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Lin-Crest Farms Struck By Tornado All Buildings Destroyed

Early Tuesday evening a large tornado struck Lin-Crest Farms located in Linwood, Kansas. Owned by Rob and Lisa Leach, the farm took a direct hit and the buildings are all gone. The family is fine, friends and extended family are coming with trailers to take cattle, bring vets and sort through the remains.  The estimated one mile wide tornado touched down near Lawrence, Kansas and stayed on the ground for several miles. 
 All of the animals have been transferred to surrounding farms and will be housed there until a more permanent solution is found. They lost a total of 12 cows including three of their favorite show animals. It’s a miracle they didn’t lose more of the 124 animals on the farm.  More than 100 people have come and gone from the farm to help with whatever needs to be done and to provide hugs, well wishes and prayers. 
Please keep the Leach family in your thoughts and prayers during this tough time.

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