COMESTAR GOLDWYN LILAC: 2013 Canadian Cow of The Year Nominee

As second time nominee for cow of the year Comestar Goldwyn Lilac VG89 6*successfully ticks all four boxes:  classification, production, the show ring and genomics. In 2013 Lilac not only had daughters and granddaughters continue to hold high rankings on elite lists but she built on her famed Lila Z foundation. (Read more: COMESTAR GOLDWYN LILAC: 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee)



Lilac`s Pedigree Shines from A to Lila Z

The sires behind Lilac are Goldwyn, Durham, Formation, Starbuck and Astro Jet. These five are some of the greatest sires in North America and have made a significant contribution to Lilac’s success story.  Goldwyn especially, who is known as an impact sire, certainly did that for Lilac.

Lilac`s dam, Lila Z EX94 17* is already hailed as a legend in her time.  Lila Z was preceded by two generations of EX 94 cows with high production.  The Million Dollar Cow was living at Comestar, when she was flushed to Goldwyn to produce several full Goldwyn sisters, including Lilac. (Read more: Lylehaven Lila Z : Was She Really Worth $1.15 Million?LYLEHAVEN: Developing the DreamLYLEHAVEN LILA Z – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist, and The Legend – Lylehaven Lila Z Passes) They all carry high type, high production and high index. Like Lilac the other daughters have also placed bulls in A.I. and inspired global demand for their embryos. Many breeders are confidently using Lilac to reap the rewards of owning a Lila Z.


Dam of Lilac
1ST JR.2-YR ROYAL 2004

Lilac Produces Outstanding Progeny

It is obvious that Lilac carries on the strong transmitting potential of her pedigree. Many of her high indexing sons and daughters are setting outstanding benchmarks. Originally in the spotlight as a descendant of the Lila Z family, Lilac is establishing herself as a matriarch in her own right. Currently Lilac has 141 progeny: 74 daughters and 67 sons.  Offspring born in 2013 added polled and red to the family. And, once again, the numbers are excellent. The daughters of Goldwyn Lilac now claim star power that stands at 6 stars for Lilac, having added 3 in 2013. Lilac currently has 26 classified daughters: 19 Very Good and 7 Good Plus. Nothing lower than Good Plus is a remarkable record. That is also the case with the standard being set by Lilac’s top daughter Lucy. Lucy is Lilac’s top gLPI daughter, with Lucia in second and rising close behind are other daughters yet to calve by Uno, Brewmaster, Snowman and Epic.

MAPEL WOOD M O M LUCY GP-84-2YR-CAN Lilac's highest DGV daughter by Man-O-Man

Lilac’s highest DGV daughter by Man-O-Man

Lilac Loves Lucy … and Lucia!

Mapel Wood Man O Man Lucy is Lilac’s top gLPI daughter at 3363.  Lucy herself has seven daughters that are all over 3000 gLPI.  Lucy’s top daughter is Sudan Licorice who was a sale topper at $200,000 at the 2012 International Intrigue Sale. (Read more: International Intrigue – The Secret Is Exposed!) Lucy’s top son is Genervations Morley (Mogul) has a very high gLPI of 3326 and will be available to breeders in 2014. Lucy classified VG86 and made a superior production lactation in 2013.

OCONNORS PLANET LUCIA VG-86-2YR-CAN Daughter of Lilac #1 LPI Cow in Canada

Daughter of Lilac
Former #1 LPI Cow in Canada

Lilac’s Planet daughter Lucia was the #1 LPI Cow in August and December 2012.  She classified VG86 and completed a superior production lactation. In 365 days, at two years of age Lucia produced 15,287kg of milk at 4.5% fat and 3.6% protein. Lucia has 21 daughters that are 3000 gLPI or higher. For a year now, breeders have been using three of Lucia’s popular Boulder sons: Liquid Gold, Fuzion and Gizmo. Her highest gLPI indexing son by Enforcer at +3347 was born in October 2013. (Read more: $750 Dollar Semen! Are You Crazy?)

