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Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 7/14/2012


  • Cortland Classic Holstein Show
    July 9, 2012 – Cortland, NY
    Judge: Jamie Black, Constable, NY
    Total Head Shown: 116

    • Junior Champion: Co-Vale Fever Camila, 1st summer yearling, Co-Vale Holsteins, Eaton Holsteins & Barclay Phoenix
    • Reserve Junior Champion: Bulrush Goldwyn Kocktail-ET, 1st winter calf, Eaton Holsteins & Co-Vale Holsteins
    • Senior & Grand Champion: Curr-Vale Goldwyn Lady-L, 1st aged cow, Jessica Currie
    • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion: McGarr-Farms Golden Rose, 1st 4-year-old, Patrick McGarr
    • Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Mac-Mara Holsteins
  • Washington State Holstein Show
    July 5-6, 2012
    Lynden, WA
    Judge: Brian Behnke, Albany, WI
    Total head: 81

    • Junior Champion: VanDyk-S Trumpet Loretta (Ralma-RH Trumpet-ET), 1st fall yearling, Grace Zylstra
    • Reserve Junior Champion: Goldcrest Braxton Gin (Regancrest S Braxton-ET), 1st fall calf, Goldcrest Farms
    • Intermediate Champion: Goldcrest Dundee Roxy (Regancrest Dundee-ET), 1st junior 3-year-old, Goldcrest Farms
    • Reserve Intermediate Champion: La-Dee Veronicas Sensation (Velvet-View-KJ Sensation), 1st senior 3-year-old, Larry Tjoelker
    • Senior & Grand Champion: Claquato Goldwyn Regina (Braedale Goldwyn), 1st aged cow, Claquato Farms
    • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion: Markwell-LB Goldwyn Deb (Braedale Goldwyn), 1st 5-year-old, Markwell Holsteins
    • Premier Breeder – VanDyk-S Holsteins
    • Premier Exhibitor – Goldcrest Farms
  • Central Plains Holstein Show/South Dakota State Show
    July 7, 2012
    Brookings, SD
    Judge: Justin Burdette,  Mercersburg, PA
    107 total head

    • Junior Champion, S.D. State Show and Central Plains Show: Vanderham Cont Sake-Red (Patience Showline Contender), 1st summer yearling, Vanderham Dairy, Alcester, SD
    • Reserve Junior Champion, S.D. State Show and Central Plains Show: Al-Shar SDG Embers Alex-ET (Golden-Oaks ST Alexander), 1st fall calf, Al-Shar Holsteins, Groton, SD
    • Intermediate Champion, S.D. State Show and Central Plains Show: Macland Atwood Stacie (Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood-ET), 1st Jr. 2-year-old, Majestic View Genetics, Troy & Darin Zoellner, and Andy Weber, Groton, SD
    • Reserve Intermediate Champion, S.D. State Show and Central Plains Show: Strans-Jen-D Adv Raquel-Red (KHW Kite Advent-Red), 1st Sr. 2-year-old, Honslo, Birkholz, T., J., & J. Stoutjesdyk, Alcester, SD
    • Senior & Grand Champion, S.D. State Show and Central Plains Show: Jen-D Talent Reanna-Red (Ladino Park Talent), 1st Aged Cow, RSC-CH Holsteins, Alcester, SD
    • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion, S.D. State Show and Central Plains Show: Sipka PG A Spool 1061-ET (EK-Oseean Aspen-ET), Postlane Holsteins, Volga, SD
    • Premier Breeder Central Plains and SD Holstein Show: Sipka Holsteins, Volga, SD
    • Premier Exhibitor Central Plains: Majestic-View, Troy & Darin Zoellner, Andy Weber, Groton, SD
    • Premier Exhibitor SD State Holstein Show: Al-Shar Holsteins, Groton, SD
  • Emerald Expo
    Patrick and Derrick Frawley were the big winners during the Emerald Expo in Ireland. With Ridgefield Dundee Portea and Croagh Susie Mist 46 (Goldwyn) they captured gold and silver during the individual finale. In addition, they showed the best group of 3 cows. In the milking heifers, Clonpaddin Fames (Sanchez) of Garry Hurley was victorious. (


  • High Rocky-Mountain average
    Mascalese, the Italian Nr.1 bull, has become very popular worldwide in a short period of time. Also in the western part of Canada, where a first choice Mascalese heifer calf out of Ms Chassity Cash VG-87 attracted a great top price of C$80,000. Cash, owned by Morsan Farms, is the sought-after Goldwyn daughter of Regancrest Chassity, who was elected HI’s “Global Cow of the Year” in 2011. That great bid was realized at the 2012 edition of the RockyMountain Sale, where 118 lots reached an outstanding average of C$9776. Another top price was paid for Ladinodale Aretha-Red, a red and polled Destry daughter with high genomics. For C$66,000 she went to RockyMountain Holsteins. And then there was the little Shamrock calf with 3157 gLPI from Fleury-Gen Baxter Lisa, that went to Butler, Elite Dairy, Johnson & Widholm for C$50,000. Also the promising Goldwyn daughter and show heifer Hoese Goldwyn Beauty attracted lots of interest. It was Morsan who finally bought her for C$35,500. (
  • $15,000 for an Explode
    Many Canadian buyers made their move at the International Markwell Sale in the US state of Washington, which averaged $3439 over 98 lots. The highest price was paid for Markwell Explode Delcie (from the Raven family), who went to the Delcie Syndicate for $15,000. (
  • Destry daughter tops Barrel Creek Holsteins Dispersal
    A daughter of Scientific Destry topped the Barrel Creek Holsteins Dispersal, held June 26th in Intercourse, PA.  Barrel-Creek D Olley-Red-ET sold for $3100 to Walter Brooks of Springville, PA.  Olley was fresh last October and due again this coming October to KHW Elm-Park Acme.  Her dam is an 85-point Advent with over 22,000M from the famed Beaujolais-Red family of Pinehurst.  The second dam is Pinehurst Dark Elegance *RC herself, scored 2E-94 with a lifetime production of 166,944M 3.9 6564F 3.1 5238P, and a 7th generation EX over 1100 of fat!  The second high seller of the day at $3000 was Barrel-Creek Talent Casey, a VG-85 Talent daughter due in January to Sanchez.  The dam was an unscored Goldwyn lost after 1st calving, but behind her was the well-known family from Glen-Valley Holsteins including Glen-Valley Win Caprice-ET (3E-93 GMD-DOM) and Blackstar Classy (2E-92 GMD-DOM) who made over 200,000 of lifetime milk.  Promise Haven Farm of Ulster, PA, was the successful buyer.  One hundred fifteen lots averaged $1675 for the Samuel & Lydia King family of Atglen.  The sale was co-managed by Stonehurst Farm and The Cattle Exchange. (
  • Top-selling French Detox
    With an impressive price of €29,500 the Red & White BTS-Aeva became top seller at the auction of Bon Temps & Partners in France. Aeva, purchased by Diamond Genetics & Rijnhof Holsteins, is a Detox daughter out of super bull dam KHW-I Aiko Baxter VG-87. The runner up (€18,600) was a Van Gogh daughter from the Dellia family. (

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