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The Planet Explodes at World Dairy Expo – 2012 Planet Holstein Sale Recap

The party was on long before the auction even started.  With an eager crowd enjoying hospitality supplied by Jetstream Genetics, the buyers were in a mood to spend, and spend they did.  The 2012 Planet Holstein sale was the best ever with an official sale average of $40,853.

RI-VAL-RE SHTLE WENDI VG-88 - Full sister to the 2nd dam of lot 2

RI-VAL-RE SHTLE WENDI VG-88 – Full sister to the 2nd dam of lot 2

Leading the way at $150,000 was lot 2, RI-VAL-RE ALCHEMY NIKOLE the breeds #1 GTPI *RC or Red Female.  Nikole could be one of the most valuable heifers to sell in 2012 as demand for her offspringwill be endless.  This heifer has it all with a nice balance of production, durability and health & fertility.  Even though we had our concerns in regards to this being an ideal mating (read – The Investor’s Guide to World Dairy Expo) it did not discourage Pristine Genetics from making this significant investment.



Fresh from their sale topping consignment at the Gillette Visions 2012 sale with RALMA-RH MANOMAN BANJO VG-88-2yr (Read Gillette Visions 2012 Sale – Great People, Great Cattle = Great Results) comes another high selling index heifer from Lookout and Pesce (lot 9), this time tracing back to SNOW-N DENISES DELLIA.  LOOKOUT PESCE EPIC HUE is the #2 GLPI heifer in Canada and the #1 Epic in the world and sold for $130,000.  In Hue you have a heifer that has a DGV LPI of +4362.  That is 43% higher than her already outstanding parent average.  Her major conformation traits show many in the +20’s which alone i unheard of.  Combine that with over 2000 kgs of milk and positive components and Hue really is the complete genetic package.

COOKIECUTTER MOM HALO VG-87-2YR - dam of lot 7&8

COOKIECUTTER MOM HALO VG-87-2YR – dam of lot 7&8

The #3 seller in this explosive sale, also from the Dellia family, was COOKIECUTTER MOG HANKER (lot 7). Her half sister COOKIECUTTER SHMRK HAZE (lot 8), who was originally scheduled to sell in the International Intrigue sale, sold later for $92,000.  Sired by Mogul COOKIECUTTER MOG HANKER sold for $120,000. This heifer might be one of Mogul’s best daughters and comes from a strong maternal line.  Her dam COOKIECUTTER MOM HALO VG-87-2yr  (set to sell at the 2012 Sale of Stars at the Royal), is also the dam of COOKIECUTTER PETRON HALOGEN.



Coming in at #4 was lot 3 FUSTEAD MOGUL LANA, selling for $116,000.  Lana is the #24 GTPI heifer in the breed and is the Mogul sister to S-S-I DOMAIN LITHIUM the breeds #2 GTPI bull with progeny on the ground.  She has no Planet, Shottle or Goldwyn in her pedigree.  Lana possesses outstanding production, durability, and health and fertility numbers.  She is an outstanding heifer in her own right,. She is big, tall, long & straight lined with a hard top and beautiful legs.

Following closely behind was LADYS-MANOR UNO AMIRA (lot 15), selling for $115,000.  Believed to be one of the earliest Numero Uno females born in the USA, Amira has a strong maternal line and great genomic tests.  She is +2517 GTPI, 101 Fat, 61 Protein and 964 NM$.  She is also the maternal sister to Mogul with embryo interest from around the world.

Seems that everyone wanted to get in on the action of getting early daughters from top genomic young sires, with an early daughter, RED-IVY 7283 EPIC MARILYN (lot 21) selling for $115,000.  With a +2537 GTPI and a +3636 DGV LPI, Marilyn’s numbers are well about her parent average.

The last consignment to cross that magic six figure mark was another one from Lookout Holsteins and Ricardo Pesce, LOOKOUT PESCE NOLA, selling for $102,000.  This heifer has screaming production with a +237 combined fat and protein. That makes her the #1 combined fat and protein heifer in the world. Nola traces back to the Glen Drummond Aero Flower family (watch for our article next week for more on this family).

