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Senior 2-year-old MS ABSOLUTE BLISS wins grand at New York State Fair

New York State Fair Grand Champion, Ms Absolute Bliss VG-88-2yr.

New York State Fair Grand Champion, Ms Absolute Bliss VG-88-2yr.

Grand and Intermediate Champion of the New York State Fair was the winning Senior 2 Year Old MS ABSOLUTE BLISS-ET VG 88 owned by Ransom Rail, Robert Landis & Brian George, NY out of MISS BEAUTYS BOMBSHELL-ET a EX-92 Goldwyn-daughter of Ms Exels Dundee Beauty EX-95.

Grand Champion – Open Show: Ms Absolute Bliss (Absolute Red), Int. Champion & 1st Sr. 2-Year-Old, Ransom Rail, Landis & B. George
Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion – Open Show: Liddleholm Resur Lu-Red-ET (Resurrect-Red), Anthony Liddle
Reserve Senior Champion – Open Show: Long-Haven Sid Carla (Sid), 1st 4-Year-Old, Oakfield Corners
HM Senior Champion-Open Show: Deslars Dempsey Mallya (Dempsey), 2nd 4-Year-Old, Elite Street Genetics & Eaton Holsteins
HM Grand Champion – Open Show: Long-Haven Sid Carla (Sid), 1st 4-Year-Old, Oakfield Corners

Senior & Grand Champion  – Junior Show: Crackholm Goldwyn Chary (Goldwyn), 3rd 5-Year-Old, Jared Dueppengiesser
Reserve Senior & HM Grand Champion  – Junior Show: Liddleholme Mariah (Contender), 4th 5-Year-Old Brock Liddle
Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show: Hell-Yeah Dempsey Berry (Dempsey), Int. Champion & 2nd Jr. 2-Year-Old, Daniel Hosking

Intermediate Champion – Open Show: Ms Absolute Bliss (Absolute Red), 1st Sr. 2-Year-Old, Ransom Rail, Landis & B. George
Reserve Intermediate Champion – Open Show: Sicy Svelte Alexander (Alexander), 1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, Aidan Mulligan

Intermediate Champion – Junior Show: Hell-Yeah Dempsey Berry (Dempsey), 2nd Jr. 2-Year-Old, Daniel Hosking
Reserve Intermediate Champion – Junior Show: Cranholme Atwood Pasta (Atwood), 4th Jr. 2-Year-Old, Isaac Folts

Junior Champion – Open Show: Ms Goldwyn Shazam-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Fall Yearling, Reyncrest Farms & Luncrest Holsteins
Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show: Kingsway Doorman Andrea-ET (Doorman), 1st Fall Calf, Abe Light & Jerry Jorgensen
HM Junior Champion – Open Show: Brookview Party Pooper-ET (Doorman), Amanda Flansburg
Junior Champion – Junior Show: Oakfield Doorman Cameron (Doorman), 3rd Fall Calf, Jared Dueppengiesser
Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show: Kings-Ransom Door Classy (Doorman), 4th Fall Calf, Adam King
HM Junior Champion – Junior Show: Currvale Brokaw Hazel-ET (Brokaw), 2nd Fall Yearling, Lisa Sharpe

Spring Calf (13)

  1. Reyncrest Crvte Lauralyn-ET (Corvette) Reyncrest Farms
  2. Reyncrest Corvette Gracie (Corvette), Reyncrest Farms
  3. Yotpolis AR T-97 (Archrival), Nicholas Yotpolis
  4. Frankhaven Fever Terrific (Fever), Robb Hart
  5. Kings-Ransom Monterey Gina (Monterey), Hannah King

Winter Calf (19)

  1. Brookview Party Pooper-ET (Doorman), Amanda Flansburg
  2. T-Farm Sid Blizzard (Sid), Zachary Taylor
  3. Rockland-ZBW Penelope (Lotus), Mason Ziemba
  4. Oakfield Solomon Lullaby-ET (Solomon), Jonathan & Alicia Lamb
  5. Reyncrest Crvt Lavada-ET (Corvette), Reyncrest Farms

Fall Calf (22)

  1. Kingsway Doorman Andrea-ET (Doorman), Abe Light & Jerry Jorgensen
  2. Reyncrest Lmted Edition-ET (Gold Chip), Reyncrest Farms
  3. Oakfield Doorman Cameron (Doorman), Jared Dueppengiesser
  4. Kings-Ransom Door Classy (Doorman), Adam King
  5. Vale-O-Skene Goldwyn Kaylyn (Goldwyn), Amanda Flansburg
  6. Roll-N-View DEF Celine-ET (Defiant), Cooper Galton

Summer Yearling (14)

  1. Oakfield Atw Temple-ET (Atwood), A. Flansburg, J. Nash & M. Mitchell
  2. Reyncrest Doorman Lantana (Doorman), Reyncrest farms
  3. Luncrest Wedding Drm-1713-ET (Golden Dreams), Andy Chlus
  4. Gebarten Sid Echo (Sid), R&T Morrill & K Wormuth
  5. Oakfield Gold Chip Evita-ET (Gold Chip), Jennifer King

Spring Yearling (6)

  1. Gebarten Atwood Mocha (Atwood), Jacob Coller
  2. Oscwil-LBJ Sid Rotten 8338 (Sid), P. Bennett Jr. & S&A Harvey
  3. Mikelholm Atwood Bouncer (Atwood), Emily Mikel
  4. Willdina Doorman Lindsay (Doorman), Oakfield Corners Dairy
  5. Lantland Sid Cheez-It (Sid), Lantland Farms, Ltd.

