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DANAE BAUER: Capturing the Passion

We meet many who feel that dairy farming not only gave them skills for working, problem-solving and responsibility , but also the added courage and example to become self employed. Danae Bauer is from Scandinavia Wisconsin where she was raised on the home farm operated by her father and uncles. (Read more: Pine-Tree Monica Planeta Is the New Genomic Super Star Maker) “I have had a very active role in the farm ever since I was a child. I now work full time with the calves, embryos transfer, and marketing.


From Shovel Speed to Shutter Speed

Many farm offspring feel they have had a picture perfect upbringing.  For Danae it was picture inspiring. “ I have had an interest in photography from a young age. In the past several years that interest has grown into a passion, leading up to a year ago when I began my photography business.”  Again she credits her family and agricultural background. “3. My family has influenced me greatly and has helped instill a work ethic, a desire to learn, and drive to achieve excellence which has valuable to me in honing my creativity through patience and practice.”

20131221_web_Gloria_calf_santa hat

Never Ending Learning Process

Like the true creative that she is, Danae is always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow her photography skills. “I completed a course in professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography, from which I was also given a merit award for a photography essay assignment.  I believe that while I gained knowledge from the schooling, I learned probably just as much from trial and error, practice, reading photography books, learning from articles and videos on the internet, and studying other’s work. It’s a good thing my cousins Katie and Emily are such good and willing models…I got a lot more practice in with them then I would have with my three brothers !”


Capturing a Story – Creating a Feeling

When you look at pictures created by Danae, you often feel an instantaneous emotional connection, which isn’t surprising since that is what powers her own enthusiasm. “I would describe my style as creative, classic, clean, and country. My images are abundant in natural light, they are bright with vivid but true to life color. I strive to capture genuine emotion and interaction when I photograph people and animals.”  For Danae the people are just as important as the subject matter. “I love images that “grab and pull the viewer in” and allow them to experience or see the subject in a new way, the photos that capture the essence or heart of the subject, the photos that are genuine, but beautiful and unique.”


An Eye for Agriculture. A Fusion of Farm, Family and Photography

I think my greatest accomplishment is creating a photo that strikes a chord with its viewer, especially if it makes them think positively about agriculture and farm life. I have had comments that my photos have been a blessing to those who see them, and if that is true, I count that as a success! “ Danae looks forward to a future that includes her two passions.  She quotes the familiar “A picture is worth a thousand words” and adds “I would love to continue to photograph farm families and help them tell their stories through photos.”

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The Bullvine Bottom Line

We totally agree with Danae that, as great as it is to do what you love, the human experience is what makes it worthwhile. She is already taking her photography to the next level and has a growing audience who responds to her efforts. “I hope that by sharing meaningful photos I will be furthering a favorable impression of the dairy lifestyle.”  All the best to Danae from the Bullvine readers and everyone who enjoy cows, people and country living. It’s a huge story ready to be captured by the Bauer lens one moment at a time.


Be sure to check out Dana’s Farmgirl Photography Facebook page as well as her website for more great photos.



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