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Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 8/25/2012


  • Simcoe County (Ontario) Holstein Show
    Aug. 22, 2012
    Judge – John Werry, Oshawa, ON
    Total shown – 113

    • Junior Champion: Langelands Attic Popstar (Allyndale-I Attic), 1st intermediate calf, Langelands Farm
    • Res. Junior Champion: Elizadon Samuelo Tease (Regancrest Mr Samuelo), 1st winter yearling, Elizadon Holsteins
    • HM Junior  Champion: Sildajack Dundee Paradise (Regancrest Dundee), 1st senior calf, Harvdale Holsteins
    • Senior & Grand Champion and Best Udder: Harvdale Goldwyn Britney (Braedale Goldwyn), 1st 4-year-old, Harvdale Holsteins
    • Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion: Alcoma Lucky Star Jeb (Bofran Lucky Star), 2nd 4-year-old, Walkhavern Farms Ltd.
    • HM Senior & HM Grand Champion: Harvdale Dundee Karma (Regancrest Dundee), 1st mature cow, Harvdale Holsteins
    • Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Harvdale Holsteins
  • Oxford County Holstein Show
    August 23, 2012
    Woodstock, ON
    Judge: Garry Vanderpost

    • Junior Champion – Donelea Alex Bailey (Alexander), Summer Yearling, Marthaven, Donelea & H. Ochs
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Howard-View-I Rosalee (Alexander), Summer Yearling, Howard-View Holsteins
    • HM Junior Champion -Hanalee G Busty Babe (Glacier), Junior Calf, Hanalee Holsteins & Marty Hazeleger
    • Grand Champion -Maplekay Miami Jewellery (Miami), 1st Senior 3 Year Old, Maplekay Farms
    • Reserve Grand Champion – Huffmandale Goldwyn Gabrielle (Goldwyn), 2nd Senior 3 year old, Martincroft Holsteins and Fountlane Holsteins
    • HM Grand Champion -Goudyview Goldwyn Judith (Goldwyn), Mature Cow, Marthaven Holsteins and Walnutlawn Holsteins
    • Premier Breeder – Walnutlawn Holsteins
    • Runner up Premier Breeder – D.W. Karn Farms
    • Premier Exhibitor – Walnutlawn Holsteins
    • Runner up Premier Exhibitor – D.W. Karn Holsteins
  • Kentucky State Fair Holstein Show
    • Junior Champion – Gebert Cope Chanity, Stookeyholm Holsteins, Milford, IN
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Lookwell Brooke, Jordan Eby Elkhart IN.
    • Grand Champion – Gloryland HM Macy Red, first four year old, Charlie Cameron, Broadhead, KY
    • Reserve Grand – Howard View Aspen Danielle, first senior three, Brad Taylor
  • Lambton County Holstein Show
    August 22, 2012
    Forest, ON
    Judge: Alan Hawthorne
    67 head shown

    • Junior Champion – Hodglynn Dynasty Licorice (Sanchez), Senior Yearling, Hodglynn & Little Star, ON
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Crestmore Sanchez Vital (Sanchez), Junior Yearling, Charlyn Farms, ON
    • HM Junior Champion – St. Jacob Goldwyn Hazel (Goldwyn), Summer Yearling, Little Star, ON
    • Grand Champion – Kaymanor Hollywood (Jasper), 4 Year Old, Gandiway, ON
    • Reserve Grand Champion – Lincrest Final Cut Fredia (Final Cut), 2nd 4 Year Old, Little Star, Hodglynn, Lincrest, Phoenix, ON
    • HM Grand Champion – Irishview Piston Fiona (Piston), Senior 2 Year Old, Charlyn Farms, ON
    • Premier Breeder – Willowlane Holsteins, ON
    • Runner up Premier Breeder – Errolea Holsteins, ON
    • Premier Exhibitor – Willowlane Holsteins, ON
    • Runner up Premier Exhibitor – Errolea Holsteins, ON
  • Southeast PA Championship Show
    Tuesday, August 21, 2012
    Judge – Bill Taylor, NJ
    71 head exhibited

    • Junior Champion- Open – Heart & Soul CS Roxanne-ET (1st Spring Yearling), Matthew Boop
    • Reserve Junior Champion-Open – Cass Ridge Palermo Spring (1st Spring Calf), Jon, Sam, Nate & Paul Beiler/Barry Hostetter
    • Junior Champion-Youth – Heart & Soul CS Roxanne-ET (1st Spring Yearling), Matthew Boop
    • Reserve Junior Champion-Youth – Buzzy-Bee Chez Shamrock (2nd Spring Yearling), Brianna Balmer
    • Senior & Grand Champion-Open – Lylehaven Pronto Lorena-ET (1st Sr 3 yr old), B Hoover, B&H Hlavaty, Dale Zimmerman, Loren Zimmerman
    • Reserve Senior & Grand Champion-Open – Shady-Row Dundee Daphne (1st 5 yr old), Coy Campbell
    • Senior & Grand Champion-Youth – Shady-Row Dundee Daphne (1st 5 yr old), Coy Campbell
    • Reserve Senior & Grand Champion-Youth – Kirbyville Goldwyn Sass-ET (1st Sr 2 yr old), Andy Younker
    • Premier Breeder & Exhibitor- Brook-Corner Holsteins-Reid & Diane Hoover family
  • Missouri State Fair
    Sedalia, MO
    August 17, 2012
    Judge: John Erbsen, Lanark, IL
    Total Head: 70

    • Junior Champion – Wrightvale E Elvis Datoma, 1st fall yearling, Josh & Amber Highfill
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Redcarpet KBBRX Target-ET, 1st winter calf, Jayden Pritchett
    • Intermediate Champion – Wrightvale JL Aspen Jewelry, 1st senior 3-year-old, Larry & Jodi Wright
    • Reserve Intermediate Champion – Robthom Linzee Baxter, 2nd senior 3-year-old, Janice Ling
    • Senior & Grand Champion – Roslem Gibson Marcy, 1st 4-year-old, Grace Hilgenberg
    • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion – Robthom Amarilo Ramses, 1st 125,000 Lb cow, Janice Ling
    • Premier Breeder & Exhibitor – Robthom Farm


  • Lebanon County Showcase Sale Averages $2538
    The 34th Annual Lebanon County Showcase sale was held on August 18th on a beautiful Saturday in Myerstown, PA.  The sale averaged $2538 on 116 full lots including semen and embryos.

    • Topping the sale was lot 1, a 1st choice female by Sajac from Even-Par Ross Z12445-ET +2388 GTPI, the #1 Ross.  Her dam is a VG-87 EX-MS Planet from the Zip family.   Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY bid $17,000 on this consignment from Joel Krall & John Campbell, PA.
    • The highest selling live lot at $7000 was for the #4 Gold Chip daugther at +2377 GTPI.    She is from a Socrates x VG-88 Oman.    Joel Krall was the successful bidder on this lot from Eric High, PA.
    • The next highest selling lots consigned by Kevin High, PA were from High Spire Shottle Ravan-ET EX-91 +2191 GTPI.    Ravan is from an EX Detroit that traces back to the Raven family.  Her first choice Distibute sold for $6200 to Flintville Holsteins,PA, while her + 2196 GTPI Dempsey sold for $6000 to Randy Lirr, WI.
    • The top selling lot from Klinedell Holsteins, the sale host was for a fancy December Atwood daughter of Luck-E Kartoon 3E-94.   She was knocked off to Troy Longenecker, PA at $5200.


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