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Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal Scores EX-97

The newest EX-97 cow of the Holstein breed is Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal owned by Budjon and Peter Vail. Her most recent win was placing first in the production cow class and then Grand Champion at the 2021 Midwest Spring National show in Jefferson, Wisconsin.  With >12 years, 8 calves and >120.000kgM lifetime production, she is truly outstanding! Subliminale also won her class at World Dairy Expo 2017 and was ‘Supreme Champion’ of the Junior Show at World Dairy Expo 2015. This family also delivered Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97-USA EX-99-MS – Grand Champion R&W World Dairy Expo 2010 & 2012.  Congratulations to the Vail and Cull Families and to her breeders Ferme Blondin.  Ferme Blondin now becomes first herd in history to breed to EX-97 females.

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