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Pine-Tree Monica Planeta Is the New Genomic Super Star Maker

Sandy-Valley Farms, located in central Wisconsin, is owned and operated by three brothers, David, Patrick and Frank Bauer Jr.  A fourth brother, Greg, helps with the breeding and marketing programs.  Frank’s daughter Danae manages the calf program and assists Greg with the breeding and marketing programs. The Bauer family farms 1500 acres and milks 450 Holsteins in a free stall set-up. Embryo transfer and IVF are important tools in their program. We are already familiar with Sandy Valley families which include names like Sandy Valley Bolton, the outstanding sire with top daughters and now sons. It is exciting to talk with Greg about the future they are building toward at Sandy Valley.

Start with Clear Goals and Go Beyond

In talking about their success, Greg clarifies the breeding goals that are the basis they build from at Sandy Valley Farms. “We aim to breed a cow that can respected by the commercial dairymen, yet admired by the type enthusiast.” As simple as that sounds Greg acknowledges that it can be complicated. “When you set your breeding goals it is easy to play it safe.  However it is going to take new genetic strategies to meet the needs of the new genetics marketplace.” He says with encouragement knowing that it is only by taking risks that Sandy Valley is making progress. Pine-Tree Monica Planeta-ET is an example of a foundation cow that has the potential to launch superstar generations.



Attracted by Planetas

Hindsight is always 20/20.  That’s why it’s great to hear from breeders who have the good fortune to pick a winner. Greg ticks off the points that attracted Sandy Valley to Planeta: “She was from a proven sire;  possessed a high genomic rank in comparison to age-mates and paternal sisters; and she was from a cow family that had has brought us success in the past.”  Greg then describes why she fits so well with the Sandy Valley breeding goals, “Planeta is a modern freestall cow.  Moderate in stature with plenty of strength and width.  She has a nice spring to her rib, a silky hide and an attractive cut to her front end and shoulder.  Her udder is soundly attached with great cleft and teat placement.  She has somewhat more set to her rear leg than optimal but possesses a clean, flat bone.” He saves the best adjectives for last, “Planeta tracks beautifully and almost glides when she walks.”

New Genomic Stars at Sandy Valley Revolve Around Planeta

First let’s take a look at Planeta’s own record:

  • Pine-Tree Monica Planeta
  • Sire: Planet
  • VG-85 VVV+V @ 2-7 DOM
  • 2-01 2x 184 15564 3.8 598 3.3 508 (incomplete)
  • GTPI +2239 gTPI 697 NM$ 2.88 PTAT
  • In August 2012, Planeta was the #12 GTPI cow and dam of the #2 GTPI heifer.  She had 4 daughters over 2400G, a Numero Uno son over +2500 and a Sudan son over +2400 GTPI.
  • The starts in her orbit expanded with the December 2012 Proof Indexes.  She now has 9 daughters over DGV LPI 3000: 5 Numero Unos; 2 Epics; 1 Armitage and 1 Banco daughter. Outstanding!

Planeta Daughters Start Their Own Outstanding Orbits

The numbers definitely proclaim that Numero Uno has been the best cross on Planeta. Looking at those first six daughters, there were three over +2400 gPA TPI.

Penelope (Numero Uno) +2647 gPA TPI +3.50 PTAT  +3716 gPA LPI +4156 DGV LPI
Paxton (Numero Uno) ++2524 gPA TPI +2.64 PTAT +3463 gPA LPI +3713 DGV LPI
Precious (Numero Uno) ++2503 gPA TPI +3.22 PTAT +3509 gPA LPI +3892 DGV LPI
Paisley (Numero Uno) +2447 gPA TPI +3.30 PTAT +3282 gPA LPI +3483 DGV LPI

Planeta & Ammon-Peachey Shauna:  These Genomic Hits are Both “Miss”es

Even while we stand in awe of the offspring of Planeta, research tells us that it really could or should have been expected because of Planeta’s shared lineage with the outstanding Ammon-Peachy Shauna (Read more – AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist). Three generations back Shauna and Planeta trace their heritage to Wesswood MH Rudy Missy and her daughters, Miss Martha, in the case of Planeta, and Miss. Monica, for Shauna. They have the exact same sire stack: Planet x Shottle x Oman x Rudolph. Definitely Planeta is a fully functioning contributor to an all-star family.



