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Top 20 of 2020 – The Bullvine’s Most Popular Articles of the Year

The Bullvine team is pleased to once again bring you the most well-read articles in the three most popular sections of our website for the past year.   This list reflects content published from January 1st, 2020  through December 27th, 2020 and is based on Google Analytics with over 3,000,000 monthly views from almost 2,600,000 unique yearly visitors.

Top 10 Feature Articles

  1. STOP WASTING TIME! Choose Sires that Save on Labor   
  2. The Bullvine 2019 All-North American Awards
  3. To Niche or Not to Niche? Big Questions Face Dairy Markets
  4. Break the Mold – Shape Your Future Through Sire Selection
  5. Proof How Critical Calf Care Is
  6. Don’t Ignore Selection Intensity When Selecting Sires!
  7. Terri Packard: When you build it…they do come
  8. Watch Out – Breed Societies are on a Course to Crash and Burn
  9. World Dairy Expo – The Show Must Go On
  10. The Bullvine Battle of the Champions – North American Edition 

Top 8 News Stories

  1. Trump’s False Claims About Dairy Farms 
  2. Straussdale Holsteins Barn is a total loss after Friday fire
  3. Dairy farms thriving during coronavirus pandemic
  4. Six companies are about to merge into the biggest farm-business oligopoly in history
  5. Dairy cattle genetics company donating bull semen to aid struggling farmers
  6. Van Leeuwen Group to sell nine dairy farms
  7. Missouri charmer led double life, masterminded one of the biggest frauds in farm history
  8. Ontario woman fined $25K for illegally importing hundreds of doses of bovine semen
  9. Neighbors Disturbed After Body Discovered In Manure Pile At Dairy Farm
  10. Topless dairy industry protesters crashed the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally

It been an amazing journey since we started the Bullvine back in 2012, (Read more: The Top 10 of 2012 – The most read articles of 2012).  2020 is a year no one will forget. While the industry has certainly changed, we here at the Bullvine are excited about the potential the new year will bring and the great things that will happen in the dairy industry.  One thing you can be certain of is the continue to bring you the most talked about in the industry.  Happy Holidays and See You in 2021!

2020 Breeders Choice Awards – Tanbark Trail Edition – Qualification Round

COVID-19 has certainly changed the world we live in.  It certainly had an effect on the Tanbark trail with very limited shows occurring.  With that comes the great effect of judges biased in traditional year-end competitions.  Originally that is why we created the All-North American competition based solely on show results over many shows, but with limited numbers of shows this year, we will not be running that competition this year. With that in mind, there has never been a more important time for the Breeders Choice Awards – Tanbark Trail Edition, a competition that lets you the breeder decide. So make your vote count.

This year the completion will be broken into three rounds:

  • Round 1 – Qualification
    This phase will run from December 15th to 31st.  It is open to all animals who exhibited on the tanbark trail in the 2020 calendar year, with many of the top animals be prepopulated in the nomination forms. Voting during this stage will only take place on
  • Round 2 – The Finals
    This phase will run from January 5th to the 19th 2021.  The top 6 animals as per the votes from the qualification round in each category will then compete for the finals.  Voting during this stage will take place on as well as on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
  • Round 3 – The Championships
    The phase will run from January 19th to Feburary 2nd.  Each category winner will compete for Junior, Intermediate and Grand Championships as applicable to their age.  Voting during this stage will take place on as well as on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

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US Holstein Highlights – Sire Proof Central December 2020

It was a great day for Gameday, as his 3081 GTPO takes him to the top of the Genomic TPI List (With NAAB code).  He is followed by Hercules at +3066 GTPI and Genosource Captain in third at +3052 GTPI. 

On the daughter proven list has the same top-5 but a new order. The new leader is Pine-Tree Burley at +2892 GTPI close behind follows the former #1 Aot Silver Helix at +2884 GTPI. Helix is followed by Griff, Achiever, Rocketfire, Matters and Medley.

