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Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 3/11/2012


  • Spring Show Grand Champs

    Grand Champion - Silvermaple Damion Chamomile – Stanhope-Wedgwood, Silvermaple Farms & Reserve Grand Champion - Lake-Prairie Advent Ava-Red – Westcoast Holsteins

    2012 BC Spring Show
    March 8th – Abbotsford Exhibition Park
    Judge: Micheal Heath, Westminster, MD
    Total shown: 120

    • Fall Calves (12)
      1. Hamming Goldwyn Stella – Hamming Holsteins
      2. Southrise Redliner Debra – BC Spring Sale
      3. Skycrest Seaver Prairie Chick – Skycrest Holsteins
    • Summer Yearlings (19)
      1. Benbie Dusk Lexi – Benbie Holsteins
      2. Blondin Goldwyn Kalhua – Sunny Vale Farm
      3. Kamlake Alexander Riana – T & L Cattle
    • Spring Yearlings (14)
      1. VanDyk-S Atwood Everly-ET – VanDyk-S Holsteins, T & L Cattle, Kingsway
      2. Lavendar Goldwyn Fiona – Willswikk Farms
      3. Hammingview Fever Abbie – BC Spring Sale
    • Winter Yearlings (6)
      1. Nicrest Braxton Bumbleberry – T & L Cattle, Kingsway, Wendon
      2. Cedarwal Shottle Sydney – Cedarwal Farms
      3. Willswikk Duplex Connie – Meadow Green Farm
    • Fall Yearlings (10)
      1. Greenlane Destry Laurel-Red – Westcoast Holsteins
      2. Goldenset Hamming Darla – T & L Cattle, Cormdale, Rob Heffernan
      3. KHW Regimnt Apple A-Red-ETN – Westcoast Holsteins
    • Junior Group of Three (6)
      1. Cedarwal Farms
      2. Added Entry
      3. Skycrest Holsteins
    • Junior Champion
      Benbie Dusk Lexie – Benbie Holsteins
    • Reserve Jr Champion
      Greenlane Destry Laurel-Red – Westcoast Holsteins
    • Jr 2 Year-Old (1)
      1. Telford Sharla Shampoo – Telford Farms
    • Sr 2-Year-Olds (9)
      1. Bernalta Goldwyn Jae – Clark Woodmansee
      2. (BU) Valleyville Sanchez Renate – Sunny Vale Farm
      3. (B&O) Wedgwood Pepper Jasper – Stanhope-Wedgwood
    • Jr 3-Year-Olds (5)
      1. (BU, B&O) Wedgwood Lavina Goldwyn – Stanhope-Wedgwood
      2. Tolamika Goldwyn Madeleine – T & L Cattle, Cormdale, AL-BE-RO Cattle
      3. VanDyk-S Image Lynzie – VanDyk-S Holsteins
    • Sr. 3 Year Olds (9)
      1. (BU) Fradon Redbull Jingle – Elmbridge, Nicrest, Stanhope-Wedgwood
      2. Haddington H M Retro Danica – T & L Cattle, Wendon
      3. (B&O) Willswikk Frankie Candice – Willswikk Farms
    • Intermediate Champion
      Wedgwood Lavina Goldwyn – Stanhope-Wedgwood
    • Reserve Int Champion
      Fradon Redbull Jingle – Elmbridge, Nicrest, Stanhope-Wedgwood
    • 4 Year Olds (17)
      1. (BU, B&O) Silvermaple Damion Camomile – Stanhope-Wedgwood, Silvermaple Farms
      2. Sherona-Hill-I KKA Red Clover – Westcoast Holsteins
      3. Tuytel Gold Luxury – Bert Tuytel
    • 5 Year Olds (9)
      1. (BU) Lake-Prairie Advent Ava-Red – Westcoast Holsteins
      2. (B&O) Wedgwood Dellia Jordan – Stanhope-Wedgwood
      3. Stoneden Goldwyn Candace – Westcoast Holsteins
    • Mature Cows (8)
      1. (BU) Butz-Butler Durham Amy-ET – Westcoast Holsteins
      2. Hon-Lu Talent Regina-ET – Westcoast Holsteins
      3. Jenny-Lou Hi Metro 1782 – T & L Cattle, Dennalie Holsteins
    • Best Bred & Owned
      Silvermaple Damion Chamomile – Stanhope-Wedgwood, Silvermaple Farms
    • Senior & Grand Champion
      Silvermaple Damion Chamomile – Stanhope-Wedgwood, Silvermaple Farms
    • Reserve Sr & Grand Champion
      Lake-Prairie Advent Ava-Red – Westcoast Holsteins
    • Premier Breeder: Stanhope-Wedgwood
    • Premier Exhibitor: Westcoast Holsteins
  • UK Dairy Expo Holstein Show
    Borderway, Carlisle, England
    March 3, 2012
    Judge: Donald Dubois
    • Junior Champion
      Highoaks Jordan Roxy 15 (Jordan), Bob Lawrence, Cumbria
    • Reserve Junior Champion
      Knowlesmere Sanchez Chancel (Sanchez), A & J Whittaker, Shropshire
    • Intermediate Champion
      Riverdane Newz Sara (Newz) Riverdane Holsteins, Cheshire
    • Reserve Intermediate Champion
      Sterndale Goldwyn Rae (Goldwyn), Sterndale Holsteins, Derbyshire
