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12 Outcross Sires to Help Control Inbreeding

With dairy breeder`s constant objective of   breeding the highest genetic index animals possible, inbreeding has become more of a problem than ever.  Looking through the top index lists you realize with each new generation of sires that the rate of inbreeding is increasing at an alarming rate.

Genetic Diversity and Inbreeding Article - September 2014-3

In 2011, nine bulls sired 50% of the 1,300 young bulls that entered A.I. in North America. A mere 18 bulls sired 50% of the 3,000 that entered A.I. globally.  In sires entering AI in 2011, the rate of inbreeding increased 1% that year alone and is now over 7%.  That is over 2% higher than it was in 1992 and 5% higher than it was in 1982.

In order to help breeders find outcross sires, the Bullvine has prepared this list of 12 sires that offer the greatest genetic diversity while still offering a high level of genetic gain.

Overall Performance Improvement

If you are looking for an outcross sire that offers balanced improvement for production, durability and health and fertility, you cannot go wrong with these three sires:

Dairy Bull - 014HO05936 - Coyne-Farms Bolton Dom-ETDom *BY

Coyne-Farms Bolton Dom-ET  BY
Bolton x Bret CV x Rudolph

DOM offers breed leading overall performance and has no Goldwyn, Shottle, Planet or Oman in the first three generations of his pedigree.  He is a carrier of Brachyspina (BY) but Brachyspina is a recessive trait, and, to be an affected calf, both sire and dam must have passed the recessive gene to their offspring. So unless you are mating him to a BY female you should be okay.  Dom is a very balanced sire offering strong overall production (+1558 lbs. milk) and solid components (+0.10 %F +0.01 %P) He is also strong for type and durability (+2.75 PTAT, +2.51 UDC, +2.92 FLC) and has solid health and fertility traits.  Dom will need to be protected on his straightness of rear legs (posty), as well as his rumps, specifically his pin width.




Dairy Bull - 029HO14142 - Coyne-Farms Dorcy-ETDorcy

Coyne-Farms Dorcy-ET  BY
Bolton x Bret CV x Rudolph

There is Dom`s better-known full brother Dorcy.  Dorcy is proving to be an outstanding longevity improvement sire, both through his sons and daughters. Breeders interested in a Bolton son from an outcross pedigree, top-notch udders, very good feet & legs and functional traits may consider DORCY. Dairy Strength and Rump are only slightly above breed norms.  Like Dom he will need to be protected on his straightness of rear legs (posty) as well as his pin width.









Dairy Bull - 007HO12165 - Bacon-Hill Montross-ETMontross

Bacon-Hill Montross-ET   TY
Mogul x Bolton x AltaRolex

If you are looking for a high genomic sire that offers overall improvement and is still an outcross, Montross will fit the bill.  Montross is a Dorcy grandson (through sire Mogul, who is a Dorcy from a Marsh).  As is typically the case with many actual outcross pedigrees, his maternal side is not that well known. However, his dam UNIQUE-STYLE BOLTON MONEY EX-91 DOM has certainly become a popular bull mother, with 15 sons at five different AI units. At +845 NM$ there is no question that MONTROSS will offer an excellent production kick and have enough durability, health and fertility to last. At over two points for UDC and FLC MONTROSS has strong functional type but should be protected for straightness of rear legs and overall frame and capacity traits. However, as we have seen from research in the past, you don’t need extreme frame traits in order to achieve extreme lifetime production. (Read more: She Ain’t Pretty – She Just Milks That Way!).


Production Improvement

For those of you that are more commercially focused or maybe those of you who have not focused enough on production and the milk check is showing it, in addition to Montross, here are our recommendations:

Dairy Bull - 029HO13991 - Kings-Ransom B RubleRuble

Kings-Ransom B Ruble   TY
Bolton x Boliver x Bombay

With no Goldwyn, Shottle, Planet or Oman, Ruble is a very unique high production sire.  The cow family behind RUBLE features five consecutive generations of AI bull mothers. RUBLE’s five closest dams all produced milk records in excess of 32,000 lbs. RUBLE’s grand dam, Bombay Rale was a tremendous brood cow leaving 6-VG & 4-EX daughters in the herd by seven different sires. RUBLE daughters are moderate stature and dairy. Protect for strength as they can be narrow through the chest. Udders are everything you would expect from the two popular pedigrees. High, wide rear udders, smooth blending foreudders, and a deep seam to carry their high production through many lactations. Daughters track straight with a correct foot, though you need to protect for a slight set to rear legs and protect rumps for pin width.