Other Prominent Cow Families at Sandy Valley

You know that Sandy Valley has high goals in mind that includes establishing other great cow families. Greg lists them for us:  “The Barbies, Dellias, Rudolph Missy, Ravens, Bolton Music, Terry Tory, Juror Faith, Cosmopolitans, and Oman 6121.

Using Genomics to Look Toward the Future

Greg has a simple viewpoint on why you should use young sires on top cow families. “Use young sires to maximize genetic progress.” He states emphatically and then looks into the future realistically, “Granted all high G young sires won’t stay high but then neither do all high proven bulls once their second crop is in the system.” Sandy Valley Farm looks for certain attributes for all young sires they use. “GTPI ranking and overall transmitting pattern are taken into account, as well as the cow family they stem from. We also prefer those out of proven sires such as “Freddie, Man-O-Man, Massey, Snowman and Super.” He notes that  “We are currently using a wide variety of high G young sires and a few of the highest GPTI proven sires.

Advice for Those Seeking Sky High Success

Every great herd starts with a plan and Greg advises everyone to start with this end in mind. “Consider your goals.  If you’re most interested in building a sound, functional herd with few ‘2yr old mistakes’ stay with proven sires, especially those with 2nd crop information.” Greg then goes on to suggest another option. “If you’re interested in working at the cutting edge of genetic improvement, incorporate some of the high G young sires.” Like all other parts of the discussion, he rounds out the advice: “When using young sires, it’s often best to spread your risk and use more than just one.” Cautionary and visionary at the same time.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

It is always wonderful when we can benefit from the insights of great cattle breeding families.  Sandy Valley Farm is building their success on a solid cow family foundation.  We wish them well as they take Planeta and go where genomics has never gone before!


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GOLDEN-OAKS PERK RAE – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

Golden Oaks Farm, former owners, and Adolf Langhout, current owner, are justifiably proud of the achievements of GOLDEN-OAKS PERK RAE – Red-ET EX-90. Perk Rae is an 8thgeneration EX and she is a red Roxy.  She has 7 EX sisters. Her sire, Burket-Falls Perk-Red, is a breeding product of Burket Falls Farms in Pennsylvania where the 270-head herd is 80% polled.  With that family line behind and beside her and strengths that include protein (+16kg) daughter fertility (103), milking speed (107) and temperament (106), it isn’t surprising that she is a contender for 2012 Golden Dam.



Perk Rae is a Prolific Embryo Producer

Perk is impressive in her own right as a long bodied cow with power and dairy strength. She supports all of that with an excellent udder and outstanding feet and legs. She was on a continual flush program at Golden Oaks, performed by Sunshine Genetics of Whitewater, WI and recently has milking daughters from Alexander, Goldwyn and Shaquille. Perk Rae flushed really well and sold more than 100 of her embryos around the world.  (Read – What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg?) With ten years in their breeding program she had a total of 81 registered direct offspring including 10 VG and one EX-92.

GOLDEN-OAKS DUR RAE1 VG-89-3YR-CAN – daughter of Perk Rae

GOLDEN-OAKS DUR RAE1 VG-89-3YR-CAN – daughter of Perk Rae

Perk’s Imposing Number of Daughters Also Perform on the Plus Side

What is distinctive about Perk Rae is her capacity to transmit her quality to the next generation. Perk Rae has Very Good daughters by Vince, Mr. Burns and Durham.  They all have high production. Her best daughter, by Durham, is Golden-Oaks Dur Rae1.  She earned the maximum score VG89 as a three year old.  Her production at three years was 13,530kg, 3.4% fat and 3.2% protein. Golden Oaks is working with a Goldwyn daughter who as a GTPI of +1910. As well, she has 8 VG daughters in the USA.