The Sharing of the Great Lilac Genes

Obviously, Lilacs great genes are being passed on to the next generation. Daughters beyond Lucy and Lucia are rapidly adding to those 28 high achieving grand-daughters as they too produce daughters that score at 3000 gLPI or higher. As the Lilac crop is scored it is clear that Lilac’s daughters classify high early in their lifetimes with 16 being VG in their first lactation of which 4 also had superior production lactations. It is also interesting to note that, early on, one of Lilac’s popular mates was Shottle. Her combination with him has produced two VG88 Shottle daughters who have superior production lactations. (Read more: LESSONS LEARNED: 6 Dairy Cattle Investment Secrets Revealed)



The Lilac Family has Son Shine Too!

Lilac’s son Leading Edge (BWM Leader) received his first daughter proof in December 2013. That proof came in at 2684 gLPI with high ratings for component percentages and feet & legs.  Other high genomic Lilac sons that are yet to be proven include Luxor (+3293 gLPI), Lanyard (+3164 gLPI) and Lingo (+3103 gLPI) all sired by Man O Man and Latimer (+3023 gLPI) who is sired by Freddie.

Sensational Lilac Performance Where it Counts!

Lilac is owned by Genervations Inc., Mapel Wood Farms and O’Connor Land & Cattle Co., of Jerseyville, Ontario. Over two lactations Lilac produced 53,569 kgs at 4.6% Fat and 3.6% protein.  Her component percentages are outstanding. She has garnered two Superior Lactation Awards: 2-03  (305D)   14,556 kgs  4.6%F   3.7%P and 4-06  (305D)    19,612 kgs  4.6%F   3.4%P.

Not only did Lilac perform in the barn, she also did so in the show ring where she was All –Ontario Sr. 2-Yr 2008 and was Nominated All-Canadian Sr. 2-Yr 2008. At 183 days in milk, in her second lactation, she was raised to VG89  – the maximum possible classification score.

Lilac has been competitive on the index list as well.  She has placed as high as #6 LPI cow but, even more amazing, is that she has placed in the top 16 on the LPI list no less than 9 consecutive times.  That’s blooming great no matter how you look at it.

Goldwyn Lilac`s record of success is also rounded out by records made in the auction ring. Lilac’s family accounted for approximately 66% of the 2012 Genetics By Design Sale’s total! As well, son Lexor had many high selling daughters in sales over the past two years. (Read more: Genetics by Design – Crosses the $4,000,000 Mark)

With all these achievements it is quite easy to forecast that the impact of the Comestar Goldwyn Lilac family will continue to positively build Holstein genetics around the world.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Each of the nominees is a winner in her own right simply for getting this far. Over the next few days we will get to know all of the nominees better.  Some are already household names.  Others are less familiar.  Obviously they are all worthy of cheering on to the finish line. Who is your pick for 2013 Cow of the Year?

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The Cow of the Year nominee booklet which includes a resume on each finalist and a voting card will be mailed to Holstein Canada members in the February-March 2014 Info Holstein. Voting options include mailing the postage-paid, tear-off voting ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online from a confidential Holstein Canada online account.



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April 2013 North American Genetic Evaluation Highlights

In this information age it is surprising how difficult it can be to get the latest information on proof day.  For that reason the Bullvine has compiled a quick summary of the genetic evaluations from the United States and Canada.


