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2017 Mid-East Spring National Holstein

Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, OH
Judge: Dean Dohle, MO
Date: March 31st, 2017 

Senior & Grand Champion: T-Triple-T Durham Poppi (Durham), 1st Aged Cow, Triple-T & Entourage, OH
Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion: Budjon-JK Atwood Ekira-ET (Atwood), 1st 5 Year Old, Kris & Kyle Ackley, OH
HM Senior Champion: T-Triple-T Platinum-ET (Goldwyn), 2nd Aged, Cow, Triple-T, OH

Senior & Grand Champion-Junior Show: Budjon-JK Atwood Ekira-ET (Atwood), 1st 5 Year Old, Kris & Kyle Ackley, OH
Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion-Junior Show: Willdina Atwood Cindy (Atwood), 6th 4 Year Old, Kris & Kyle Ackley, OH
HM Senior Champion-Jr Show: Cowpens Esperanza Estel (Lavanguard), 2nd 5 Year Old, Hope Morrison, MN

Intermediate Champion: T-Triple-T Play It Again-ET (Fever), 1st Jr 3 YR Old, Triple-T Holsteins, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Qcove-W JMK Curan Darcy-ET (Sid), 1st Sr 3 YR Old, Koster & Curran, OH
HM Intermediate Champion: Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Kitty (Lauthority), Oechsle & Ackley, OH

Intermediate Champion-Junior Show: Cambridge Atwood Ellie-ET (Atwood), 3rd Sr 2 YR Old, Ackley & Heger, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion-Junior Show: Jenneil Guthrie Glorie (Guthrie), 8th Sr 2 YR Old, Victoria & Emily Deam, OH

Junior Champion: Ludwigs-DG DRM Everlast-ET (Doorman), Legendholm Holsteins, IL
Reserve Junior Champion: Quietcove Foxys Lollipop (Archrival), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
HM Junior Champion: Russellway Atwood Jane-ET (Atwood), Evan Kiko, OH

Junior Champion-Junior Show: Scratchwell Ladd Rockin (Ladd), 2nd Fall Yearling, Oechsle & Scott, OH
Reserve Junior Champion-Junior Show: Brookview Arch Riv Polar Pop (Archrival), 1st Summer Yearling, Ackley & Havens, OH
HM Junior Champion-Junior Show: Toppglen Atwood Windstar (Atwood), 2nd Summer Yearling, Toppglen, OH

Winter Calves (17)

1. Oh-River-SYC Soloman Bea-ET (Soloman), Victoria & Emily Deam, OH
2. Express-SMD Dior (Burgandy), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
3. Topp-View Airlift Dolly (Airlift), Madelyn Topp, OH
4. Show-Mar Acme Bullet (Acme), Wesley Brantner, OH
5. Show-Mar Brokaw Sub (Brokaw), Dylan Branter, OH

Fall Calves

1. Hodgons Clark Pearl (Clark), Bucks Pride Holsteins, OH
2. T-Triple-T Windbrook Lavender (Windbrook), Andy Thomas, OH
3. MM-T PCKTS Calamity Jane-ET (Lotus), Kurt Wolf, OH
4. Poly-Kow Soloman Actress (Soloman), Schirm, Moser & Crazy Chaos, OH
5. Bulldog McCutch Jade (McCutchen), Tim & Grace Gunkelman, OH

Summer Yearlings

1. Brookview Arch Riv Polar Pop (Archrival), Ackley & Havens, OH
2. Toppglen Atwood Windstar (Atwood), Toppglen, OH
3. Ree-Kay Kingboy Cacey-ET (Kingboy), Mickayla, Samantha & Silas Hayden, OH
4. Toppglen Diamondback Wap-ET (Diamondback), Cole, Pond, OH
5. Quietcove Foxys Ravioli (Archrival), Quietcove Holsteins, OH

Spring Yearlings

1. Quietcove Foxys Lollipop (Archrival), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
2. Rupp-Vue Sid Fabi (Sid), Rupp-Vue Farm, OH
3. Jeanneil-PL McCutchen Cali (McCutchen), Victoria & Emily Deam, OH
4. Plainfield McCutchn Classy (McCutchen), Plainfield Farms, OH
5. Wabash-Way Beemer Anora (Beemer), Wabash Way Holsteins, OH