Dairy Bull - 097HO40076 - Claytop Js Predestine-ETPredestine

Claytop Js Predestine-ET   TY
Jet Stream x Toystory x Boliver

A very popular outcross production sire is Predestine. At +2657 lbs milk and solid components, Predestine offers extreme production improvement.  His daughters are durable (+2.8 PL) but not fancy (+1.63 PTAT, +1.68 UDC, +0.69 FLC).  You will have to watch him on his SCS, but if you have a low producing solid conformation heifer with a big frame that needs a quick shot of production, Predestine will do just that.











Dairy Bull - 526HO00004 - RocketRocket

Rocket  TL TD
Sudan x Freddie x Bolton

A genomic young sire that catches our eye is Rocket.  Rocket is a Sudan son from Vieuxsaule Freddie Tanya VG-88, who is a grand daughter of Vieuxsaule Allen Dragonfly EX-94 2E 12* (Read more: VIEUX SAULE ALLEN DRAGONFLY: 2013 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee). While there is Oman in this pedigree (3rd generation through Freddie), given that Rocket is sired by Sudan, an extreme outcross sire, and has Bolton and Allen as the maternal great and great great grand sire, Rocket has a very low expected future inbreeding value.   Rocket should sire component improvement (+0.09 %F and +0.02 %P) and strong production (1784 lbs milk).  He also has the bonus of having very strong health and fertility traits (+3.5 PL, +2.78 SCS).  While Rocket has a solid type evaluation (+2.68 PTAT, +2.28 UDC, +2.32 FLC), he will need to be protected on his bone quality and loin strength.


Longevity Improvement

For those of you that are looking to breed cattle that last lactation after lactation or maybe you are having problems with your 2 year olds not coming back for a 2nd lactation, in addition to Dorcy, we recommend the following outcross sires:

Dairy Bull - 007HO12105 - S-S-I Mogul ReflectorReflector

S-S-I Mogul Reflector   TY
Mogul x Super x Ramos

From the same family that produced Bookem, Reflector is an outcross sire that should get much attention.   Bred through the ART program at Select Sires that was designed to produce outcross sires, Reflector is a great example of this.  (Read more: Select Sires vs. Semex – A Contrast in Cooperatives  and Should A.I. Companies Own Females?).  At +6.6 for PL and over two points on all type composites (+2.77 PTAT, +2.16 UDC, +2.22 FLC) and at +2.8 DPR and +2.67 SCS, Reflector daughters are going to last. While show ring enthusiasts may not be quick to use Reflector (-7 height at front end, 0 for body depth), he will sire strong mammary systems and feet and leg improvement.





Dairy Bull - 179HO00099 - Mr Apples Mcgucci-ET


Mr Apples McGucci-ET  RC TY
McCutchen x Regiment-RED x Durham

From the legendary KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET CV EX-96 3E DOM, comes McGucci an outcross longevity improvement sire, that you should be taking a look at. (Read more: KHW Regiment Apple-Red – Beauty, performance, and even more record) When Jerry Jorgensen of Ri-Val-Re Holsteins purchased a whole flush from Apple he was looking to produce something a little different and that is exactly what he got when he crossed her on McCutchen. (Read more: BREEDING RI-VAL-RE: Where Looking Good in the Stall Is Just As Important As Looking Good On Paper).   While McGucci will not be considered an overall production improver, he does offer solid component improvement (+0.27%F and +0.16 %P), with high durability (+3.4 PL) and very high conformation (+4.03 PTAT, +3.20 UDC, +3.78 FLC), with solid health traits (+2.77 SCS, +0.01 DPR).  He will need to be protected on his shortness of teats and high pins.


Dairy Bull - 147HO02426 - Ronelee Dorcy Deligent-ETDeligent

Ronelee Dorcy Deligent-ET  BY
Dorcy BY x Boliver x Outside

Combining two popular outcross pedigree`s, Deligent is a longevity improvement sire that you should consider using.   His dam Ronelee Boliver Dreary-ET VG-86 2Y is a maternal sister to the popular, proven sire Domain. Deligent was bred to deliver long lasting daughters. With outstanding Herd Life/Productive Life, breed leading mammary systems scores and strong Feet and Legs scores, Deligent is a longevity specialist, though he does need to be somewhat protected for dairy strength. Look for DELIGENT to combine this longevity with reliable production and type numbers.







