December 2012 World Wide Holstein Genetic Evaluation Highlights

While the introduction of genomics has certainly changed the dairy industry, this proof round also proves that it’s an evolving science.  With adjustments in both the US and Canadian systems, the December 2012 Genetic Evaluations are as much about the changes in the system as it is about the new sires.

In the US, USDA made significant changes to the system including a correction and adjustment of health and functional trait evaluations and reliabilities.  These changes have led to a much closer grouping of the top TPI sires (15%).  We all know that just as breeders are learning how to use genomics, geneticists are also learning how to evolve this technology and ensure it’s accuracy.  In Canada there have also been refinements to the DGV system, including regression analysis as well as a tightening of the range of the top end animals.  The number of DGV LPI’s over 4000 has gone down drastically, with many sires seeing about a 400-500 DGV LPI drop.

More than ever these changes highlight that instead of selecting sires by their rank on the list, with such close numbers, it is now more important to make sure that you select the sire that is the corrective mate for your animals.


  • All is quiet on the American front.  Even the story of the top two sires BADGER-BLUFF FANNY FREDDIE and COYNE-FARMS DORCY is about how they held their numbers to move up the ranks rather than increased their numbers.
  • Even WABASH-WAY EXPLODE, who we were hesitant to endorse last round as his Parent Averages and DGV’s are higher than his current daughter performance, held relatively the same numbers with the addition of 10 more daughters (Note: His DGV’s and PA’s are still higher than current daughter performance).
  • One interesting newcomer that caught our eye was RONELEE TOYSTORY DOMAIN.  Domain is the 1st proven sire from Trans America Genetics (TAG) and his initial proof was spot on to his expected genomic and parent averages (slightly lower for production but indications are that it will adjust)  Bodes well for great things to come from the TAG program.


  • The biggest story in Canada is the official domestic proof of LONG-LANGS OMAN OMAN.  Man-O-Man didn’t disappoint the many rumors that where swirling (Read more – Man-O-Man will he turn platinum?) but does cause us some concerns about his use as a sire of sons (Read more – Is Man-O-Man going to be a sire of sons?).
  • A bull that will certainly catch a lot of attention in Canada FREUREHAVEN NIAGARA.  This Bolton son from the high index bull mother COMESTAR LAUTELLA GOLDWYN VG-87 2* is leaving daughters that love to milk and that do so from strong udders and great feet and legs.
  • This proof round for Canada was packed with many high-ranking bulls receiving their first official LPI proof including 25 in the Top 100, 14 in the Top 50 and 9 in the Top 20 for LPI.  Most of these were US proven sires receiving their first Canadian proof such as UFM-DUBS AltaEsquire (O Man x Rich-Ro Mark Sam-ET) at #4 LPI and the new #1 for Fat this round; Crockett-Acres Otto-ET (O Man x Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly- ET) arriving at #13 LPI and immediately followed, with a difference of only 15 LPI points, by his full Canadian proven brother Crockett-Acres Eight-ET at #12 LPI.


  • Cogent Twist becomes number one UK proven sire in December proof run.  COGENT TWIST has continued his climb through the rankings to become the new number one UK-proven sire.  Twist combines his PLI of £229 with hardwearing daughter type traits including dairy strength, width and body depth.
  • In Italy Encino EVONYMON ET TV is the highest new bull for PFT this run (standing 10th in the Italian rankings).  Evonymon is one of the highest sires for milk in the Italian PFT ranking at over 1600Kgs.  He also has a positive fat and protein %, a functional type with 2.47 feet & legs and positive Fitness traits.  The other high new release sire is Encino EGYPTIAN ET TV the full brother of Evonymon and stands 15th on the official Italian rankings.  He has excellent fat (0.16) and protein (0.11) with over 1,300 kg of milk.  Fertility is high, and is a somatic cell score improver.
  • Other international stars such as ZANI BOLTON MASCALESE, FLEVO GENETICS SNOWMAN and HEIDENSKIPSTER GOLDDAY all held their numbers as well as international rankings.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

While there were certainly some exciting new sires this proof round, the bigger story is about the way current stars are holding their domestic numbers as they receive international proofs.  This stability highlights the strengths of the MACE system and shows how different countries are enhancing their use of Genomics to more accurately predict the future genetic stars.

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