MARKWELL DURHAM DAISY – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

MARKWELL DURHAM DAISY EX-92 GMD DOM is the 4th generation of Markwell breeding.  The foundation cow was a Tony EX94 4E followed by Chief Mark EX92, 4E, Blackstar (The great MARKWELL BSTAR E RAVEN) EX95, 3E and a EX-92 4E DOM GMD Luke EX92.  This nomination for 2012 Golden Dam got the best from all the parts and that is certainly saying something.  Her sire, Regancrest Elton Durham, was the American Show bull of his time.  Her dam, MARKWELL LUKE RAPTURE EX92, 4E, Gold Medal Dam, 4 Star was one of the top daughters of the Luke bull and had nine excellent daughters, including Daisy.  Daisy’s grand- dam, MARKWELL BLACKSTAR RAVEN, who had 23 Excellent daughters, was one of the most respected Blackstars ever and her name is known around the world.

Daisy Was Hand-Picked From a Well-Known Family of Late Bloomers

Daisy is currently owned by Adolph Langhout of A-L-H Holsteins who wanted to buy into the well-known Raven family.  He did his homework and knew that although the Raven family are not massive cows as two year olds they continue to grow and produce as they get older.  Statistics show that they start out at 22,000 lbs. to 25000 lbs. two year olds and by the time they are mature they`re producing 35,000 plus!  They classify VG as two year olds and EX 92-94 at maturity.  Good things come to those who wait for late bloomers.

Young Daisy is Golden in the Show Ring



At World Dairy Expo in 2002, Daisy was named Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion.  She went on to be Honorable Mention All-American Senior 2 YR Old.  However, Daisy is multi-talented with high production, fitness, longevity and outstanding type.  She was Excellent 92 in her second lactation.

Daisy’s Daughters Also Dazzle

A-L-H DESTINY VG-87-3YR-USA DOM GMD  - daugher of Daisy

A-L-H DESTINY VG-87-3YR-USA DOM GMD – daugher of Daisy

Like their mother, Daisy’s daughters also milk, show and reproduce.  Her O Man daughter, A-L-H DESTINY VG-87-3YR-USA DOM GMD, is nominated for International Cow of the Year in 2012.  Obviously Daisy transmits her best.  Her Goldwyn son DANILLO claimed first place in the Netherlands April 2012 proof run with a very balanced proof.  With a full brother, GOLDDAY also making a promising debut based on his genomic tests.  Destiny also produced the sought-after bull dams HEIDENSKIPSTER GOLDWYN DESTINY VG-86, REGAN-ALH G DESTINI VG-88 (By Goldwyn), and REGAN-ALH BLVR DIVINA VG-87 (by Boliver).

 Daisy Has Rising Sons

The best cross for Daisy was O Man.  That produced two daughters that became bull dams in their own right and Daisy has three highly proven Oman sons –  A-L-H DAKOTA in The Netherlands, A-L-H DUKE in Germany and A-L-H OSAKA in Spain.  Initially her sons shone and now her grandsons are shining brighter.  The next great cross was Goldwyn and now her Goldwyn grandson, mentioned earlier, Danillo ranks high in the Netherlands and grandson Goldday ranks near the top in Germany.

Daisy’s Family Grew Genomics

Daisy attracted attention because of her family and sire stack.  With the advent of genomics, it has been shown that the family also possesses very high genomic values.  This has been a plus for owners of sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters.

Daisy Continues Sowing the Seeds of Success

MARKWELL BSTAR E RAVEN EX-95-3E-USA GMD DOM 5* - 2nd dam of Daisy

MARKWELL BSTAR E RAVEN EX-95-3E-USA GMD DOM 5* – 2nd dam of Daisy

Daisy’s grand dam Raven came second for International Cow of the Year.  Daisy herself came third in 2011 in a close placing for International Cow of the Year.  Destiny is nominated this year for 2012 International cow of the year.

Daisy Impacts Holstein Field of Dreams

Daisy took the Raven family from well-respected in western USA to international demand for her progeny.  From being recommended as “possibly” having the potential to be as good as Raven herself, Daisy has gone on to do exactly that!  Definitely Daisy is a Golden Dam contender.

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