Health and Fertility Improvement

One area that is starting to get more attention by most breeders is health and fertility. While there is no question that every breeder knows that more pregnancies equals more profits, many of the top ranking sires actually have negative values for key health and fertility traits.   In addition to Reflector and Predestine, here are three outcross sires that will help you improve the health and fertility in your herd.

Dairy Bull - 007HO10647 - Ladinodale Aaron-Red-ETAaron-Red

Ladinodale Aaron-Red-ET   TY
LB P-Red x Paradox-RED x Rudolph

If you are looking for an outcross sire that will help improve the health traits in your herd, you need to consider Aaron-Red.  While he is certainly not a production improvement sire (+17 lbs Milk), he does offer some significant improvement in productive life (+3.7), DPR (+2.3) as well as calving ease (+4.8% SCE & 4.7% DCE).  Aaron offers reliable type improvement (+2.01 PTAT, +2.06 UDC and +1.53 FLC). He will need to be protected on his high pins and overall dairy strength.








Dairy Bull - 029HO13566 - Brandt-View Howard-ETHoward

Brandt-View Howard-ET   TY
Alton CV x Capri x Manfred

This reliably proven Alton son is from a 2E-92 Capri (by JUROR) with a top record of almost 58,000 in one lactation.  The family is consistently noted for their extreme production values, consistent type and excellent health/fitness traits.   Howard daughters are profit makers. They increase milk production while lowering SCS to qualify for milk premiums and possess outstanding health and fertility numbers (+3.3 PL, +1.2 DPR, 3.9% SCE). Typical Howard daughters are clean boned, hardworking and moderate sized and long necked, open in the rear rib and very clean through the thigh.  Rear udders are high, wide, and capacious.  He will need to be protected on his overall size and stature as well as his dairy strength.






Dairy Bull - 011HO11116 - Rosylane-Llc AltabowieAltaBowie

Rosylane-Llc Altabowie   TY
Bowser x Ramos x O Man

Yes there is O Man in AltaBowie`s pedigree, but considering that he is sired by Bowser (Jet Stream x Boliver) and his dam is a Ramos daughter, AltaBowie has very low expected future inbreeding values (5.9%).  From the exceptional breeding program at Rosy-Lane Holsteins (Read more: ROSY-LANE HOLSTEINS – “Don’t Follow the Herd!”), AltaBowie offers many plusses.  He is +1419 for lbs milk (though low fat %), durable type (+7.6 PL), and high DPR (+3.6) and low calving ease (4.2% SCE and 3.7% DCE).  While his conformation break down will not wow you (+1.44 PTAT, +1.67 UDC and +1.90 FLC), he is correct where he needs to be, (Udder depth, fore and rear attachments, as well as foot angle and heal depth).  He will certainly need to be protected on his dairy strength and rumps.



The Bullvine Bottom Line

Genetic diversity is a critical problem in the Holstein dairy cattle breeding industry.  Indeed the rate of genetic gain has accelerated. But so too has the rate of inbreeding.  With $23 lifetime cost per percent inbreeding, it is easy to overreact and try to avoid inbreeding at all costs. The trick is not to use sires that are inferior, but rather to have a balance of genetic improvement and enough of an outcross not to accelerate the inbreeding.   These 12 sires will do just that and help control the rate of inbreeding in your herd.

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The 16 Sires from the April 2014 Genetic Evaluations That Stand Out

Everyone is looking for sires that will give them the fastest rate of genetic advancement.  The problem is those sires don’t always appear at the top of the TPI or other Index lists.  That is why, here at the Bullvine, we have listed  the fastest genetic advancement sires.  We also want to keep it relatively simple, so similar to aAa, we will give you the sires that are best in each of the five corrective mating areas that producers are most concerned about – balance, production, longevity/durability and health and fertility.  The following are our resulting recommendations from the April 2014 Genetic Evaluations:

Overall Performance Improvement

When it comes to an overall performance sire, we are looking for those sires that excel in three key areas – production, durability and health & fertility.

