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Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET *RC Newest Member of the Excellent 95 Club

Jericho-Dairy Baracuda-ET *RC is the newest member of the Excellent 95 club.  It has been a very busy week for Baracuda as she was also named Grand Champion banner at the New York State Fair.  Congratulations to her owners Currie Holsteins and her breeders Jericho Dairy.  

Other highlights classification for Currie Holsteins:

  • Curr-Vale Apple A La Mode 2E-94, 94-MS (Awesome x 2E-94 Airlift)
  • Pierstein Aftershock Adelle EX-93, 94-MS (Aftershock x 2E-96-CAN Ms Goldwyn Alana-ET)
  • Curr-Vale Brokaw Raina-ET 2E-93, 94-MS (Brokaw x 2E-92 Durham)
  • Curr-Vale Dream Catcher-ET 2E-93, 93-MS (Golden Dreams x 2E-93 Extra Special)
  • Curr-Vale Airlift Envision 2E-92, 91-MS (Airlift x 91 Linjet)
  • Curr-Vale Apples Main Event EX-90, 91-MS (Main Event x Olympian x 92 Shottle from our Apple family)
  • Curr-Vale Awesome Attitude VG-88, EX-MS (Awesome x Beemer from Adeen family)
    VG 2-Year-Olds
  • Curr-Vale Diamond Topaz-TW VG-89, 89-MS (Diamondback x EX Jacoby)
  • Curr-Vale Warrior Panera VG-88-2Y, 88-MS (Warrior x EX-93 Jacoby)
  • Mac-Mara Moovin to Louisana VG-87, 87-MS (Moovin x EX-92 Defiant)
  • Curr-Vale Awesome Addy VG-87-2Y, 87-MS (Awesome x VG-86 Diamonback from Autumn family)
  • Curr-Vale Awe Cherryblossum VG-87-2Y, 86-MS (Awesome x 2E-91 Goldwyn x EX-92 Cherry Coke)

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