Winter Yearling (7)

  1. Windy-Knoll-View Pencil-ET (Windbrook), J. Ross & S. Bergerson
  2. Jacobs Sid Justice (Sid), Reyncrest Farms
  3. HFM Elvis Lucy-ET (Elvis), Lisa Sharp
  4. Lantland Airlift Bow (Airlift), Mallory Rhodes
  5. Ridgedale-O Doorman Raz (Doorman), Ridgedale Farm & Douglas Wolfe

Fall Yearling(8)

  1. Ms Goldwyn Shazam-ET (Goldwyn), Reyncrest Farms & Luncrest Holsteins
  2. Currvale Brokaw Hazel-ET (Brokaw), Lisa Sharpe
  3. Wall-St McCutchen Ruthiana (McCutchen), Jeffery Winton
  4. Reyncrest Hez Goldchain-ET (Heztry), Reyncrest
  5. Elm V-F Braxton Sapphire (Braxton), Kelsey Warriner

Junior Best 3 Females: Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, Oakfield Corners

Fall Yearling in Milk (5)

  1. Reyncrest Wind Gust-ET (Windbrook), Reyncrest Farms
  2. Paramount-MB CRVT Ashtabula (Corvette), Jared Dueppengiesser
  3. Arethusa Daryl Sienna (Daryl), Jared Dueppengiesser
  4. Just N Rust WB Charisma (Windbrook), Eugene Poirier
  5. St. Jacob Brazzle Hadlee (Brazzle), Meagan Chittenden

Junior 2 Year Old (18)

  1. Aija Goldwyn Giovanni-ET (Goldwyn), Jamie & Petra Black & Jaquement Holsteins
  2. Hell-Yeah Dempsey Berry (Dempsey), Daniel Hosking
  3. Jacobs Gold Chip All-ET (Gold Chip), Luncrest Farm
  4. Cranholme Atwood Pasta (Atwood), Isaac Folts
  5. Jacobs Sid Bahamas (Sid), Jared Dueppengiesser

Senior 2 Year Old (14)

  1. Ms Absolute Bliss (Absolute Red), Ransom Rail, Landis & B. George
  2. Bracin Goldwyn Cami-ET (Goldwyn), H&A Lusk & R. Tierney
  3. Lantland Windbrook Hysteria (Windbrook), Jacob Menzi
  4. Ack-Lee Dempsey Passion (Dempsey), Eaton, Conroy & Ack-Lee Holsteins
  5. Butlerview Doorman Camo (Doorman), Brian Oster

Junior 3 Year Old (5)

  1. Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle-ET (Goldwyn), Jonathan & Alicia Lamb
  2. Midas Touch Mcut Mailibu-ET (McCutchen), Jamie & Petra Black & Midas Touch
  3. Unique Atwood Cecilla-ET (Atwood), Luncrest Farm
  4. Ovaltop Atwood Lassie (Atwood), Doug Wolfe
  5. Mikelholm Windbrook Rory-ET (Windbrook), Emily Mikel

Senior 3 Year Old (11)

  1. Sicy Svelte Alexander (Alexander), Aidan Mulligan
  2. Ms Apples Aileen (Gold Chip), Apple Partners, LLC
  3. Reyncrest SC Maybelline (Stanleycup), Reyncrest Farms
  4. Muddy-River Astrd Zalentine (Asteroid), Muddy River Farm
  5. Luncrest Monreal Michi-1516 (Monreal), Luncrest Farm

4-Year-Old (13)

  1. Long-Haven Sid Carla (Sid), Oakfield Corners
  2. Deslars Dempsey Mallya (Dempsey), Elite Street Genetics & Eaton Holsteins
  3. Lantland Molson Cheedar (Molsons Gold), Kirt Menzi
  4. Ernest-Anthony Sid Trevc-ET (Sid), Michael Putman & Ranway farms
  5. Ms Brandys Gold Bailey (Goldwyn), Ziemba, Oster & Worden

5-Year-Old (8)

  1. Luncrest Sanchez Bambi-1412 (Sanchez), Luncrest Farm
  2. Luncrest Jordn Messin-1392 (Jordan), Luncrest Farm
  3. Crackholm Goldwyn Chary (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser
  4. Liddleholme Mariah (Contender), Brock Liddle
  5. Windex Sanchez Tammy (Sanchez), Bryce Windecker

Aged Cow (6)

  1. Liddleholm Resur Lu-Red-ET (Resurrect-Red), Anthony Liddle
  2. Bella-Rosa GW Sara-ET (Goldwyn), Jonathan & Alicia Lamb
  3. Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful (Goldwyn), C&S Savage & Cooper Galton
  4. MM-T Pockets At Roxanne-ET (Atlantic), Brett Roberts
  5. Lantland Aspen Hemley (Aspen), Kirt Menzi

125,000lb. Cow (3)

  1. Luncrest Atlas Heather-1274 (Atlas), William Lundy
  2. Shoresbrook Talent Ax-ET (Talent), Kirt Menzi
  3. Ovaltop Dundee Ester (Dundee), Doug Wolfe

Best 3 Females
Luncrest Holsteins
Kirt Menzi
Ovatop Holsteins

Exhibitors Herd (2)
Michael Wolfe, Ovaltop

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Congratulations to the Lundy Family on being the 2016 NY State Premier Breeder & Exhibitor!

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