Capital Gain

Stantons Capital Gain80HO06053
Stantons Capital Gain
Mccutchen x Observer x Shottle

From the REGANCREST-PR BARBIE EX-92-7YR-USA    DOM GMD   6* mostly known for their high type numbers comes a very balanced sire – CAPITAL GAIN.   Adding to the female side of the pedigree is a sire stack that reads like a who’s who (McCutchen x Observer x Shottle x Champion x Durham x Juror x Aerostar).    CAPITAL GAIN ranks in the top 1% of the breed for the major categories.   He is over 2000lbs of milk, 4 points for PTAT and productive life and health and fertility.  Some areas that he will need to be watched for are his short teats, high rump angle and loin strength, as well as the set and curve of his read legs.  CAPITAL GAIN’s chromosomal test would indicate that he should also be a strong sire of sons, as he possesses a very dominant maternal contribution to his genetic evaluations.





Pine-Tree Picardus
Planet x O Man x Rudolph

A grandson of WESSWOOD-HC RUDY MISSY EX-92 3E GMD DOM that may not be on everyone’s radar but should be is PICARDUS. He is the 2nd highest new release sire this round (Read more:  April 2014 US Holstein Sire Proof Highlights).   Picardus’ dam is an Oman daughter of Missy. As his sire stack would indicate, Picardus has a strong production proof with good components. While his +1.92 PTAT may have some wondering how he could make the balanced sire list, his daughters are very functional and possess open ribs and high wide rear udders.    While his overall feet & legs score is an area for improvement at +0.61, his feet & legs are strong enough in the key areas.  Picardus’ official daughter proof is only 31 points below that of his initial genomic proof of April 2011 at +2239 gTPI.




Denver 1426

Mr Mogul Denver 1426151HO00690
Mr Mogul Denver 1426
Mogul x Robust x Planet

An interesting balanced outcross sire that catches our eye comes from the WINDSOR-MANOR RUD ZIP EX-95-4E-USA  DOM GMD  1* is DENVER 1426.  He is a Mogul from the popular genomic bull mother MISS OCD ROBST DELICIOUS VG-86 GTPI+2546 who was the No.1 cow on the Locator List.   At over 2000lbs of milk, almost 3 points on type and 4.7 for productive life, DENVER 1426 possesses a very balanced genomic proof that is above his already high parent averages.   His strong maternal line indicates that he should be a strong sire of daughters but may not be an extreme sire of sons.







Eraser P

Kerndtway Eraser P07HO12229
Kerndtway Eraser P
Earnhardt P x Observer x Shottle

There is no question that polled sires are gaining rapidly on those sires at the top of the list.  One of those sires that is leading the charge is ERASER P.  With 145 lbs combined fat and protein, almost 3 points on type, +4.0 PL and strong health and fertility numbers, ERASER P offers an outstanding balanced polled option.  One area that you will want to protect ERASER P on is his body depth.  While his daughters will not be dominating the tanbark trail, they will have strong udders with great texture.









Instead of just giving you the top overall production sires, we understand that you still need to have some emphasis on durability and health traits.  Therefore, we put a heavy weighting on production (66%) but did not forget those   two key areas.  The following are the sires that stood out the most for us:


Uecker Supersire Josuper29HO17553
Uecker Supersire Josuper
Supersire x Beacon x Jango

While his prefix may not be known to many breeders, this Supersire son is certainly going to get a lot of attention.  At +2499 gTPI JOSUPER is the highest TPI sire over 2800 lbs of milk.  Combine that with positive deviations for fat and protein and there is no question that JOSUPER will give you a strong production kick when needed.  While his type evaluation is very functional, a couple of areas to protect him on include his rump angle and the set of his rear legs.  With a strong maternal chromosomal contribution JOSUPER should also be a strong sire of sons.  This is something we have found to be very typical of high production sires.








Roylane Socra Robust07HO10524
Roylane Socra Robust
Socrates x O Man x Manat

In addition to JOSUPER, those breeders looking for a proven sire with a strong production kick should be considering ROBUST.  Already a heavily used genomic sire, ROBUST’s proof indicates that he is the real deal.  (Read more: )  Robust has proven to be a great performance improver. He is a high NM$ (+834) Velvet-View-KJ SOCRATES-ET (EX-94-GM) son from Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror (VG-86-DOM). He transmits exceptional components (+.15% Fat, +102 Fat, +.05% Protein, +64 Protein) and outstanding longevity (+5.2 Productive Life). A Calving Ease and relative outcross sire, ROBUST moderates stature and adds height and width to the rear udder. Robust will work best on tall deep cattle that need feet and leg improvement.






