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Oakfield Corners Dairy (OCD) – Dairy Breeder Video Interview

While many genetic programs are finding it hard to compete with the large A.I. companies that is not the challenge for Oakfield Corners Dairy (OCD), located in New York not far from Niagra Falls and operated by Alicia and Jonathan Lamb.  The challenge many programs have is that the expense and challenge of finding recipients becomes too large, and they cannot compete with the level of investment made by some of the large A.I. companies.  At OCD, they have a recipient pool of over 6,000 cows as part of the large three dairies run by Lamb Farms.   This provides OCD with the ability to implant over 4,000 embryos per year.

The Bullvine caught up with Alicia and Jonathan Lamb as well as key OCD team members Kelly Lee and Adam Dresser, just before their Spring Sensation Sale tomorrow. (Click here to view the online catalog)




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