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April 2014 Canadian Genetic Evaluation Highlights

There’s a New #1 in Town!

The highly anticipated bull, Flevo Genetics Snowman (O Man x BW Marshall), receives his first official proof in Canada and debuts at the top of the LPI list. De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle) switches places with Mel-Crest AltaRazor (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn) this round, now sitting in positions #2 and #3 LPI, respectively. Previously #12 LPI, Morningview AltaToyota (Toystory x AltaFinley) takes a jump, landing at #4 LPI, while AltaIota (O Man x Ito) adds over 500 daughters to his production proof and hangs onto his #5 LPI ranking. Another bull adding a significant number of second crop daughters is Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall) who adds over 1000 production daughters and climbs from #15 LPI in December to #6 spot this round. The entrance of three bulls new to the Top 10 LPI forced others downward in rank, including Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie (O Man x Die-Hard) from #6 to #11 LPI, Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood (Goldwyn x Durham) from #7 to #15 LPI and De-Su Authority-ET (Stol Joc x O Man) from #10 to #31 LPI. End-Road O-Man Bronco-ET (O Man x BW Marshall) sits at #7 LPI, UFMDubs AltaEsquire-ET (O Man x AltaSam) at #9 LPI and Sildahl Jett Air-ET (AltaBaxter x BW Marshall) at #10 LPI, all maintaining positions among the Top 10 LPI. Long-Langs Man-O-Man (O Man x AltaAaron) held #1 LPI since December 2012, but falls 360 LPI points landing him at #8 LPI this round. The addition of approximately 200 daughters to his production proof, as well as a new adjustment for non random sire usage, led to this significant change for Man-O-Man. This new adjustment affects all sires with over 30% of their milk-recorded daughters resulting from embryo transfer. Also noteworthy is Lirr Drew Dempsey (Goldwyn x Derry), who adds over 350 daughters to his type proof and as a result moves from #21 to #12 LPI and is the new #1 bull for Conformation.

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April Showers the Top LPI List with Interesting Newcomers

This release there are 140 young sire graduates as well as a first official domestic LPI for 15 sires first progeny proven outside of Canada. Among young sire recruits, Shottle remains the most common sire with 22 new sons, while Planet is the sire of 19 new sons. Ashlar, Million and Onward each have at least 10 new sons in this group as well. In December 2013, of 108 newly proven bulls only four penetrated the Top 50 LPI. April 2014 is a different story! This round the Top 50 LPI is infiltrated by 17 newly proven sires. Besides Snowman, the highest of these is Ammon-Peachey AltaCeleb-ET (Planet x Shottle) at #13, who becomes the new highest proven Planet son in Canada. The next highest new release at #14 LPI is Blondin Careyprice (Goldwyn x Shottle). Notorious south of the border, De-Su Observer-ET (Planet x O Man, maternal brother to Author at #31 LPI) receives his first domestic progeny proof securing him a spot at #17 LPI while newcomer Stantons Stanley Cup (Shottle x Convincer) takes #20 LPI. Two Planet sons from illustrious dams, Wabash-Way Excite (Planet x Wabash-Way Emilyann) and Fleury Gen Le Plan (Planet x Calbrett Shottle Lisamaree) debut at #22 and #23 LPI, respectively. Following closely behind at #24 is Fustead AltaStone (Planet x Elegant) who also claims the titles of #1 for both Milk and Protein. Other newly proven sires in the Top 50 LPI include Mr Cougar (#32 LPI, Alexander x Goldwyn), De-Su 541 Bartlett- ET (#32 LPI, Planet x Shottle), De-Su Stratton-ET (#37 LPI, Planet x Shottle), Gepaquette DG Shottbolt (#40 LPI, Shottle x Bolton), genetically identical bulls Larcrest-Caesar-ETS and Larcrest Cheech-ETS (both #41 LPI, Malicieux x Shottle), Dewgood Advance-ET (#44 LPI, Alexander x Goldwyn), Misty Springs Superpower (#47 LPI, Bonair x Misty Springs Shottle Satin) and De Rith AltaShare (#50 LPI, Shottle x Goldwyn).

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An Influx of New Top LPI Cows!

Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir continues to lead the breed as #1 GLPI for the third consecutive run and is #2 for Fat. April’s highest newly indexed cow is Velthuis S G Snow Evening at #2 GLPI and tied at #2 for Conformation. This recent addition leads Stantons Observer EA Frenzy to step down one position to #3 GLPI. Maryclerc Snowman Crystal makes an entrance at #4 GLPI, while full sister to the #1 GLPI cow, Ste Odile Manoman Mod Platine falls to #5 GLPI. Other newcomers to the list include Robust daughter Larcrest Cinergy-ET at #6 GLPI, Sully Hartford Snwmn 282-ET at #8 GLPI, Comestar Lautamisha Snowman at #9 GLPI and Lookout Pesce SM Elsa finishing off the list at #10 GLPI. R-Z Baxter Caramel-ET rose an impressive 100 GLPI points from a previous rank of #40 and now sits at #7 GLPI. Aside from one Robust daughter, all new Top GLPI cows are sired by Snowman. Combined, three O Man sons sired 35% of the Top 1000 GLPI cows, including Man-O-Man (18.9%), Snowman (9.6%) and AltaIota (6.9%).

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