Bacon-Hill Montross07HO12165
Bacon-Hill Montross
Mogul x Bolton x AltaRolex

Inbreeding is certainly becoming a greater and greater issue among the top sires.  An outcross production sire that caught our eye is MONTROSS.  As is typically the case with many true outcross pedigrees, his maternal side is not that well known.  But his dam UNIQUE-STYLE BOLTON MONEY EX-91 DOM has certainly become a popular bull mother, with 15 sons at 5 different AI units.  At +845 NM$ there is no question that MONTROSS will offer a great production kick and have enough durability, health and fertility to last.  At over 2 points for UDC and FLC MONTROSS has strong functional type but should be protected for straightness of rear legs and overall frame and capacity traits.  However, as we have seen from research in the past, you don’t need extreme frame traits in order to achieve extreme lifetime production.  (Read more: She Ain’t Pretty – She Just Milks That Way!).




Socrates P

Bryhill Socrates P151HO00703
Bryhill Socrates P
Supersire x Shottbolt x Goldwyn

A Supersire from the very popular polled bull mother VENTURE SHOTTBOLT SIZZLE P VG-86, SOCRATES P will give you a production punch with a polled kicker added in.   Following in his father’s footsteps, SOCRATES P offers strong production improvement with good health and fertility traits and solid conformation traits.  With +164 lbs of combined fat and protein, SOCRATES P is the highest component polled sire available in the world.  A couple of areas to watch for when using SOCRATES P is his rump angle (high) as well as overall frame and dairy strength.







Longevity Improvement

There is more to longevity than just conformation numbers, as our very popular article  “She ain’t pretty she just milks that way” has demonstrated.  So with that in mind, instead of just giving you the top conformation sires we have also put weighting on production, productive life, and health and fertility.

High Octane

Stantons High Octane2080HO06052
Stantons High Octane
McCutchen x Observer x Shottle

Joining his full brother Capital Gain as a sire to use in order to improve longevity is HIGH OCTANE.  At +4.10 Type with a DGV for conformation at +23, HIGH OCTANE is certainly a breed leader for conformation improvement.  HIGH OCTANE combines that with +2096 lbs of Milk and over +4.2 PL, making him a conformation sire with a shot of production and a longevity chaser.  You will need to protect him on his % components and short teats.  HIGH OCTANE does offer a great alternative to those not wanting to use Capital Gain because of his high rump angle, as HIGH OCTANE’s genomic test would indicate that he actually sires low pins.







G W Atwood

Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood207HO10506
Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood
Goldwyn x Durham x Storm B/R

It’s really hard to discuss type improvement without including G W ATWOOD.  (Read more: The 10 Extreme Type Sires Most Likely To Sire the Next World Champion).  However unlike many of the top type sires who are negative for production and low fertility scores, Atwood actually has solid components and acceptable health and fertility numbers. Atwood offers the great mammary systems his pedigree would indicate however he needs to be protected for flat loins and high pins, much like his sire.  While you most certainly would want to protect him on production and daughter fertility, Atwood will add a punch of type to your high producing 2yr olds that, for whatever reason, may not be around for many more lactations.







Mr Apples Mcgucci179HO00099
MR Apples McGucci
McCutchen x Regiment-RED x Durham

For those looking for something a little different and yet a pedigree that the market will be heavily interested in, there is MCGUCCI.  This McCutchen son is from none other than the world famous KHW REGIMENT APPLE-RED-ET CV EX-96 3E DOM (Read more: KHW Regiment Apple-Red – Beauty, performance, and even more record accomplishments).  While Apple has been long known in the R&W market for strong type, the family has been coming on strong in the overall index rankings over recent years.  Interestingly MCGUCCI is not from a grand-daughter, like the high indexing EASTSIDE LEWISDALE GOLD MISSY daughters that have come on so strong for that show winning cow, but rather he is direct from Apple herself.  While you certainly will need to protect MCGUCCI on his production, he does offer component improvement and strong health and fertility traits.  As is typical with the Apple family, you will need to protect him on rumps.





Champ P

All-Riehl Ladds Champ138HO05307
All-Riehl Ladds Champ
Ladd-Red x Super x Shottle

In addition to Eraser P, those breeders looking for a polled sire to improve longevity should consider CHAMP P.  CHAMP P’s dam TRULEA SUPER CHARITY7296-ET VG-88 was the number 23 gTPI cow on the locator list (GP-83 or higher).  Behind that are 3 EX dams so it’s no wonder CHAMP P comes to the top of the list.  But what really catches our attention is his +7.1 PL and positive components.  These are exactly what you need when looking for longevity improvement.  You will need to protect CHAMP P on his body depth and rump angle.