Winter Yearlings

1. Ludwigs-DG DRM Everlast-ET (Doorman), Legendholm Holsteins, IL
2. Jenneil McCutchen Glitz (McCutchen), Victoria & Emily Deam, OH
3. Plainfield Beemer Ginny (Beemer), Plainfield Farms, OH
4. Toppglen Awesome Wildflower (Awesome), Toppglen, OH
5. Velvet-View Jolly (Reginald), Logan & Wyatt Schlauch, OH

Fall Yearlings

1. Russellway Atwood Jane-ET (Atwood), Evan Kiko, OH
2. Scratchwell Ladd Rockin (Ladd), Korey Oechsle
3. Banowetz Armani Aspen (Armani), Levi Banowetz, OH
4. Don-Mair Maro Bros (Mario), Anna Moser, MI
5. Whiteleather GChip Stela-ET (Gold Chip), Kayla Cring, OH

Junior Best 3 Females (3)

1. Quietcove Holsteins, OH
2. Toppglen Holsteins, OH
3. Topp-View Holsteins, OH

Junior 2 Year Olds (5)

1. Express-SMD Naynay-Red (Addiction P), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
2. Kolors Very Katchy (McCutchen), Quietcove & White Light Holsteins, Wapakoneta, OH
3. Bucks-Pride McCutchen Mary (McCutchen), Bucks Pride, OH
4. Express-SMD Brock Dava (Brock), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
5. Toppglen Reginald Wakenna-TW (Reginald), Toppglen, OH

Senior 2 Year Olds (18)

1. Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Kitty (Lauthority), Oechsle & Ackley, OH
2. T-Triple-T Perfect Storm-ET (Reginald), Triple T & Entourage, OH
3.  Cambridge Atwood Ellie-ET (Atwood), Ackley & Heger, OH
4. Bertke GC Bentley (Gold Chip), Damon Bertke, OH
5. Erbacres Brokaw Dalyne-ET (Brokaw), Plainfield Farms, OH 

Junior 3 Year Olds (5)


1. T-Triple-T Play It Again-ET (Fever), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2. Wabash-Way Elaborate Perri (Elaborate), Wabash Way Holsteins, OH
3. Quietcove Windbrook Fanta (Windbrook), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
4. Quietcove Windbrook Fine (Windbrook), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
5. OCD Atwood Madison-ET (Atwood), Anna Moser, MI

Senior 3 Year Olds (8)


1. Qcove-W JMK Curan Darcy-ET (Sid), Koster & Curran, OH
2. Tri-Koebel Gold Chip Ronda-ET (Gold Chip), Tri-Koebel, MI
3. Etgen-Way Atwood Moneymaker (Atwood), Ty & Heather Etgen, OH
4. Miss Sunrose Sugar-ET (Windbrook), Sunrose Holsteins, IN
5. Quietcove JMK Curran Daria (Sid), Koster & Curran, OH 

4 Year Olds (11)


1. Bucks Pride Gold Chip Winie (Gold Chip), Bucks Pride, OH
2. Bucks Pride Gold Chip Sue (Gold Chip), Delbert & Heather Yoder, OH
3. Greenlea BW Mar-Red (Barbwire), Rynd & Wolford, OH
4. Rupp-Vue Seaver Milissa (Seaver), RuppVue Farm, OH
5. Ms Topp-View Atwood Tory (Atwood), Madelyn Topp, OH 

5 Year Olds (4)


1. Budjon-JK Atwood Ekira-ET (Atwood), Kris & Kyle Ackley, OH
2. Cowpens Esperanza Estel (Lavanguard), Hope Morrison, MN
3. Tri-Koebel Easterbunny (Gold Chip), Tri-Koebel, MI
4. Jenneil PC Shock Carolina (Aftershock), Plainfield Farms, OH

Aged Cows (10)

1. T-Triple-T Durham Poppi (Durham), Triple-T & Entourage, OH
2. T-Triple-T Platinum-ET (Goldwyn), Triple-T, OH
3. Tri-Koebel Expecition-ET (Durham), Tri-Koebel, OH
4. Raygor Alexander Tara (Alexander), Raygor Farms, OH
5. Express-SMD Braxton Devin (Braxton), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH

150,000LB Cows (2)

1. Whiteleather Sizzle 1440-ET (Shottle), Whiteleather Holsteins, OH
2. Steel-Lane Laurin Joelle (Laurin), Nathan Steel, OH

Produce of Dam

1. T-Triple-T, OH
2. Quietcove, OH
3. Whiteleather

Breeders Herd

1. T-Triple-T, OH
2. Ackley Holsteins, OH

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