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Finalists for the Holstein Canada Cow of the Year Award, 2022

Holstein Canada’s annual Cow of the Year competition, which has been running since 1995, aims to recognise elite Canadian cows that have had an impact both domestically and internationally while also being enjoyed by Canadian producers. The four finalists for the 2022 Cow of the Year award are as follows:

Goldwyn Belfast EX-95-3E 17* 7-06 2x 365d Lasenza 42,657 4.0 1689 3.3 1407 (lbs)\s19,349 4.0. 766 3.3. 638 (kgs) (kgs)
All-American and All-Canadian 2014 Junior 2-Year-Old
Belfast Holstein, St. Patrice de Beaurivage, Quebec
“Lasenza has been a special cow to us since her birth,” says Robert Chabot. She is the offspring of a magical cross and comes from a long line of show-stopping performers. She is still active as she approaches the age of 12, and she has distinguished herself through her high productions, exceptional show results, and prolific offspring. Her daughters and granddaughters have won major competitions in six countries. All of her daughters in Canada are 100% GP or better, with 8 EX, 17 VG, and 7 GP.”

Doorman Comestar Lamadona EX-94-2E 21* 5-09 2x 365d 56,799 4.9 2754 3.7 2090 (lbs)\s25,764 4.9 1249 3.7 948 (kgs) (kgs)
HM 2016 All-Canadian Junior 3-Year-Old
Comestar Holstein, Victoriaville, QC, is the owner.
Comtois, Marc: “Internationally known for her numerous show exploits and milk production records, Lamadona continues to influence the breed through your herds with its many sons: LEMAGIC (Semex), LOYALL (Blondin Sires), LATAYO (Semex), and BARLOT” (Semex). She also stands out for her daughters (100%GP+; 3 EX, 24 VG, and 20 more daughters to come), who are following in their mother’s footsteps and expanding the impact of this exceptional family.”

Goldwyn Garondale EX-94-4E 21* 6-00 Conny 2x 365d 40,346 4.3 1715 3.2 1303 (lbs)\s18,301 4.3 778 3.2 591 (kgs) (kgs)
Reserve 2017 All-Quebec Lifetime Production Cow
Ferme Garondale, Saint Denis de la Bouteilliere, Quebec
“Conny deserves your vote because she already has 10 Excellent daughters, including 3 93 points, and is herself EX-94-4E,” says Alain Garon (MS:96). She has an incredible ability to transmit her genetics, as evidenced by the 21 stars she has earned so far. She produced over 101,400 kg in 6 lactations with 4.3%F and 3.4%P. She also had a successful show career, having won Grand Champion at Saint-Pascal in 2017, All-Canadian Nominee, and Tout-Québec Reserve in 2017. Despite her age of 14, Conny is in good health and has incredible mobility for her age!”

Duplex Dion EX-95-5E 3* 8-01 2x 365d Willswikk 36,843 4.6 1695 3.7 1349 (lbs)\s16,712 4.6 769 3.7. 612 (kgs) (kgs)
Vancouver Island’s first junior three-year-old 2014
Wikkshaven Holsteins, Cobble Hill, BC, is the owner.
“Willswikk Duplex Dion should be voted Cow of the Year because she exemplifies longevity, has scored EX 95 5E, has 3 stars, and 7 Excellent daughters,” says Cindy Wikkerink. She completes 6 generations of Excellent homebreds, with a total of 65 stars in those 6 generations. So far in her seven lactations, she has produced 104,300 kg of milk, 4,753 kg of fat, and 3,874 kg of protein. She was named BC’s Cow of the Year in 2020 and is a shining example of what we strive for as breeders of great Canadian cows every day!”

Members of Holstein Canada have until March 13 to vote via your online account or the InfoHolstein magazine voting ballot. The Cow of the Year will be announced at Holstein Canada’s Annual Meeting in Montreal on Saturday, April 15th.

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