REGANCREST S CHASSITY – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

When REGANCREST S CHASSITY EX-92-4YR-USA DOM caught the eye of Scott Courtney and he put her on his wish list that`s when this timely story began. As fate would have it, he later was working a sale where she was selling and made the first timely decision to partner on her purchase.  During his ownership he reports that Chassity was not only was a great animal to work with but she flushed well and continued to attract significant attention and new owners Ernie Kueffner and David Dyment.  More flushes followed to such bulls as Million, Alexander, Planet, Sanchez and Atwood.  By the time the International Intrigue Sale came along in August 2009 the foundation for success had been laid.  The Chassity package sold in 2009 for 1.5 million dollars and the timing was exactly right for Chassity to make money and make history.  Her sale price was capturing the headlines the same year that genomics was revolutionizing the breeding scene.  Genomics and Chassity became synonymous with success for Chassity`s current owners The Chassity Syndicate LLC of Illinois.




Chassity Checks Out From Family Line to Topline

Like many great cows Chassity pulls it all together.  Jeff Butler, a member of the Chassity Syndicate, describes her in winning terms,” She’s a big cow standing 63 inches, with a wide rump, hard top, a wide chest, and walks up hill. And of course she has a beautiful udder. “This comes naturally when you consider that Chassity is a sixth generation Excellent from the renowned Barbie family. Looking back there is her Granddam Barbie EX92.  Then her dam Champion Cinderella EX92.  Then Chassity herself EX92.  Chassity has a full sister Celebrity VG89, owned in Canada, who is 2* Brood Cow and a bull dam.



Chassity’s Records Are First Class

Chassity was VG 88 as a two year old and then went EX 92. She was the number 4 Shottle in the United States and #13 cow with CTPI of 2317. She had another headlining year in 2011, when she tied with Ralma Christmas Fudge for Global Cow of the Year.  She puts up outstanding numbers with 4-00 (305d) 17,513 4.5F 3.2P.

REGANCREST-PR BARBIE EX-92-7YR-USA DOM GMD 3* - 2nd dam of Chassity

REGANCREST-PR BARBIE EX-92-7YR-USA DOM GMD 3* – 2nd dam of Chassity

Chassity Produces in the Pail and at the Bank

Chassity’s list of offspring reads like a healthy bank statement.  From Goldwyn, she produced Gold Chip and Goldwyn Cash. Cash went on to make Cashmoney, Cashcoin, Cash-O, and Casher!  With these offspring, Chassity is definitely in the money and, while she`s unforgettable for the exceptional 1.5 million dollar sale price at Intrigue in Aug. 2009, her financial story didn`t stop there.  In the Destination Vegas Sale, in December of the same year, her daughter Chassity Goldwyn Cash was the world’s top-selling individual, being purchased for $205,000.   At the World Classic sale in Madison a Planet daughter, MS Courtlane UR-S Candy VG85, sold to Regancrest.  Earlier in the summer a Domain granddaughter of Chassity, sold for a high price through the Skyline Holstein sale in Germany. She sold to Koepon. Chassity’s name continues to be a guaranteed bank machine at sales worldwide.

MS CHASSITY GOLDWYN CASH VG-87-2YR-CAN - daugher of Chassity

MS CHASSITY GOLDWYN CASH VG-87-2YR-CAN – daughter of Chassity

Chassity`s Daughters Dominate

As of September 2012 Chassity has 63 daughters from 24 different sires setting new records and earning breed leading numbers of their own, especially for type. For her current owners “the largest demand these days is driven by the progeny of Chassity’s Goldwyn daughter Cash and Chassity`s Snowman Daughters.” Courtlane UR Chassity, the 8th generation EX was Chassity’s first EX daughter! She is the dam of Cameron +2356 GTPI and other sons in A.I. MS Chassity PLN Chaching is Chassity’s Planet daughter  GLPI +2282, VG86 2yrs 2-05 (305D) 14,115kg 3.6F 3.1P. This cow also has sons going into AI. Her daughter MS Chassity Goldwyn Cash VG87 2yr GLPI +2277 has a record of 2-04 (305D) 15,491kg milk, 4.1F and 3.2P.  She has two Observer sons owned by Jetstream Genetics – Cash Money GLPI +3385 and Cash Coin GTPI +2495. In the 2012 World Classic Sale in Madison a first choice female lot from Cash sold for $39,000. Chassity`s four highest genomic tested daughters are sired by Snowman: Snow Carrie DGV +3142 DGV LPI +3142; Snowman Clea GLPI +3021; Snow Caitlyn GLPI +2922 and Snow Corissa GLPI +2811. In cattle breeding, it takes progeny to continue making money and at Butlerview they report that “Chassity is a great embryo producer and so are her daughters”

