid type and strong production.  Breeders who are looking for tall framey two year olds will certainly not want to use Delta but he does offer significant udder improvement.  Delta is among the breed leaders for productive life.









BeemerPol Butte Mc Beemer
Mccutchen x Goldwyn x Shottle

A new high genomic type sire from the Barbie family that is sure to get a lot of attention is Beemer.  Beemer’s dam is BUTZ-BUTLER GOLD BANNER – VG 88-2YR who is one of the top cows in the breed for EBV type.  From the powerful Barbie family, Beemer is sure to follow in the footsteps of other family members like Brokaw and receive heavy usage during his sampling period.  At +23 DGV conformation in Canada Beemer is one point below the extreme breed leaders (Read more:The 10 Extreme Type Sires Most Likely To Sire the Next World Champion).  Look for Beemer to sire strong dairy cattle that have great udders and are extremely tall.  While his rumps can be a touch high, they should be fine by show standards.





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