World Dairy Expo 2013 – Holstein – Fall Yearling Heifer

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Fall Yearling Heifer (Not in Milk)

Pl B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1 3142 Fanico Reginald Marty Co-Vale, A. Eaton, S. Morrill, Conroy, Pasada, Garcia Preble, NY N
2 3154 Md-Dunloafin Lauth Ellie-ET Kevin Ehrhardt & Gene Iager Baldwin, MD N
3 3141 Phoenix Gr Gloria C, J, J, J, C, L Siemers Newton, WI N
4 3150 Liatris Braxton Snow Eric Hetu, Joelle Paradis Warwick, QC N
5 1 3145 C-Cove Fever Pitch Tyler Cessna Clearville, PA Y
6 3151 Nordale Leading Edge Moy Genervations, Mapel Wood, Oconnors Jerseyville, ON N
7 3156 T-Triple-T Posibility-ET Triple-T Holsteins & Entourage-LC North Lewisburg, OH Y
8 3138 Ocd Fever Cajun-ET Jacob & Jared Dueppengiesser and Russell George Perry, NY N
9 3146 Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk Ferme Jean-Paul Petitclerc & Fils St-Basile, QC Y
10 3148 Fussion Passions Poison Ferme Jean-Paul Petitclerc & Fils St-Basile, QC N
11 3143 Rock-N-Hill Circuit Marion Lea McCullough Juda, WI Y
12 3152 Paltzer-TP Fever Carefree Kyle Moon, Andrew Adney, and Seth Ferguson Monona, IA N
13 3137 Rock-N-Hill Garret Liz Garrett Lederman Brodhead, WI N
14 3140 Kulp-Dale Wndbrok Ellie-ET Zachary Lemke & Jess Mullikin Chilton, WI N
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