Chassity’s Sons are Super

Chassity has numerous sons in A.I. In September her 39 sons are sired by 14 different sires. MR Chassity Gold Chip (Goldwyn X Chassity) was the No. 2 genomic sire in the US in 2010. His GTPI was 2414 and his PTAT was +4.47.  There are full brothers Calvin (Select Sires) and Charlie (Semex). MR Chassity Coach with 2312 GTPI and 3.00 PTAT is the highest of Chassity’s Planet sons. Another top son, MR Chassity Carson (Observer x Chassity) has a GTPI +2225 (08/12). In December 2011, MR Chassity GW Casino (Goldwyn X Chassity) GLPI was +2744 and his CONF +14. Colt 45 (Colt P-Red X Chassity) is the result of demand for red and polled, so they got a red carrier polled. Colt’s GTPI is +2364 Dec of 2011. His PTAT is +3.78 and his PL is +5.1.

IMPACT – Chassity Raises Conformation

Chassity shines for her ability to introduce type to the population and is used worldwide. This Golden Dam nomination has proven herself from all angles!  According to the Chassity Syndicate, “She makes high GTPI bulls that make excellent calves.  Along with making high GTPI and great bulls, her daughters and grand-daughters are making a large impact on the breed.  Chassity is from a proven cow family and Chassity herself is a proven transmitter!”

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REGANCREST-PR BARBIE – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

REGANCREST-PR BARBIE is often referred to as the premier brood cow in the Holstein world for type. Barbie and three of her daughters have all topped the USA Cow PTAT list. As a result, many descendants have brought high prices at public auction and in private treaty sales. Barbie spent her entire career under the ownership of her breeder, Regancrest Holsteins in Iowa, but her descendants have traveled the world.



Her Pedigree is an Alignment of Stars

Born in 2001, Barbie brought together the two main cow families at Regancrest. Her sire Durham, EX90 and Gold Metal, was known for siring udders and show cows. He was the very best son of the great SNOW-N DENISES DELLIA EX-95-2E-USA GMD DOM 5* that Regancrest also brought to fame. On her dam’s side, Barbie is the eighth generation of Regancrest breeding, which started from the Regan purchased cow ZUBES ORMSBY FAYNE EX90. Barbie’s dam, REGANCREST JUROR BRINA, like Barbie scored EX92 and earned GMD status. In fact Barbie was the fifth generation of Excellents with the Regancrest prefix. Her sire stack is Durham x Juror x Aerostar x Chief Mark x Board Chairman. All well-known and well-respected sires.

Barbie’s dam, Brina, EX92 and GMD, made records to 15,772 kg milk 3.6%F and 3.0%P at 4yrs of age.  As well, Brina had eight other Durham daughters including Bliss VG89 (2yrs), Bianca EX92 3E and Bunny EX93, who crossed extremely well with Goldwyn.

Walkway Chief Mark appears three times in Barbie’s pedigree. Her third dam, REGANCREST MARK CHAIRMAN BEA EX-91-2E-USA GMD DOM, was sired by Chief Mark; her sire’s dam (Dellia) was Chief Mark’s very best daughter; and the dam of her maternal grandsire (Juror) was sired by Chief Mark.  With that much Chief Mark influence, it is relatively easy to see where her width, depth of rear rib, smoothly blending fore udder and boxcar rump came from.