    • Senior & Grand Champion
      Weeton A Lheros A Balise (Lheros) J & I Wilson, Fife
    • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
      Sterndale Shottle Ghost (Shottle), Sterndale Holsteins, Derbyshire
    • Best Udder Champion
      Weeton A Lheros A Balise (Lheros) J & I Wilson, Fife
  • UK Dairy Expo Coloured Breeds Results
    March 5, 2012
    Borderway, Carlisle, England
    March 3, 2012
    Judge: Brad Sayles
    • Ayrshire Classes
      • Junior Champion
        Syke Glencairn Lolita (Crown Napier), R & W Templeton, Glencairn Ayrshires & Rory Timlin, Ayrshire
      • Reserve Junior Champion
        Syke Bonnie Sybil (Kellogg) R & W Templeton, Ayrshire
      • Grand Champion & Best Udder
        Heydale Winsome 109 (Ice Man) D W Beresford & Son, Derby
      • Reserve Grand Champion
        Cuthill Towers Zola 12 (Potter) A & S Lawrie, Kinross
    • Jersey Classes
      • Junior Champion
        Bluestone JJ Louise (Chairman), JD & J S Jones, Lancs
      • Reserve Junior Champion
        Syke Shy Dawn (Shyster), R & W Templeton, Ayrshire
      • Grand Champion & Best Udder
        Whispering Springs Iatola Sally (Iatola) J & I Wilson, Fife
      • Reserve Grand Champion
        Enchanted Iatola Ariel (Iatola), J & I Wilson & A Timbrell, Fife
    • Short Horn Classes
      • Junior Champion
        Marleycote Daffodil 14 (Blizzard), G G Baynes & Son, Hexam
      • Reserve Junior Champion
        Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 32 (Watzon), I R G Collins, West Yorks
      • Grand Champion & Best Udder
        Churchroyd Heather 24 (Jerom), I R G Collins, Dewsbury, West Yorks
      • Reserve Grand Champion
        Strickley Geri 15 (Watzon), G G Baynes & Son, Slaley, Hexam
    • British Friesan Classes
      • Grand Champion & Best Udder
        Lismulligan Lucy 57 (Prince 2), B Lawson & Sons, Fife
    • Red & White Classes 
      • Junior Champion
        Sterndale Sterling Jodie Red (Sterling) Sterndale Holsteins, Derby
      • Reserve Junior Champion
        Sterndale Roses Mahogany Red (Reflection) Firth Holsteins, Dumfries
      • Grand Champion & Best Udder
        Corringham Bob Roxy Red (Jordan) Riverdane, Erie, Chapelhill Holsteins, Cheshire
    • Brown Swiss Classes 
      • Grand Champion & Best Udder
        Kedar TD Reia (Ridge) T Lochead & Sons, Dumfries
      • Reserve Grand Champion
        Kedar TD Christina (Ridge) T Lochead & Sons, Dumfries
  • 2011 All-Britain Winners Announced
    • Junior Maiden Heifer
      CH – Feizor Jordan S Flo 2, W A & A Booth
      RES – Knowlesmere ISM Miss Linda I, S & M Whittaker
      HM -Aintree Ford Wendy 2, Aintree Holsteins
    • Senior Maiden Heifer
      CH –   Sterndale Goldwyn Rae, W J Nadin & Y K Bradbury
      RES – Sahara Goldwyn Sara 2, Showgirl Holsteins
      HM – Nobold Alexander Joan, M Roberts
    • Junior Heifer in Milk
      CH -Berryholme Golden Flo, H Wright & Son
      RES -Erie Maplerose PS Lustre I, Morgan & R James
      HM – Errolston Lotto Sarah 2, B & V Davidson
    •  Senior Heifer in Milk
      CH – Blythbridge Elegant Christabel ,   Blyth Farms
      RES – Willsbro Goldwyn Kitty, A H Wilson & Son
      HM – Riverdane Newz Sara, Riverdane Holsteins
    • Junior Cow (Junior)
      CH – Richaven Shottle Squaw, R A Bown
      RES – Sterndale Shottle Ghost, W J Nadin & Y K Bradbury
      HM – Thuborough Zenith Vereylight, W H Ley & Partners
    • Junior Cow (Senior)
      CH – Castellhyfryd Spirte Rosina, S P & S R Davies & K & C Thomas
      RES – Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne, R A Bown
      HM – Richaven Goldwyn Birdy, R A Bown
    • Senior Cow
      CH – Wiltor Goldwyn Lausine, James Patterson
      RES – Wimboldsley Brad Sara, J R Edge
      HM – Bestfed Golden Countess, P Findley
    • Mature Cow
      CH – Saxelby Goldwyn Rose, R & E Butterfield
      RES – Weeton Oralie Talent, Pedran Holsteins
      HM – Corringham Bob Roxy Red,Riverdane Holsteins, I Morgan & T Bourke


