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Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 7/7/2012


  • RockyMountain High Averages $9,776!
    July 5, 2012 was an exciting day at RockyMountain Holsteins as they hosted the fifth RockyMountain High Sale.  A great line-up of show type, and high genomic numbers paraded through the ring to achieve an average of $9,776 on 118 live lots. (

    • Topping the sale was Lot 1 for $80,000, 1st choice Mascalese from eight females out of Chassity Goldwyn Cash VG-87-2YR-CAN GTPI +2275, the Goldwyn daughter of Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 DOM.  The choice sold to Canadian Logistics.
    • Second highest was Lot 43 at $66,000- Ladinodale Aretha-Red, a 3/11 Destry out of Ladinodale Amanda-Red VG-86 *PO, RockyMountain Holsteins, buyer.
    • Third high seller at $50,000 was Lot 13-RockyMountain Srock Lilli GTPI +2497 GLPI +3157 DGV +3415, she’s a Shamrock daughter of Fleury Gen Baxter Lisa VG-87 x Lisamaree VG-89 then Lila Z and she sold to Jeff Butler, Elite Dairy Genomics, Todd Widholm and Larry Johnson.
  • International Revue Markwell Global Edition Averages $3,439
    A cloudy, rainy day didn’t deter a big crowd from attending the International Revue Markwell Global Edition on Tuesday, July 3rd. The sale received great support from neighbors north of the border and when everything was totalled up, 98 live lots averaged $3,439. (

    • High seller was Lot 11 at $15,000 – Markwell Explode Delcie-ET, a 4/11 Explode at +2206 GTPI out of Seagull-Bay Gold Daisy-ET VG-87 DOM, then A-L-H Donatella VG-86 DOM back to EX-95 Raven. She was purchased by the Delcie Syndicate, WA.
    • Markwell Shamrock Mikasa-ET, a stylish 10/11 Shamrock at +2247 GTPI out of Markwell Goldwyn Medina EX-92 sold for $12,700, good for 2nd high. She also hails from the Raven family and her dam has several sons in AI. Hyljon Holsteins of Chilliwack, BC made the final bid on Mikasa.
  • Holland Master Sale
    Lots of excitement during the Holland Master Sale at Zwolle (Netherlands): a high sale average of €15,990 over 42 lots; and a top price of no less €101,000 for a first choice Numero Uno out of the highest gTPI cow in Europe, the Italian Muri Planet Popsy . Buyers were Cormdale, Diamond, and Eclipse. For €65,000, Bouw Shamrock Lizette will travel to Whalley & Cottonabbots in Great Britain, while at €55,000 Cormdale & Al-Be-Ro became the new owners of a polled Colt P. (Source:
  • US National Convention Sale
    An Epic daughter (2490 gTPI) of Cookiecutter MOM Halo at  $76,000 topped the National Convention Sale in the US, where 81 lots averaged $12,825. The amount of $52,000 was paid for a polled Man-O-Man calf as well as for a Facebook out of a Planet daughter of Larcrest Crimson. (Source:
  • Futures Sale
    One day earlier, the National Convention Futures Sale reached an average of $11,169 with 27 lots sold. Here the top price, paid for a McCutchen out of an Observer daughter of Roorda Shottle 6802, was $37,000. A first choice Numero Uno from  Ensenada Alan Petty changed hands for $22,000. (Source:
  • Northwest Dairy Showcase Sale Averages $2,416
    The Northwest Dairy Showcase Sale, sponsored by the Whatcom County Holstein and Jersey clubs, took place on Thursday evening, July 5th and averaged $2,416 on 28 live Holsteins and Jerseys. Five embryo lots averaged $385 per embryo.

    • Topping the sale at $5,500 was Lot 1 – Westcoast Windbrook Amalee, a 12/11 Windbrook heifer out of Butz-Butler Durham Amy-ET EX-93-CAN, then EX-96 2E Angel and EX-96 2E Ashlyn. Amalee leaves her Westcoast home headed to the LaFollette Holstein herd of John & Joan Judd in Wisconsin.
    • High selling Jersey at $2,800 was Lot 25 – Rocha MVP Genna, a 2-year-old MVP daughter fresh in April out of an EX-92 Chairman dam. Consigned by Cris & Doris Rocha of Tillamook, OR, Genna was purchased by Jerald Visser of Sumas, WA.
  • US Jersey National Heifer Sale Sets Records
    July 2, 2012
    Fryeburg, Maine
    Unofficial Average $4,700 – the All-Time Record Average for the Heifer Sale!

    • Lot 1 – $27,100 – Buttercrest Impress Satin-ET, +244 GJPI calf with a great amount of bull stud interest – a new record seller for the National Heifer Sale! Consigned by Cooperrider & Sons, Croton, Ohio  Buyer: River Valley Dairy, Tremont, Illinois.
    • $10,100 – Lot 6 – A heifer who is currently + 247 GJPI and has interest from several bull studs. Consignor: Michael Ooms, NY Buyer: Sexing Technologies, TX.