Health and Fertility Improvement

There is no question that management is key when improving overall herd health and fertility. Having said that, with the introduction of genomics and the increased reliability, it is now becoming more and more important for your breeding programs to look at health and fertility traits and sires that excel in those areas. Here are some that you should take a closer look at.


Woodcrest Mogul Yoder207HO12266
Woodcrest Mogul Yoder
Mogul x Planet x Buckeye

While Capital Gain, Josuper, High Octane, Denver 1426 are all sires to consider when looking for health and fertility improvement, an extreme outlier sire that you should consider is YODER.  His genomic test is 7% higher than his parent averages and his production predicted daughter deviations are some of the highest in the breed. These high ratings contribute to his #9 overall ranking on the top genomic TPI young sires list. (Read more: The Number That Will Change the Way You Look At Genetic Evaluations Forever…) YODER comes from a long line of high production cows and is a direct descendant of the well-known brood cow, Milkworth Manfred Yadda (VG-86-GMD-DOM).  He ranks high for Net Merit (NM$) (+924) and Cheese Merit (CM$) (+1,002).  YODER is a fitness trait specialist with low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.74) and terrific Productive Life (PL) (+5.3).  While results are sure to be highly variable, Yoder will certainly be worth taking the shot on if you are looking to produce that next generation of extreme production daughters and sons from a large framed high production cow.  If you are looking for more on outlier sires check out The 10 Outlier Sires that will Accelerate Your Genetic Gain the Fastest.





Den-K Altagreatest011HO10928
Den-K AltaGreatest
Planet x Bolton x BW Marshall

The highest new release gTPI proven sire this round was Den-K AltaGreatest and he is also an extreme health and fertility improvement sire.  He comes in at #5 gTPI on the US proven list. AltaGreatest is from the Den-K Rudolph Cub Kiddy EX-91 2E GMD DOM family. An extreme production sire with high components, AltaGreatest also has functional type. Look for AltaGreatest daughters to have shallow udders with strong suspensory ligaments. One area the AltaGreatest daughters will need to be protected on is their rump angle and pin width. AltaGreatest will work well on your straight legged cows, as long as they have good foot angle.  It is interesting to note that AltaGreatest`s official proof is within 60 points of his initial genomic proof back in April 2011 of gTPI +2315.  For more new release highlights from the past round check out April 2014 US Holstein Sire Proof Highlights.





Ste Odile Pure200HO10024
Ste Odile Pure
Mogul x Man-O-Man x AltaBaxter

When looking for an outcross sire to improve health and fertility, there is Denver 1426, Yoder, Montross and PURE.  PURE’s dam, STE ODILE MANOMAN MOD PLATINE VG-86-2YR, is the #5 GLPI cow in Canada and is a full sister to the #1 GLPI cow in Canada for 3 consecutive runs, STE ODILE MANOMAN MODEL SAPHIR VG 2Yr.  PURE combines outstanding production (+2239 lbs Milk, +87F and +74P) with strong type (+3.17 PTAT, +2.91 UDC, +2.71 FLC) and outstanding health and fertility traits (+5.3 PL, +2.89 SCS, +5.9 Sire Calving Ease, +5.0 Daughter Calving Ease).  Pure will work best on big opened framed cows, as these are areas that he needs to be protected on.







Science P

Bryhill Science P Bryhill Science P
Numero Uno x Shottbolt x Goldwyn

For those looking to get really ahead of the marketplace, there is no better way to do than to combine polled and health and fertility traits.  In addition to Eraser P and Socrates P, there is SCIENCE P.  SCIENCE P is the Numero Uno brother to Socrates P by Shottle from VENTURE SHOTTBOLT SIZZLE P VG-86.   Look for SCIENCE P for average production with strong components. He will also offer a strong type improvement but needs to be protected on his rump angle. Where he will really shine is in his health and fertility traits (+4.1 PL, +2.68 SCS, +7.3 SCE, +5.9 DCE).







The Bottom Line

There is no question that the rate of genetic gain is as fast as it has ever been in the history of dairy cattle breeding.   What we are now starting to see is that the top genomic sires are becoming the top proven sires and the top proven sires numbers are holding better than the ever have before.

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