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The Top 10 Dairy Breeder Facebook Fan Pages and Why They’re Successful

top read 14 iconDoes your farm have a Facebook page?  Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a successful Facebook page for your dairy farm?  Well, look no further!

There is no question that Facebook has changed how dairy breeders connect with other breeders around the world.   Facebook has replaced the old print publications of the past. To find out the latest news and information, many breeders have either stopped advertising or have reduced how much they advertise in print publications and now leverage the power of Facebook to get their message out to the dairy community.

The following are the top 10 dairy breeder Facebook fan pages.   They have been evaluated based on, readership, engagement and the use of best practices.  Please note: In order to qualify for this list they needed to be an actual Facebook fan page and not a personal account.

10. Vanzetti Holstein

Vanzetti Holstein

1,108 Likes          167 People Talking About This    18 Posts Per Month        Joined Facebook on 08/25/2010

The only non-north American breeder page on our list, Vanzetti Holstein are from Turin Italy.  They have over 180 cows milking in two Lely robots.  Always sharing great content from around the world, their Facebook page has become very popular with those who follow them.

9. Ferme Jacobs

Ferme Jacobs

4,279 Likes          152 People Talking About This    16 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 11/21/2010

Doing an excellent job of sharing their many successes from the show ring, Ferme Jacobs has developed an extremely strong and loyal following for themselves. (Read more: FERME JACOBS: SUCCESS IS ALL IN THE FAMILY!)  For those that follow the North American show scene, the Ferme Jacobs Facebook page has become a must see, especially during World Dairy Expo, where the team at Ferme Jacobs produces many outstanding videos of their trip, highlighted last year by winning Supreme Champion honors with Maya (Read more: Ferme Jacobs 2013: A Journey of Magic, Maya and Mastery!).

8. Mistyglen Holsteins

Mistyglen Holsteins

1.952 Likes          107 People Talking About This    25 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 05/16/2010

Posting some of the most beautiful farm scene pictures on the web, Mistyglen Holsteins, recently installed a new Robotic milker and documented the whole process on their Facebook fan page. (Read more: Mistyglen Take Two: “Siblings and Robots Inc.”)  Mistyglen’s Facebook page does an excellent job of demonstrating to non-dairy breeders what a positive Dairy farming operation looks like.

7. Kingsway Farms

Kingsway Farms

2.245 Likes          141 People Talking About This    20 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 07/17/2111

Never afraid to shy away from a great conversation, the McMillan family of Kingsway Farms in Hastings Ontario does an excellent job of sharing their success and developing reader engagement.  Snapshots of the next great ones can regularly be seen on their Facebook page as well as many great conversations about what sires are getting the job done, or insight into what many breeders are talking about.

6. River Valley Farm

River Valley Farm

4,477 Likes          584 People Talking About This    30 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 05/21/2010

A 300-cow family farm focused on developing breed-leading cow families that deliver genetics that producers around the globe can believe in and trust, River Valley Farm does a good job of building their brand through Facebook.  With their recent agreement with Select Sires and the 7JE5000 stud code series, River Valley has certainly added Facebook as an important component of their marketing strategy.

5. Deer Hill Ayrshires & Brookview Ayrshires and Holsteins

Deer Hill

Deer Hill Ayrshires
1,368 Likes          125 People Talking About This    20 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 03/18/2011

Brookview Ayrshires and Holsteins

Brookview Ayrshires and Holsteins
1,060 Likes          280 People Talking About This    30 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 07/02/2011

For those of you that think you need to be a Holstein breeder in order to have success on Facebook, you need to look at Deer Hill Ayrshires from Maine, and Brookview Ayrshires and Holsteins from New Zealand.  These two herds do a fantastic job of regularly posting and have built up an extremely loyal following.  Both do an excellent job of posting unique content that is non-promotional and very engaging.  (Read more: The Magic of Francesca)

4. Ferme Blondin

ferme blondin

6,442 Likes          567 People Talking About This    30 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 07/07/2010

Ferme Blondin certainly knows about the power of using Facebook to drive genetic sales.  Dann Brady and the team do a great job of sharing what genetics they have available, while not boring you with nonstop sales messages.  They use a good mix of content to make sure that breeders are up-to-date, but not tuning out.  With some of the best genetics in the world, their following has indeed reached the International marketplace cost effectively through Facebook. (Read more: FERME BLONDIN “Passion with a Purpose Builds Success”)

3. Milk Source

Milk Source

5,556 Likes          3700 People Talking About This  15 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 07/21/2010

Milk Source, LLC operates dairies, animal-care facilities and cropland in Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas.  With both genetics to market as well as consumers to build brand awareness for, Milk Source has a variety of content on their Facebook fan page.    With cows like Blondin Redman Seisme-Red getting ready for World Dairy Expo, Milk Source has built a broad and diverse following on their Facebook fan page.