There is a new #1 PTAT bull and his name is Siemers Fitters Choice at +4.23 PTAT, he combines this extraordinary PTAT score with +2520 GTPI. Followed by Eclipse Milio (+4.02 PTAT) and Mr Apples Avalanche *RC (+3.92 PTAT).

Topping the RC GTPI list is Aristocrat son Odessa-ET at +2892 GTPI followed by his maternal brother by Herioc at +2868 GTPI. The R&W GTPI sire lists are leaded by Ronald *RC sons Trumpet-Red (+2819 GTPI) and Mcdonald P-Red (+2787 PTAT).

Watch for more as official lists are released throughout the week.

Canadian Holstein Highlights – December 2020 – Top 10 LPI and Pro$ Lists Both Welcome an Interesting Newcomer

While the LPI and Pro$ lists experience some reshuffling this round, both each add one newcomer to the elite status of Top 10. For LPI, it is Melarry Fuel‐ET that grabs #7 position (#34 Pro$, dam is Melarry Kingboy Fudgie‐ET) and becomes the highest for LPI of the first three proven sons in Canada of Duke (#3 Milk, #2 Fat, #2 Protein).On the Pro$ side, its Progenesis Dockside that achieves Top 10 status with his debut in #10 position (#32 LPI), who is among the first group proven sons in Canada of Doorsopen (dam is Woodcrest Def Manhattan‐ET). Dockside is a maternal brother to Progenesis Seducer (Supershot x Defender), who makes significant gains for both production and type traits and catapults to take #2 Pro$ (from #17) and #4 LPI (from #20) this round. S‐S‐I Millington Totem‐ET (Millington x Jacey) manages to climb one spot among the ranks for both indexes, now reaching #1 Pro$ and #2 LPI. Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET (Delta x Numero Uno) also climbs one notch for LPI to become the new breed leader while also staying among the Top 10 for Pro$ in #8 position (tied #3 Conformation). The only other sire to achieve Top 10 status for both indexes this round is EDG Rubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust), now at #3 Pro$ and #6 LPI (#4 Fat).

Looking at the other sires penetrating the Top 10 LPI list this round, Stantons Alligator‐ET (Kingboy x McCutchen)also gains one spot to #3 position (tied #51 Pro$, tied #3 Conformation) while former leader, Peak AltaMarlon (AltaSpring x O‐Style) slips to #5 LPI (#17 Pro$). Three bulls complete the Top 10 LPI list, namely Stantons Actually (Silver x McCutchen, maternal brother to Alligator) at #8 LPI (tied #27 Pro$), Westcoast Randall (Loptimum x Numero Uno) at #9 LPI (#15 Pro$) and Wilra Harvest‐ET (Monterey x Numero Uno) in #10 LPI position (#44 Pro$). There are also five sires that complete the Top 10 Pro$ list this round, with positions 4 to 7now occupied by Peak Hotline‐ET (#4 Pro$, #33 LPI, #6 Fat, AltaHotrod x Mogul), S‐S‐I Silver Spike‐ET (#5 Pro$, #28 LPI, Silver x Jacey), Ronelee Midnight Detour‐ET (#6 Pro$, #14 LPI, Midnight x Mogul) and Peak AltaPainter‐ET (#7 Pro$, #17 LPI, Davinci x Numero Uno). To round off the Top 10 Pro$ list is S‐S‐I KingpinPhantom‐ET (Kingpin x Supersire), who slips from #3 to #9 position this round (#20 LPI, tied #8 Protein).