The rest of the story

  1. KHW Alchemy Adeline-Red – $60,000
  2. Ri-Val-Re Alchemy Nikole-ET *RC – $150,000
  3. Fustead Mogul Lana-ET – $116,000
  4. Ladys-Manor Uno Amira – $115,000
  5. 1st Choice Atwood Female from Cookview Goldwyn Monique – $28,000
  6. 1st Choice MAS Female from BVK Atwood Arianna – $44,500
  7. Cookiecutter Mog Hanker – $120,000
  8. Cookiecutter Shmrk Haze – $92,000
  9. Lookout Pesce Epic Hue – $130,000
  10. 1st Choice Uno Female from Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846 – $50,000
  11. 1st Choice Female from SEAGULL-BAY MISS AMERICA – $80,000 (also added lot 2nd choice sold for $70,000)
  12. 1st Choice Shotglass Female from Seagull-Bay Shauna Saturn – $28,000
  13. Lookout Pesce Ponde Karla – $36,000
  14. 1st Choice Cashcoin Female from MS C-HAVEN OMAN KOOL – $51,000
  15. Red-Ivy 7283Epic Marilyn – $115,000
  16. 1st Choice Female from BLUE-HORIZON PLAN EDITH  – $23,000
  17. Scientific Dusty Ray-Red-ET *PO – out of sale
  18. Bella-View Gloriana P-ET *PO *RC – $85,000
  19. 1st Choice Supersire Female from MS Chassity Goldwyn Cash – $45,000
  20. 1st Choice McCutchen Female – out of sale all males
  21. Lookout Pesce Nola – $102,000
  22. Farnear-BH Uno Pluno-ET *RC – $33,000
  23. Package of 9 Female Pregnancies from Kulp-Dale Adv Romoma-Red – $77,000
  24. 1st Choice Female from Kulp -Dale Adv Romoma -Red – $12,000
  25. Ri-Val-Re Supersonic Ruby-P *RC *PO – $35,000
  26. Our-Favorite Dream Rae-ET *RC *PO – $17,500
  27. 1st Choice Shotglass Female from Tranquillity AC Drearys Trace – $28,000
  28. 1st Choice Shotglass Female from B&Z Planet 7807 Halle – $15,000 (2nd choice sold for $15,000)
  29. Sully Planet Manitoba – $16,000
  30. 1st Choice Female from Sully Planet Manitoba – $15,000
  31. Butz-Hill Oh My-My – $35,000
  32. Butz-Hill Missy A Mickey-ET *RC – $9,400
  33. Rolindacres Epic Ciera – $25,500
  34. 1st Choice Uno Female from Larcrest Cinergy – $27,700
  35. Choice of Three Females from VIEUXSAULE M O M HAYDIE – $10,000
  36. Jolicap Large Eliza-ET – $13,700
  37. Butlerview S Jadelen – $17,000
  38. Lookout-Pesce Nirvana – 13,700
  39. Seagull-Bay May Pauline – $8,200 (a choice of preg $6,700 Embryos $4,800)
  40. 1st Choice Mayfield Female from DINOMI PLANET SEXY – $5,000
  41. Out of sale
  42. 2nd Choice Gold Chip Female from Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah – $10,100
  43. 2nd Choice Female from Langs-Twin-B Christa – $18,700
  44. Butlerview Epic Shocker – $8,000
  45. Comestar Laugasami Shamroc – $11,000
  46. 1st Choice Brawler Female from Dymentholm Sunview Santana – $8,500
  47. Milksource Clt Daisy-Red-ET *PO – $11,000
  48. Ms Legends Attie – $6,500
  49. 1st Choice Man-O-Shan Female from Courtlane-UR Chassity – $9,500
  50. Blackmoor-JK Mkwl Cassie – $3,000
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