2. Sandy-Valley Farms

Sandy-Valley Farms

2,976 Likes          645 People Talking About This    22 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 01/19/2012

Possessing some of the best genetics in the world, might make some dairy breeders get lazing with their marketing strategy, Not Sandy-Valley Farms.  (Read more: Pine-Tree Monica Planeta Is the New Genomic Super Star Maker) Instead of just posting their outstanding results, Danae Bauer and the team at Sandy-Valley do an excellent job of using photos to help build engagement.  Danae has done such a great job of this she has recently started her own successful photography business, Farmgirl Photography.  (Read more: DANAE BAUER: Capturing the Passion)

1. Luck-E Holsteins

Luck-E Holsteins

8,205 Likes          833 People Talking About This    12 Posts Per Month  Joined Facebook on 03/07/2010

With one of the top type herds in the world, Luck-E Holsteins has done a fantastic job at marketing their genetics through Facebook.  It’s not just luck for the team at Luck-E they have put a great deal of effort into developing the largest following of any Dairy Breeder Facebook fan page in the world.  With many outstanding classification and show results to share with the world, Luck-E Holsteins certainly has figured out how to use Facebook to market their genetics to the world.  (Read more: Luck-E Holsteins: The Harder they work, the Luck-E-r they get!)

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, check out what others are doing and tweak these strategies to make them your own!

What do you think about the above Facebook pages? Please leave your comments below.



To learn how to get your farm on Facebook download this free guide.



International Intrigue: The World Will Be Watching the 5th Edition at Ferme Blondin

If you’re looking for the excitement of genetic discovery or want to keep updated on the mystery of what is the best and you are hoping to find it all rolled up in a wonderfully hospitable event … you need to make your way to St. Placide, Quebec for the International Intrigue Sale 2013 Edition hosted by Ferme Blondin on July 27, 2013. This could be one time where delving into Intrigue may cost you money but could also put you further ahead as you build your herd of top genetics, genomics and cow families.

According to Simon Lalande there will be something for everyone.

International-Intrigue-2013_web750[1]“The sale will be offering the best of all worlds, high genomics heifers, big time show cows and heifers and well-known cow families.  Kim Cote enthusiastically agrees. “Jeff, Ed, Tim and Simon had done an amazing job when taking consignments to assure that it was only the best!!!  People that attend the sale can expect an amazing line-up of cattle and an opportunity to visit with other Holstein breeders with the hospitality going on from Friday afternoon to late Saturday night.  We want that everyone attending the sale have a great time and relax with good friends!”  Of course there will be the usual amount of exacting attention paid to every detail from the catalog to extensive advertising.  Everything pulls together to make this a must-attend event where you can see some of the top animals in the world and have a lot of fun at the same time.

If enthusiasm is any indication, then the 5th Intrigue sale is already headed for success.

With their customers’ best interests in mind, some changes have been incorporated into this sale. “The program of the sale will be similar to the last sale but we will have more live animals selling this time and less choices.  For Ferme Blondin, it is important to have something for every kind of breeder.  “We want everyone to find what they like in the sale and have the chance to bid and buy one whatever their budget is.  In the future, we want to keep doing lower profile sales at our farm so we don’t want to scare our customers with only high prices. “

Ms Pride Gold Invite 761 VG-89-CAN 3yr

Ms Pride Gold Invite 761 VG-89-CAN 3yr
Res. Intermediate Champion Quebec Spring Show ’12
Grand dam is the dam to the very popular bull Regancrest AltaIOTA!
Family with al lot of proven bulls like Durham, Dundee, Damion, Mac, Million and many more!
Goes back on the legendary brood Cow Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95
3 daughters selling in the sale

Obviously “International Intrigue” is good for cattle buyers but it has proven benefits for the hosts such as Ferme Blondin too.

“Hosting the Intrigue sale the first time was really good for us because it brought us a lot of people that never had the chance before to come and visit the farm.  We made a lot of new contacts in the business and a lot of new friends!” Kim Côté has encouraging words for future hosts, “If someone has the potential of hosting one of the future sales, they should go ahead!  It has been a pleasure for us to work with Jeff, Ed and Tim.  They are great people that all share the same passion: cows!