Perk Rae’s Sons Considerably Improve the Breed

Perk Rae has numerous sons including Mr Perky at ABS Global, Rocco P at ABC Genetics and Parkson at Trans-World Genetics. Grandsons in AI include Ventur Proxy PP-Red – homozygous polled Red Mitey P x VG Durham x Perk Rae at DairyBullsOnline (Read – They’re Sold on Polled).  In particular there is considerable enthusiasm for the polled and red daughters of Golden Oaks Rocco-Red (Redman x Perk Rae).

Perk Rae Mates Well

Nate Janssen, Dairy Operations Manager of Golden Oaks, reports that the best matings on Perk Rae have been Redman, Durham and Goldwyn.  “A lot of Perks best descendants are from her Redman daughters.”  Durham worked well, as mentioned previously, with a 92 pt daughter by him.  Nate adds, “Goldwyn helped bring a little more angularity and style into the picture.”  He outlines a two-part marketing strategy.

GOLDEN-OAKS PEACH-P-ET VG-85-2YR-CAN - daughter of Perk Rae

GOLDEN-OAKS PEACH-P-ET VG-85-2YR-CAN – daughter of Perk Rae

Perk Rae And Her Family Are In Demand in the Market

“Although we like to keep red in the picture, there is a market for high polled B&W animals, so we are using some of the top B&W as well and protecting for milk and health traits.”  Presently there is large demand. “At our farm we have a PP Colt Daughter that we are currently flushing to fill contracts.  We also have a polled Shamrock daughter that is 2000 GTPI.” There are progeny by over twenty-five different sires registered in North America and Europe.

SCIENTIFIC DEBUTANTE RAE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM GMD 2* – sister to dam of Perk Rae

SCIENTIFIC DEBUTANTE RAE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM GMD 2* – sister to dam of Perk Rae

There are Many Perks to Working with Perk Rae

Perk Rae is also the winner of the 2012 Red Impact Award from Holstein International.  Second in family to win this award.  Her dam’s sister, Scientific Debutant Rae, won it in 2010.  In 2011, going under the hammer for $20,000 Perk Rae was the top seller at the National Red & White Convention Sale. Presently, Perk Raw is owned by Adolf Langhout of the Netherlands who plans to keep Perk Rae-Red at Sunshine Genetics in Wisconsin and export her genetics around the world where her descendants are continuing to garner attention. “It is very interesting that two direct daughters and one granddaughter are selling in the World Classic Sale at World Dairy Expo this year!”

The Perk Rae Advantages.  She’s Polled. She’s Red.

New owner A.L.H Genetics is happy with their purchase. Embryos imported from embryos purchased previously resulted in a VG-86 Lawn Boy heifer in the Netherlands and the popular Lawn Boy son Lewitan PP at Mastrrind in Germany. The unique polled and red qualities of Perk Rae mean that her owners have sold her genetics all over the world. (Read – Polled Genetics: Way of the Future or Passing Fad?) “Since she is red, high type, deep pedigree, and polled, with a unique sire, there are endless markets!”  He happily points out the obvious, “There are not many excellent cows that are red as well as polled.”

Do you think Perk Rae deserves to win our 2012 Golden Dam Contest?  Let us know. Your vote counts.


You Can Bank On Amaze To Pump Up The Volume

She`s Set to AMAZE in 400 Ways. Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG 87 2YR, with BCA’s of 236-253-240, leads the field by a huge margin when it comes to producing embryos. On June 23rd, 2012 she produced her 400th embryo! These numbers are even more amazing when you consider she did it in a mere three years!

This Embryo Machine is a Bank Machine

There are a number of ways to make or save money by raising high quality Holsteins. It could be production of fat and protein. It could be milk with low somatic cells scores. It could be progeny that sell well in sales. Each of these is effective but Amaze shows the way to do it by producing embryos that convert to cash.

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy - Grand Champion WDE and Royal '11

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy – Grand Champion WDE and Royal ’11

Amaze is Surrounded by Success

Amaze is not only a prolific producer of embryos, she comes with a great pedigree and that makes the embryos very marketable. Her full sister is none other than Lewisdale Eastside Gold Missy, the Madison and Royal Supreme Champion and title holder All American and All Canadian. Her dam is Stadacona Outside Abel 26 Stars and nominated for Canadian Holstein Cow of the Year.