Outside of the arrival of Fuel and Dockside as the highest newly proven sires this round for LPI and Pro$respectively, there are six others that penetrate the Top 35 ranks for either national index. The highest of these is Silverridge V Wonder at #21 Pro$ (#105 LPI, Supershot son out of Silverridge V Munition Erlina). The full‐brother combination of Progenesis Modulo (#22 Pro$, #65 LPI, tied #8 Fat) and Progenesis Midnight (tied #27Pro$, tied #69 LPI, #7 Fat) also make an interesting debut and they are maternal brothers by Duke of Seducer (#2Pro$) and Dockside (#10 Pro$). Stantons Useful‐ET (Yoder son out of Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro‐ET) also achieves Top 35 Pro$ status with his arrival in #32 position (tied #49 LPI). The two other newcomers that penetrate the Top 35 LPI list this round are Brabantdale Drake ET (Commander son out of TJR McCutchen Dice‐ET), who arrives tied in #25 position (#45 Pro$) and Stantons Ateam‐ET (Silver son out of StantonsCameo Appearance), who is tied at #34 LPI (#78 Pro$). Two other noteworthy sires that achieve outstanding results with their first Canadian progeny proof for either production or type are De‐Su 13050 Spectre‐ET(Yoder x Supersire), who takes #3 rank for Fat with +130 kg, and Walnutlawn Sidekick (Abbott x McCutchen), who lands tied at #1 Conformation with +19.

A New Queen is Crowned for Each of GLPI and Pro$

Two elite cows that previously reached Top 10 status for both GLPI and Pro$ have now climbed the list to be crowned breed queen for this December round. For GLPI, Lindenright Lambda Mocha stays strong and climbs the final step on the ladder to reach #1 GLPI (#16 Pro$, Lambda daughter out of Lindenright Rubicon Moofia). On the Pro$ side, its Midas‐Touch Hot Holy‐ET (Hotline daughter out of AOT Rubicon Happening‐ET) that fights back to retake the #1 Pro$ spot (#7 GLPI, #5 Fat) that she lost last round in August. The highest newly indexed cow this round makes an outstanding entrance as Benner Eugenio Jaymie grabs #2 Pro$ and #5 GLPI. This promising 3‐year‐ old becomes the newest family member among the Top 10 lists, along with her dam, Benner Octoberfest Jingko at #4 GLPI and #3 Pro$, and her maternal sister full‐sibs, namely Benner Salvatore Jamochaat #2 GLPI and #10 Pro$ and Benner Salvatore Jamboree at #9 GLPI (#15 Pro$). Three former Top 10 GLPIcows from last round maintain this elite status as Stantons Adorable Approved climbs from #9 to #3 GLPI (#37Pro$), Nemesis Zipit Laius also ups her ranks to #6 GLPI (#13 Pro$) and Progenesis Imax Perfection lands in #8GLPI position (#15 Pro$). Two cows tied at #10 GLPI complete that Top 10 list, namely Beauxpres SeducerCassy (tied #30 Pro$, dam is Beauxpres Elbombero Carmeny) and Benner Chief Beejay (#181 Pro$, dam isBenner Bookel Burlap).

A second newly indexed cow this round manages to penetrate the Top 10 Pro$ list as Progenesis GuarantMillions arrives in #8 position (tied #49 GLPI, dam is Progenesis Duke Moldavite). Her paternal sister by Guarantee, namely Stantons Guarantee Go For Gold (dam is Stantons Bee Desired‐ET), cannot defend her#1 Pro$ ranking of last August but maintains her Top 10 status in #4 Pro$ position (#205 GLPI, tied #8 Protein).Two Helix daughters, also with the Stantons prefix, also keep their Top 10 Pro$ status this round as Stantons HotDollars‐ET takes #5 Pro$ spot (#32 GLPI, dam is Stantons Real Dollars‐ET) and Stantons Some Helix‐ET immediately follows at #6 Pro$ (tied #77 GLPI, #6 Fat, dam is Stantons Bee Something‐ET). The two remaining cows that complete the Top 10 Pro$ list are Progenesis Detour Kansas, still in #7 position (#34 GLPI, dam is Progenesis Supershot Kassidy) and Morningview Duke Zip climbs to take #9 Pro$ (#14 GLPI, #2 Fat, dam is Morningview Yoder Zeplin).

Of particular interest, this round is a tidal wave of 15 cows that are newly indexed for type and all manage to achieve top 10 status for Conformation. These include two cows that become the new breed leaders, tied at +19Conformation, namely Suntasia Image of Amber, who is a Jacoby daughter out of J‐A‐Telford Atwood Amber, and Lebold Dreamview Mavis, who is a daughter of Sidekick out of Claynook Mexx Alligator.

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