  • DE-SU OBSERVER debuts as #1 gTPI sire in the USA.
    Call it validation or even redemption but, if Observer’s first proof had him falling drastically, it might have put the industry back a few years.  With over 195 sons already being sampled, there is no question that the industry could not afford to have him not achieve a successful daughter proven proof.  Fortunately for all, he not only held his most recent (December 2012) genomic index, but he actually went up.  The biggest change in his numbers was an increase of 142 lbs. of milk, while maintaining his component percentages.  Observer also saw significant increases in his type composites, something the breeders who had been milking Observer daughters had already been forecasting.  While he still needs to be protected on body depth and F&L, he is now over 3 points for udders and has a solid score for rumps. (Click here for a High Ranking Sire Report (April 2013) and Top 100 TPI International Bulls (April 2013) )
  • ZAHBULLS UNO GULLIVER new #1 gPA TPI Sire in the USA
    While there were not many new sires in the top gTPI list other than Observer, the same is not true for the gPA TPI list.  Leading the way is ZAHBULLS UNO GULLIVER (Though Supersire may still be the #1 gPA TPI available sire at this time).  GULLIVER is a NUMERO UNO from a DORCY then Toystory and Rudolph.  His dam ZAHBULLS DORCY GLAMOUR was fresh in December and is yet to be classified.  His 2nd dam JOHNAN TOYSTORY GLITTER is classified EX and has a 4yr record of 29,220 lbs. of 3.5%f 3.0%P.  Look for GULLIVER to sire strong components, especially fat, with solid type.  He will need to be protected slightly on his straight legs and depth of heal, but will greatly improve bone quality and foot angle.  His daughters will not win many shows, but they will be large enough however, they will need protection on body depth.  He will bring loads of genetic potential in the areas of health and fertility, especially productive life. (Click here for Top 100 gPA TPI Sires April 2013) (Please note semen available is subject to stud and age)
  • BUTZ-HILL SUPERSIRE 1757 new #2 gPA TPI Sire in the USA
    From the EASTSIDE LEWISDALE GOLD MISSY EX-95-CAN, Supreme Champion WDE and RAWF 2011, family.  Missy could, by the end of this week, also be the 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year (Read more: Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy: 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee).  1757 has it all.  He is a Supersire from a Man-O-Man followed by Dolman then Goldwyn.  Look for him to bring a balanced package.  With no real holes in his type breakdown, strong components and very desirable health and fertility traits, he is sure to be on many peoples’ must have list. (Click here for Top 100 gPA TPI Sires April 2013) (Please note semen available is subject to stud and age)
  • LADYS-MANOR DORCY AMIRA debuts at #5 gTPI Cow in the USA
    From the same family as the long-standing #1 gTPI Cow, Ladys-Manor PL Shakira, Amira is a VG 86 Dorcy from 85 point Planet.  While from a different line of the Ladys-Manor Delightful Jem family, Amira certainly packs a strong genetic punch.  (Click here to see Top 25 GTPI Cows)