Barbie Shone in Milking Form

Barbie calved at 2-06 and produced (305D) 12,120 kg milk 3.9%F 3.0%P and classified high VG. In 2004 she was nominated All-American Jr 3 Year Old after being Intermediate and Reserve Grand at Minnesota State Fair and 5th at World Dairy Expo. She was raised in score to Ex92 after calving for a second time. In 2010 Global Cow of the Year Competition Barbie was nominated, was the Readers Choice and placed second. Barbie was #1 PTAT Cow. Her indexes were CTPI 2178 and PTAP 4.50. Her star shone brightly.

Barbie’s Progeny Excelled

REGANCREST G BROCADE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM - daughter of Barbie

REGANCREST G BROCADE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM – daughter of Barbie

When looking at Barbie’s progeny, it is not about the performance of Barbie’s more than 27 daughters it is about how many to feature. Shottle followed closely by Goldwyn were her best mates. All but one of her daughters have classified VG in their first lactations. By 2010 she had an unheard of 8 EX and 19 VG daughters. Three of her daughters have held the number one Cow PTAT position and at least eleven have made it to the top twenty-five PTAT Cow ranking.

Barbie’s Dolls Consistently Excel

REGANCREST G BRIZELDA EX-90-4YR-USA DOM - daughter of Barbie

REGANCREST G BRIZELDA EX-90-4YR-USA DOM – daughter of Barbie

REGANCREST G BEDAZZLE EX-91-5YR-USA DOM (Goldwyn) was the first Barbie daughter to be #1 PTAT Cow and was sold to Seimers Holsteins. REGANCREST CINDERELLA EX-92-2E-USA DOM GMD 4* (Champion) is the dam of many top daughters including REGANCREST S CHASSITY  EX-92-4YR-USA DOM the dam of numerous high genomic sons (Chassity is also a Golden Dam Nominee, she will be reported on soon in the Bullvine).  Chassity and her 14 offspring sold for $1.5. REGANCREST BREYA VG-88-3YR-USA DOM 1* (Shottle) was a former #1 PTAT Cow.  REGANCREST G BROCADE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM (Goldwyn), another former #1 PTAT Cow, sold with offspring for $900,000. REGANCREST BARBARA EX-92-4YR-USA DOM GMD (Shottle) made it to #31 CTPI Cow and was first 2yr old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at Iowa State Fair. REGANCREST G BRIZELDA EX-90-4YR-USA DOM (Goldwyn) produced 4-04 (305D) 14,864 kg milk 4.0F 3.4P.  REGANCREST MAC BIKAS VG-87-2YR-USA is the dam of the high genomic type sire MR ATWOOD BROKAW (Read- 7 Sires to Use In Order To Breed the Next World Dairy Expo Champion). Following on from these and other Barbie daughters there are numerous granddaughters that have topped lists and topped sales.

REGANCREST MAC BIKAS VG-87-2YR-USA - daughter of Barbie

REGANCREST MAC BIKAS VG-87-2YR-USA – daughter of Barbie

Barbie’s Sons Line Up Well Too

Five Barbie sons were proven in AI. REGANCREST S BRAXTON EX-95-5YR-USA (Shottle) was returned to active service by Select Sires based on his above average milk yield and superior type (PTAT 3.57) proofs. Baltimor (Shottle), Birk (Toystory) and Bonzai (Dundee) were all proven in Canada and all achieved Superior Type proofs. Mr Blackjack (Dundee) achieved PTAT 2.12 in the USA. There are many grandsons, great grandsons and great great grandsons now being used widely based on their genomic indexes. These sons make another long list of stars for Barbie, which includes Bradnick, Branson, Brokow, Cameron, Carson, Cashcoin, Cashmoney, Circuit, Colt 45, and Gold Chip.

Barbie Breeds True for Type.  She is the Holstein Breed Icon.

High rankings for PTAT are something Barbie and her descendants achieve with ease. With many grand and great granddaughters and grandsons are now receiving high genomic indexes for type, production and functional traits, it appears that Barbie’s legacy of great udders, excellent dairy strength, high classification scores and global demand will continue.

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