Amaze is Reaching for the Top

Amaze`s genetic indexes place her in the top 20% of the breed for production, top 2% for SCC and top 1% for conformation. Her Direct Genomic Values reflect her own performance with high values for conformation, feet and legs, SCC and Herd Life.

Around the World with AMAZE

Amaze embryos have been used extensively in North America and in more than 10 countries around the world including: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and UK.

Great Cows. Great Breeders. Great Future.

Great cows are bred by great cattle breeders. In Amaze`s case, she was bred by two PEI Holstein breeders, Lewisdale and Eastside. At less than four months of age she was sold to Abelaine and Sudview for whom she had a Baxter daughter that is now VG 88. Her original breeders bought her back during her first lactation. And thus began the record-breaking flushing program. The 400 embryos are from 24 flushes by 17 different sires, all of whom are high genomic bulls or bulls with high genetic conformation indexes.

Don`t Miss the AMAZE Take Home Message

Of course elite Holstein dairy cattle can enhance your farm profit margins. Using all the available tools and technology, these rewards can come by extra milk in the pail, trouble –free cows that require less labour or genetic sales around the world.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Success in the Holstein business comes in many different ways but Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze gives a whole new meaning to the term cash cow. There`s no business like embryo business! You can bank on it!



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Great Show Cows: Can they pass it on?

We see these huge sales prices for great show cows all the time. We recently saw RAINYRIDGE TALENT BARBARA EX-95 sell for $230,000 or Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-CAN selling in 2009 for $1.2 million . They only way to support sales prices like that are to breed great cattle from these cattle.  With that, we decided to take a closer look at how some of the great show cows from the past have done.

In our article Show Cows: All Type and NO Action?, we look at the pedigree of the current crop of show cattle.  In this article we are going to look at how some of the great show cows of the past 20 years have done on the breeding side of the equation.

Success Stories




41 Classified Daughters 21 (52%) are Excellent 19 (46%) are Very Good 8 Excellent Sons

Notable progeny:





Notable progeny:

  • STANHOPE SOVEREIGN                 EX-96-CAN    ST’07
    Gibson son at Foundation Sires
    1496 DAUS 82% GP+ 57 EX
  • WEDGWOOD LARAMIE                 EX-96-CAN    ST’08
    Lee son at Foundation Sires
    1017 DAUS 75% GP+ 10 EX



14 DAUS 100% GP+ 4 EX

Notable progeny:




26 DAUS 100% GP+  11 EX

Notable progeny:





Notable progeny:

The Bullvine Bottom Line

These five cattle are excellent examples of great show cattle that were able to pass it on.  In contrast, however, there is the great ACME STAR LILY EX-94-4YR-USA 8*, who despite being a 3 time grand champion at the Royal and probably one of the greatest show cows of all time, has been unable to pass that legacy on.  Others who have had this challenge include LAUDUC BROKER MANDY EX-96-4E-USA      5*, who despite have a great daughter- LAUDUC ASTRE MANILLE EX-CAN 6* (ALL-CANADIAN SR.2-YR 1997) – was also unable to pass it on through her sons.  This just goes to show that just because a cow may be the greatest show cow walking the planet at that moment, it does not guarantee that she will be able to pass it on.



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It’s in her genes…..

There is no question that strong maternal bloodlines are the foundation of any good breeding program. But what top female possesses the best bloodlines and what bloodlines are the ones to watch in the future? In order to determine this, we looked at the top GPTI, GLPI, Polled, and Red cows and heifers. The following is our analysis.

Top GTPI Cows

Leading the way is LADYS-MANOR PL SHAKIRA VG-85 2YR-USA is also a full sister to the #1 Genomic Sire in the breed, Ladys-Manor Shamrock. She and her full sister LADYS-MANOR PL SHANDRA-ET VG-85-2YR-USA, who is #4 on the list, are from the seventh generation bull mother, Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn. The most impressive sire stack on the list (#6) goes to SULLY PLANET MONTANA-ET whose sire stack of Planet x Shottle x Justice x BW Marshall leads the way. Montana is also the most genomically gifted on the list, just slightly edging out the extremely popular genomic bull mother Shakira and AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA-ET.

