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Holstein Association USA Honors 2022 Herds of Excellence

Annually, Holstein Association USA recognizes breeders who have developed herds with incredible production and type with the Herds of Excellence award. Ten outstanding Registered Holstein® herds have achieved this honor with their 2022 records. The award is a testament to the hard work, attention to detail, and consistency these dairy farm families put into caring for their cows.

“We’re thrilled to recognize these excellent Registered Holstein cows and their breeders,” Holstein Association USA CEO John Meyer says. “These herds are shining examples of how Registered Holstein cows can excel in both production and type.”

The award is broken down into three divisions based on herd size, including the Large Herd Division (500+ cows), Medium Herd Division (100-499 cows), and Small Herd Division (10-99 cows).

This year’s honorees are:

Large Herd Size Division (500+ Cows)
Bomaz Inc. — The Zwald Family, Hammond, Wis.
94.6% homebred; Age Adjusted Classification Score (AACS) — 85.3 points
ME Production Averages — 32,546M 1,323F 1,055P
Five Year Honoree

Siemers Holstein Farms Inc. — The Siemers Family, Newton, Wis.
79.8% homebred; AACS — 84.3 points
ME Production Averages — 35,673M 1,553F 1,101P
Seven Year Honoree

Medium Herd Size Division (100-499 Cows)
Koepke Farms Inc. — The Koepke Family, Oconomowoc, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 85.0 points
ME Production Averages — 35,245M 1,406F 1,070P
Six Year Honoree

Koester Dairy Inc. — The Koester Family, Dakota, Ill.
99.5% homebred; AACS — 85.3 points
ME Production Averages — 35,283M 1,518F 1,114P
Seven Year Honoree

Hilrose Dairy, LLC.— The Brantmeier Family, Sherwood, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 88.8 points
ME Production Averages — 36,735M 1,410F 1,081P
Eleven Year Honoree

Pollack-Vu Dairy LLC— The Pollack Family, Ripon, Wis.
99.4% homebred; AACS — 85.3 points
ME Production Averages — 34,589M 1,406F 1,094P
One Year Honoree

Small Herd Size Division (10-99 Cows)
B-Long Holsteins — Bruce, Brenda & Bret Long, New London, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 88.4 points
ME Production Averages — 36,168M 1,452F 1,166P
Twelve Year Honoree

Doorco Holsteins—The Vandertie Family, Brussels, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 88.7 points
ME Production Averages — 36,491M 1,425F 1,117P
Six Year Honoree

Ever-Green-View Holsteins, LLC — The Kestell Family, Waldo, Wis.
97.8% homebred; AACS — 88.3 points
ME Production Averages — 40,822M 1,705F 1,288P
Thirteen Year Honoree

Show-Mar Holsteins — The Brantner Family, Evans City, Pa.
100% homebred; AACS — 89.5 points
ME Production Averages — 38,394M 1,562F 1,181P
Three Year Honoree

The awards will be presented during Holstein Association USA’s 137th Annual Meeting in Lexington, Kentucky. To register for convention or learn more, visit

About the Award
The Herd of Excellence designation honors Registered Holstein breeders who have developed Holsteins herds excelling in both production and type. To be recognized with this accolade, herds must have classified within the last year and have an age-adjusted classification score of 83 points or higher; have at least 70 percent of the herd homebred; and be inrolled in Holstein Association USA’s TriStarSM production records program. 

Additionally, qualifying herds must meet the following production criteria:

  • Large Herd Division: 15 percent above breed average for ME for milk, fat and protein
  • Medium Herd Division: 20 percent above breed average ME for milk, fat and protein
  • Small Herd Division: 25 percent above breed average ME for milk, fat and protein

Congratulations to the 2022 Herds of Excellence!

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