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HolsteinUSA opens public tech lab to fuel dairy industry innovation

Holstein USA, in collaboration with Western Kentucky University, created the SmartHolstein Lab.

Dairy farmers are driving the drive to enhance on-farm practises and technology. One method is the SmartHolstein Lab, which was established by Holstein USA in collaboration with Western Kentucky University.

“As everyone in the dairy industry progresses, it seems like we’re getting so much more into technology,” said Customer Success Specialist Jenna Williamson. “It should be possible for farmers to make it easier so that there isn’t this constant labour need, and technology and software will basically be at the forefront of the dairy industry.”

At the WKU Agriculture Research and Education Centre, the herd is planned to milk 50 cows with accompanying replacements. The facility has been built as a user-friendly demonstration and development farm to investigate new technologies for collecting novel phenotypic features, such as wearable or indwelling sensors and milk-based biomarkers.
The economic effect of the dairy business in the United States is roughly $794 billion.

According to the latest Economic Impact Report from the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), the US dairy industry has grown significantly over the last two years, adding nearly 60,000 new jobs, increasing average wages by 11%, and increasing its total impact on the US economy by $41 billion.

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