  • BC Spring Sale
    March 7, 2012
    11am – Abbotsford Exhibition Grounds, Abbotsford, BC
    Avg on 84 lots – $7,548
    • High Seller
      Lot 51: Bernalta Goldwyn Jade $71,000
      Goldwyn x Bernalta Dante Jenny (EX-91) x Bernalta Carlton Jay (EX) x CRF Pete Mars Joel (EX-3E)
      Consignors: Crasdale Farms & Bienert Holsteins
      Buyers: Woodmansee, Crasdale, T&L Cattle, Ferme Blondin
    • 2nd High
      Lot 8: Larcrest Chevelle-ET $34,000
      Observer x Larcrest Cosmopolitan (VG-87) x Larcrest Oside Champagne-TW (EX-90) x Larcrest Juror Chanel (EX-93)
      Consignors: Rockymountain Holsteins
      Buyers: Cedarwal, Wistleview, Premier West
    • 3rd High
      Lot 17: Butz-Butler Gold Brandy-ET $27,000
      Godwyn x Regancrest Brasilia-ET (EX-90) x Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET (EX-92) x Regancrest Juror Brina-ET (EX-92)
      Consignors: T&L Cattle
      Buyers: Stanhope-Wedgewood Holsteins
  • Fradon Selext Tag Sale Highlights
    The Fradon Select Tag Sale took place February 28 – March 1st at the farm in Branchton, ON and they saw a ton of traffic move through the sale over those three days! When it all totaled up, they sold 31 animals for an average of $7,290.
    • High sellers include:
      • Lot 2 Dymentholm Sunview Sephora $22,500
      • Lot 3 Goldwyn X Fleury Formation Lauria $15,000
      • Lot 8 Fradon Attitude Jodie $10,000
      • Lot 10 Sid X Idee Goldwyn Lulu $9,500
      • Lot 16 Lindenright Bellton Mystery $9,000
      • Lot 28 Scosim Sterling Penelopy $9,000
      • Lot 40 Devans Denzel Angela $10,000
      • Lot 46 Fradon Shaq Jude $12,000
      • Lot 50 Brainwave Shottle Laurasia $13,000
      • Over 100 embryos were also sold during the week.
  • Sterling Hits Peak at Global Classic Sale
    The inaugural Borderway UK Dairy Expo Global Classic Sale averaged £4,357 ($6,600) with a top price of 10,000gns ($15,000) achieved for Sterndale Sterling Josie Red ET. The powerful September 2010 heifer sired by Ardross Sterling and consigned by Bill and Yasmin Nadin, Buxton, Derbyshire, was purchased by Andrew Bunting, Newabbey Holsteins, Dumfries. Descended from nine consecutive generations of Excellent or VG scored dams, the sale topper carried a confirmed pregnancy to Scientific Destry. Sterndale breeding dominated the leading prices as the packed Friday night sale arena witnessed a 6,000gns ($9,000) bid from Rebecca Robertson, Bristol, and Richard Bown, Richhaven Holsteins, Worcs, to secure Sterndale Fever Ashlyn ET. The high type GLPI nine month old heifer offers +15 Canadian Conformation score and a PLI of £200. Sired by Crackholm Fever; her dam is Smiddiehill Drum Ashlyn Ex, a Regancrest Durham daughter of the former All-American and All-Canadian Tri-Day Ashlyn EX96 2E. The Nadin-stable hit “triple” top with another 6,000gns ($9,000) bid for Sterndale Lauthority Ghost and sold to an undisclosed buyer in Scotland. This stylish five-month old calf is descended from 11 consecutive generations of Excellent or VG dams. Sired by Comestar Lauthority; her dam is Picston Shottle Ghost VG89, Nominated All Britain Junior Cow 2011. Graham Scott, Lanarkshire, purchased Denmire Windbrook Pamela 25 for 5,000gns ($7,500). A descendant of the iconic Portlea Ned Pamela cow family, this four-month old heifer calf is descended from eight consecutive generations of Excellent or VG dams and is sired by Gillette Windbrook. Commenting on the sale, Harrison & Hetherington auctioneer Glyn Lucas said. “The inaugural Global Classic showcased many of the UK’s leading cow families. I’d like to congratulate the consignors for offering these elite animals as part of the Borderway UK Dairy Expo event. The quality of the animals offered is exceptional in terms of type and genomics with no fewer than 18 consignments featuring in the Expo show ring this weekend. The Global Classic has helped promote UK breeding to a large audience and we wish the new owners continued future success with their purchasers,” he said.
  • Top-selling type genetics
    At C$30,500, Morsan Miss Bentley was the top-selling animal during the Island Sensation Sale in Canada. With her pedigree of Braxton x Eastside Lewisdale Missy, buyer Ferme Blondin obtained plenty of type genes. The Goldwyn show-calf Weeksdale Real Deal sold for C$21,000. On average C$5595 was paid for 63 lots

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