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Champion Monica New World Record for Fat and Protein

Every farmer who breeds Holstein cows aims to have cows with high lifetime productions in the barn. The Burgstallers from lower Austria have been enthusiastic Holstein breeders for many years and are successful at regional and national cattle shows. Last week, one day before her 18th birthday, Champion Monica EX-93 (pictured) become the new world record holder. Bred from the Matt Mistys, she broke the 20-tonne barrier for fat and protein production. The impressively vigorous and exceptional cow of Klaus Burgstaller from Austria has produced more than 232,386kg/512,323lb 4.98% 3.66% (20,073kg/44,253lb F&P). No Holstein has ever achieved a higher lifetime production for fat and protein. Monica could also threaten the long-standing record for milk production, currently held by Gillette Smurf. For that world record (247,711/546,109lb) she is short just 15,325kg/33,786lb.  

Records are not only achieved in the Burgstaller family’s stable because the overall performance in Lower Austria is also top. Also, the performance of the Holstein herdbook cows with full qualification has increased again. With 9,266 kilograms of milk, Austria is again the leader and has now reached the level of German dairy farms. But even when it comes to the ingredients and thus also to the fat and protein kilograms, Lower Austria is represented in the top field with 682 FEKG. Compared to other breeds in the association area of ​​NÖ Genetik, the average Holstein cow produces around 120 kilograms of fat and protein and 1,800 kilograms of milk more. At a milk price of 35 cents, this corresponds to around EUR 630 more per cow and year. These performances coupled with the good forage efficiency that this breed can show absolutely speaks for the fact that the Holsteins are economically really competitive compared to dual-purpose breeds. The lifetime production of the Holsteins also speaks for it, so this year we have 21 new 100,000 liter cows in Lower Austria. But these masterpieces are only possible with a good conformation and this is currently confirmed by 9 cows that are classified with the predicate EXCELLENT, i.e. with 90 points or more. This means that excellent breeding work is being done on the Holstein breeding farms in Lower Austria, for which one can only congratulate.

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