Ronbeth Alexander Pearl (Alexander)
1st place Senior 2 Year Old Maxville
Sells as lot 21

Ferme Blondin will be selling 50 head in the sale

With 2/3 that are milking cows, Kim highlights some of the lots. “We will be offering some of our best show cows, Pearl (1st Sr 2 Yr Old at Maxville), Lulabelle 1st Jr 3Y old at Maxville) and three daughters of Invite (Grand at Maxville).  We will also be offering some of our best genomic calves (a choice of 2nd and 3rd highest Uno daughters from Apple and the #1 Phoenix in Canada from the Smithden Allen Allison family).  The Barbie and Supra families will also be well represented with several family members selling.”

Polestar Goldwyn Lulabelle (Goldwyn) 1st place Junior 3 Year Old Maxville - See more at:  Read More at ©

Polestar Goldwyn Lulabelle VG-88-2YR
1st place Junior 3 Year Old Maxville
Sells as lot 14

Ed Fellers, co-owner of Butler and Fellers is super happy with the lineup for this Intrigue Sale.

So much so that he refuses to narrow his list of favorites. “I will say that we have 15-20 heifers and young cows that have the potential to contend or win at this year’s National Shows! We also have at least 6 high genomic heifers selling with over 2500 gTPI! Additionally, we have the #1 Polled RC female in the World selling, the highest and 2nd highest gTPI polled females ever to be offered at public auction, and several more breed leading flush age Red and RC polled offerings! Choices sell from the number 1 gLPI cow in the World and the number 2 gTPI cow in the World as well as from the #1 flush age polled female in the World!”  There is undoubtedly a favorite for every dairy breeder with a specific focus.  Two that stand out are MOM Kool who sells as Lot 1 and is the number 2 Protein cow in North America.  Aubry sells as Lot 5 with the potential to become a truly incredible Brood Cow….. And the list goes on!

Ms C-Haven Oman Kool (hd)

Ms C-Haven Oman Kool VG-87 VG-MS 2YR
Former #1 GTPI Man-O-Man daughter in the US
The 2nd highest Protein Cow in North America
Sells as lot 1

From the benchmark 5th year of the International Intrigue Sale we look back to where it all began.

Jeff Butler describes the process that got it all started. “Dallas Burton and Ed Fellers were still managing Burton Fellers Auctions and we had an extremely successful inaugural Parade of Perfection Sale in 2008.  After World Dairy Expo 2008, I talked with Ed about the Milk Source display etc. and how it would be great to have a sale at their farm.  So Ed and I went up there in October 2008 and booked the sale for summer 2009. Milk Source did a fantastic job. We got some great consignments and had one of the best sales ever!” After that first sale at Milk Source, International Intrigue continued its momentum at Mapelwood in Ontario, Blondin in Quebec, Butlerview and Blondin again this year.  Here’s an opportunity to mark your forward calendar because Jeff tells us, “The 2014 International Intrigue sale is currently scheduled to be at Milk Source again!”

Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 EEEVE DOM

Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 EEEVE DOM
Her Goldwyn daughter Cash is one of the hottest young cows in the world, she sold for $205,000 and has progeny testing way above parent average!
Dam of Gold Chip…one of the most popular genomic sires in the World & Mr Chassity Colt 45-ET *RC, *PO, +2248 GTPI, the #1 RC Polled Bull in the World, available through Jetstream Genetics!

Tales of Intrigue

Every International Intrigue Sale has recorded sales of terrific animals – both type and genomic. With the growing records, there are numerous examples to prove that the excitement doesn’t end when the sale is over. Jeff Butler provides a few highlights to illustrate the continuing impact of those carefully chosen lots. “In 2009, Chassity and her offspring/pregnancies sold for $1.5M.  This was just prior to the genomic era.  Gold Chip was one of the pregnancies that sold with her.  Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah also sold that day and was Intermediate Champion at Madison that same year.  Rubens Marla also sold that day and was Grand Champion Red and White Cow at Madison 2 months later.  In 2011 Licorice sold.  In 2012 Camomile, Monique, and Gold Barbara sold.”

Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-92 3yr EX-95 MS

Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-92 3yr EX-95 MS
All-Canadian & Unanimous All-American Senior 3 Year Old 2012
1st Senior 3 Year Old, Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2012
1st Senior 3 Year Old, Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion WDE 2012
Sold in last years sale

The Bullvine Bottom Line

History confirms that International Intrigue Sale animals have gone on to become breed leaders and produce some of the best genomic offspring the breed has ever seen.  Likewise the type animals have proven their worth as Champions and All Americans and All Canadians.  Take the opportunity to be at Blondin on July 27th.  Not only could you buy a top animal with the obvious benefit to your breeding program but you will have the fun of sharing the excitement with the best marketers in the Holstein industry.

Click here for more details about the International Intrigue Sale 2013 Edition hosted by Ferme Blondin

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