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The Story behind How Two Full Sisters Dominated Expo Quebec

As one of the last shows before Madison, Expo Quebec marks a great opportunity to figure out who are the contenders and who are the pretenders.  Arguably, Quebec breeders have one of the strongest passions for exhibiting top Holstein cattle, and this year’s edition of Expo Quebec did not disappoint.  That why it is so amazing to see two full sisters dominate such a competitive show.  It has been a long time since two full sisters dominated a major show, but that is exactly what happened this past weekend when RF Goldwyn Hailey and RF Goldwyn Halona took home the Grand Champion, HM Grand Champion and the Intermediate Champion honors.  To figure out how this happened we decided to find the story behind the story.

Stepping Up in 2012

RF Goldwyn Hailey  Expo Quebec 2012

RF Goldwyn Hailey Expo Quebec 2012

After spending the 2011 show season in the shadow of Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy,   it now appears that Hailey is ready to shine, while Missy is off making eggs. Since earning Res. All Canadian and America honors last year, Hailey is ready for 2012.  It makes you almost wish Missy was back. What a battle that would be.

Mammary System - RF Goldwyn Halona - Expo Quebec 2012

Mammary System – RF Goldwyn Halona – Expo Quebec 2012

While Hailey is well known to most show enthusiasts, Halona is  just emerging on the scene.  Despite a strong showing at Madison last year where she finished 10th, Halona, has only  one show victory to her credit at Ayer’s Cliff last year.  However, never underestimate the power of great genetics and a great “hotel”.  And there is no better hotel  than Lookout Holsteins for Halona to mature in.  Callum and the team give the cattle the best care in the world so that they can  live up to their potential.  Halona is certainly responding.

This is No Fluke

When it comes to many great show cattle, we have to recognize that they are such an extreme of the breed that often it is hard for any of their other family members to achieve similar success.  That’s part of what makes this story so intriguing.  Here we have two full sisters achieving success at major shows.  So how does  happen?

Well  in this case it isn`t a fluke it’s great genetics.  Their dam, MELLHOLM LOUIE HANAH EX-92-2E CAN 2* was a show winner in her own right, winning HM. All Canadian Sr. 2YR honors back in 2005.  When you cross the chest width, body depth and pin width of Hanah on the bone quality and set of legs and the proven ability to sire show winners of Goldwyn,  the real question is, “How could you miss?”  When you add in the fact that  along with these two daughters  another full sister, RF GOLDWYN HALTON, also went VG-86-2YR, and you realize the odds are stacked in their favor!

Hailey and the Judge have a History

Judge David Crack Jr.

Judge David Crack Jr.

From November 2006 until September 2007 the Judge David Crack Jr. and his family Crackholm Holsteins owned Hailey, and are currently marketing a VG-86 2yr Baxter daughter, CRACKHOLM BAXTER HANNAH.  Does that make easier for David to win with Hailey? Yes and no.  “Yes!” because the judge has had firsthand knowledge of how great the cow performs. “No!”Because he knows that all eyes are on him and he had better be 100% sure in his decision.  But David is not afraid to make the tough decisions as we have pointed out before on The Bullvine (read Dairy Show Judging – It Takes Courage), when he showed the courage of his convictions by choosing to win with Earlen Goldwyn Secret over the highly touted Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rejoice. This time he is taking the 10th place Sr. 2yr old from Madison last year (where Rejoice was the class winner) and making her his intermediate champion.

Does this build or break David’s credibility?  “It definitely builds.” He is not afraid to stand behind what he thinks.  I have always had great  respect for David from the time I first met him at 4-H shows.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Gen-Com paid $100,000 to purchase Hailey back in July 2010 at the Excellence of Cowtown International Sale, but if she marches to the head of the line at Madison or The Royal ,she will look cheap compared to some others that where purchased for upwards of a million dollars  attempting  to get the same thing done.  And, who knows, maybe Halona will be right behind her.  That would make them the first full sisters to win the honor.  At the Bullvine, we pride ourselves at bringing you more than just the results. We try to bring you the story behind the story.   Now you have it.


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