  • All-Holland Show
    During the All-Holland Dairy Show (NRM), the General Championship of the Holsteins was won by Shottle daughter Jimm Holstein Hellen 589, of John de Vries. Other champion banners went to Sanchez daughter Willem’s Hoeve Rita 579 of De Jong, and Allen daughter Tellingen Esmeralda 27 of Krikken. In the Red Holsteins, the final victory went to Brook Marie 61, a Classic daughter of Hans Puttenstein. Barendonk Brasilera 12 (by Classic), of Barendonk, and OV Nueva (by Sputnic) of Nieuwenhuis were the other winners. (Source:
  • Young Champion
    In Luxemburg, the 1st calver Jasper daughter Fini, owned by André and René Laugs, has won the National Show. However, that was not their only success. Also the overwhelming champion of the senior class, the pitch-black Roy daughter Uroyble, was paraded around the ring by Laugs. The intermediate class was won by Goldwyn daughter HTH Lara Goldwin, of Zuchtbetrieb Holsthein – Thein & Elsen. (Source:
  • Washington State Jersey Show
    July 5, 2012
    Lynden, WA
    Judge: Brian Behnke, WI

    • Junior Champion of the Junior Show – Avonlea Comerica Rhianna (Comerica), Lauryn Young & Mia Berry, WA
    • Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show – Royalty Ridge HG Felicity-ET (Hired Gun), Lauryn Young, WA
  • Royal Highland Ayrshire Show Results
    June 21-24, 2012

    • Junior Champion – Cuthill Towers Zola 12 (Potter), A & S Lawrie
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Knowe White Kate 171 (Easlad), G & G Templeton
    • Champion – Halmyre Urr Floralin 144 (Inimitable), K Davidson
    • Reserve Champion – Cuthill Towers Zola 12 (Potter), A & S Lawrie
  • Expo Rive-Nord Holstein Show Results
    June 30, 2012
    Judge: Réjean Leclerc
    77 Head

    • Junior Champion – Stepido Baltimor Bailey (Baltimor), 1st Intermediate Yearling, Ferme Syma Holstein Enrg, Ferme Godin enr et Steve Godin, QC
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Vieuxsaule Seaver Calina (Seaver), 1st Summer Yearling, Ferme du Vieux Saule, QC
    • HM Junior Champion – Rietben B Sassy (Braxton), 1st Intermediate Calf, Ferme Drouin & fils, QC
    • Grand Champion – Roggua Dundee Evelyne (Dundee), 1st 4 Year OldFerme Yvon Sicard et Ghislain Demers, QC
    • Reserve  Grand Champion – Shadypoplar Rochester Patsy (Rochester), 2nd 4 Year Old, Ferme Syma Holstein Enrg, QC
    • HM Grand Champion – Penlow Jennifer Goldwyn (Goldwyn), 1st Sr. 2 Yr. Old, Ferme Pinstar Holstein inc, QC
    • Premier Breeder – Vieuxsaule, QC
    • Premier Exhibitor – Ferme Drouin & fils, QC
  • Central New York Holstein Show
    July 5, 2012
    Norwich, NY
    Judge: Callum McKinven
    143 Head

    • Junior Champion – Junior Show – Midas-Touch Atlanta Mist – 2nd Winter Calf, Cooper Galton
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show – Maple Downs CC DU Ameilia – 1st Fall Yearling, Emily Tillspaugh
    • Junior Champion – Open Show – SBW-FC San Fernando – Winter Calf, Woodcrest & Kevin and Barb Ziemba
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show – Woodcrest Goldwyn Agella – Fall Calf, Hannah Braum
    • Junior Best Group of 3
      • Headline Farm
      • Ovaltop Holsteins
      • Roll-N-View
    • Intermediate Champion – Junior Show – Macland Atwood Juliet – 2nd Junior 2 yr old, Emilie Mulligan
    • Reserve Intermediate Champion – Junior Show – Genesee-Hill Ross Cleo – 8th Junior 2 yr old, Claire Mulligan
    • Intermediate Champion – Open Show – George Farm Jasper Ebita – 1st Senior 3 yr old, George Farm
    • Reserve Intermediate Champion – Open Show – Mac-Mara Velvet Jester – 2nd Senior 3 yr old, Mac-Mara Holsteins
    • Senior & Grand Champion – Junior Show – Curr-Vale Goldwyn Lady-L –1st Milking Aged Cow – Jessica Currie
    • Reserve Senior & Res. Grand Champion – Junior Show – Ridgedale Folly – 1st 125,00lb Cow, Cyrus Conrad
    • Senior & Grand Champion – Open Show – Curr-Vale Goldwyn Lady-L – Milking Aged Cow – Jessica Currie
    • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion – Open Show – Silbert Goldwyn Stacy – 4 year old, Woodcrest & Kevin and Barb Ziemba
    • Senior Best Group of 3
      •  Curr-Vale
      • Mac-Mara
      • Ovaltop
    • Premier Breeder – Junior Show – Nicole Head
    • Premier Exhibitor – Junior Show – Cyrus Conrad
    • Premier Breeder – Open Show – Curr-Vale Holsteins
    • Premier Exhibitor – Open Show – Woodcrest and Kevin & Barb Ziemba
  • Royal Highland Jersey Show Results
    June 21-24, 2012

    • Junior Champion- Enchanted Iatola Ariel (Iatola), J & I Wilson
    • Reserve Junior Champion – Potterswalls Minister Glamour (Minister), Miss Karen Hunter
    • Champion Jersey – Clydevalley Governor Flora (Governor), Mr Robert Hunter
    • Reserve Champion – Enchanted Iatola Ariel (Iatola), J & I Wilson
  • Three Counties Jersey Show Results
    June 15-17, 2012

    • Champion – Jubilee Signature Ceres (Signature), Normead House, Winterbourne Monkton
    • Reserve – Shellon Connection Diamond (Connection), S & S Murray Farms Ltd., Shipley Bank Farm

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