  • BADGER-BLUFF FANNY FREDDIE new #3 gLPI Sire in Canada
    Already having over 2,200 registered daughters born in Canada, Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie (O Man x Die-Hard) hits the mark with his first official domestic evaluation at #3 LPI.  Coming in almost exactly where his MACE proof and genomic test would have indicated, Freddie’s Canadian proof shows the same strong production as in the USA, with great health and fertility, while needing to be protected on conformation, especially dairy strength.  At just 65% GP or better and only 12 VG 2yr olds in Canada (on 253 daughters), Freddie is certainly not a type specialist, but can give you that great shot of herd life, daughter fertility, and calving ease when needed.  His daughters excel at herd life, daughter fertility, body condition score and production traits from shallow smooth fore uddered mammary systems.  It is recommended that he be used on large framed females, with strong median suspensories.  He breeds a consistent pattern of worky functional daughters that should be robot compatible.  For breeders wanting to move their genetics along quickly, they may consider using a high genomically evaluated Freddie son from a large framed dam.  (Click here to read a full breakdown of the Canadian Holstein Evaluation Highlights – April 2013)
  • END-ROAD O-MAN BRONCO new #6 gLPI Sire in Canada
    Bronco (Oman x BW Marshall) has his first Canadian proof coming in at #6 LPI progeny proven sire.  Like his sire, Oman, he leaves functional cattle but Bronco’s daughters excel at production. He is in the top 1% of the breed for both milk and protein yields.  His daughters have good Dairy Strength and Foot Angle is steep and Heel Depth is deep.  Rear teat placement is slightly wide and udders are slightly shallow which will work well for robotic milking systems.  His daughters are likely the ones milk producers hardly notice as they go about producing large volumes. (Click here to see Top LPI Canadian Proven Holstein Sires)
  • REGAN-ALH DIPLOMAT #7 gLPI and Highest New Release Sire in Canada
    Regan-ALH Diplomat*RDC (Mr Burns x O Man)  takes the spotlight as the highest young sire graduate this round at #7 LPI and the new leader among red carrier sires proven in Canada.  His dam A-L-H DESTINY has many superior progeny including top sons, Danillo and Goldday, in Europe (Read more: 12 Holstein Sires to Maximize Genetic Gain) and his second dam is none other than Markwell Durham Daisy (Read more: Markwell Durham Daisy – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist).  DIPLOMAT ( Mr Burns x Oman x Durham) has his first proof based on 62 classified and 123 milk recorded daughters. His production and durability ratings are well above average and he earns the distinguished Class Extra rating.  Care needs to be taken, as he is slightly below average for milking speed and calving ability.  He will likely qualify as a sire of sons mating sire, especially for red.
  • SUNTOR JOYRIDE new #1 gPA LPI Sire in Canada
    JOYRIDE is from the same family as Oconnors Jay, as his 2nd dam OCONNORS GOLDWYN JASMINE EX-92 is the Goldwyn sister to Jay (Read more: The Bloom is On  Oconnors Goldwyn Jasmine).  His dam SUNTOR MAN O MAN JELENA VG-2YR sold for $30,000 in the 2012 Sale of Stars (Read more: Genomic Stars Shine at Sale of Stars), a steal for a cow that has proven she can throw extremely high genomic progeny.  No doubt the commission from semen sales on this one will be larger than the sale price of the dam.  Joyride, sired by Epic, offers extreme production (+106 kgs protein) from outstanding type with strong health and fertility traits.  With a DGV of +19 for conformation, there is no question that Joyride will leave you those nice sharp cut calves that will draw attention and top dollar at all the genomic sales in a year’s time. (Click here to see Top LPI Genomic Holstein Young Sires)
  • MAPEL WOOD M O M LUCY new #2 gLPI Cow in Canada
    The highest newly indexed cow this round is Mapel Wood M O M Lucy, arriving at #2 GLPI right behind her maternal sister, OConnors Planet Lucia, who stays firm at #1 GLPI.  Lucia and Lucy are daughters of Comestar Goldwyn Lilac (Read more: Comestar Goldwyn Lilac: 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee and Genetics By Design – Crosses the $4,000,000 Mark) with Lylehaven Lila Z as grand dam. (Click her toe see Top 400 gLPI Females in Canada)
  • RI-VAL-RE SUPRSRE NIKK new #1 gPA LPI heifer in the World!
    Nikk jumps almost 200 LPI points and takes over the coveted #1 spot.  Powered by her dam’s sire, Observer, who debuts at #1 gTPI, Nikk leads a pack of Supersire daughters that top the LPI list.  Her dam RI-VAL-RE OBSRVR NIKKI is due this month and looks very promising for  Ri-Val-Re (Read more: Breeding Ri-Val-Re: Where looking good in the stall is just as important as looking good on paper). (Click here to see Top 400 gPA LPI Heifers In Canada)

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Some might call it a quieter round in North America, with only one new top proven sire in the US and many of the new Canadian sires already proven in the US.  However, this round is certainly an emphatic validation for the different proving programs.  The fact that Observer came out where he did validates the genomic evaluation system.  Additionally, having many sires that receive their official proofs in Canada matching the US MACE conversion also validates the Interbull MACE system.  Many new genomic sires were released this time, providing   terrific opportunities to discover the next Observer.

To see all the latest proofs be sure to check out our Genetic Evaluation Section.


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