[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top Genomic LPI (GLPI) Cows

Planet daughters dominate the list occupying the top 17 spots and 23 of the top 25. Topping the list is COMESTAR LAUTAMIRE PLANET who is from the Laurie Sheik family. She combines a solid sire stack and genomic values with a maternal power that is the Laurie Sheik’s trademark. The most impressive sire stack on the list goes to the SULLY SHOTTLE MAY daughter SULLY PLANET 935-ET VG-86-2YR-CAN who combines Planet x Shottle x Oman x BW Marshall. When it comes to genomically gifted, none can top ALEXERIN OMAN 993. This Justice daughter has DGV LPI of +3395, which is almost 2000 LPI points higher than her parent average.

[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top GTPI *RC and R&W Females USA

Setting the pace is KHW SHAMROCK ARALYN. This Shamrock daughter is from the popular RC bull dam KHW Goldwyn Aiko VG-89-USA and is among 6 Shamrock daughters to top the list. In fact, the top three spots are all trace back to Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET EX-95-USA 2E DOM, who has had every bull she put into stud return to active service and is also the dam of the 2010 World Red Holstein Champion, KHW Regiment Apple-Red. This family has dominated the Red and White scene, demonstrating that they can get it done in the show ring as well as with genomics. The genomic leader of the list is CURR-VALE OBSERVER DELTA-ET. This Observer daughter traces back to Pineyvale Outside Apple another cow family that has it all, type, numbers and red factor. The strongest sire stack on the list belongs to MD-HARMONY SMRK CHRIS V1-E, Shamrock X Gold Chris X Shottle.
[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top GTPI Polled Females USA

There seems to be nothing more popular these days than polled genetics (read They’re Sold On Polled) and, with that, the demand for genetics from chart topper VER-HAGES TNT SABLE-P-ET could not be higher. This daughter from the Glen-Drummond Splendor family possesses an impressive sire stack – Shamrock x Lawn Boy x Lou – with strong genomic values. The only member of the list to surpass Sable-P for genomics is HICKORYMEA MANOMAN OPINE-P who also poses the most impressive sire stack on the: list Man-O-Man x Shottle x Bosco.
[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top Genomic Females in the U.S.

Shamrock daughters dominate the list with 18 daughters of the top 25 being sired by this outstanding son of Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn. Leading the way is a pair of Shamrock full sisters from the Genomic powerhouse herd De-Su. In the number one spot is DE-SU 1438-ET followed by DE-SU 1439-ET at #2 and not to be forgotten is DE-SU 1451-ET who is #6 on the list all from the popular genomic family Clear-Echo Hershl D Rac-822. In fact it’s 1451 that possesses the highest genomic values in the family. This family has proven to be genomic giants and, with these members topping the list, demand just continues to grow. Of interesting note is the 4 animals on the list owned by Select Sires (S-S-I SHAMROCK MENNA7392-ET, S-S-I SHAMROCK MAGIC7368-ET, S-S-I MOGUL MAYHEM 7963-ET, S-S-I SNOW MALENA 7514-ET) demonstrating this AI center’s strong desire to produce their own genetics (for more read Should A.I. Companies Own Females).
[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


Top GLPI Heifers

Similar to the US list, the CDN list is also topped by a pair of full sisters, Velthuis SG Snow Event and Velthuis S G Snow Evening. These Snowman daughters are from the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family who has 6 daughters in the top 25. Event and Evening are from the extremely popular bull mother Calbrett Planet Eve VG-CAN-2YR. In fact, it’s interesting to note that 16 of the top 25 females come from three main families, (Lead Mae, Lila Z and Gypsy Grand). The Event and Evening sire stack of SNOWMAN X PLANET X SHOTTLE is also the highest on the list. With a DGV LPI of 4406, the split embryo sisters Event and Evening are also the highest genomic females on the list.
[csv2table source=”” icons=”true”]


The Bullvine Bottom Line

No matter how you look at it, when marketing top females, it comes down to their genes. Whether you are looking at LPI or TPI, genomics has put the spotlight on the females that truly have the best genes.

For more information check out The Bullvine Bull Book or our Genetic Evaluation Resource Center.

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