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Toc-Farm Udilia Now Scored EX-95 in Italy

Toc-Farm Udilia (Numero Uno) has now scored EX-95 in Italy.  Her dam is none other than 2x National and 1x World Champion: Toc-Farm Allen Amyly EX-96-IT.  A sister to her dam, Bel Doorman Zita VG-89-DE EX-MS La2 was Junior Champion Swiss Expo 2017 and is fresh in her 2nd lactation and looks fantastic. Her dam Bel Goldwyn Queen EX-94-IT is the Goldwyn sister to Amyly and was 2nd at the National Show in Verona 2016.

Other highlights from this classification round include:

– Toc Farm Doc Doriane VG88 max score (Doc x Jacoby x Kingboy x UDILIA x AMYLY)
– Toc Farm Doorman Dior VG88 max score (Doorman x Atwood x Damion x Amyly full sister)
3Y old
– Toc Farm 1stGrade Fiore EX90 max score (1stGrade x Kingboy x UDILIA x AMLYLY)
– Toc Farm 1stGrade Faye VG89 (1stGrade x Capital Gain x Snowman) FITZ family
– Toc Farm 1stGrade Savina VG88 ( 1stGrade x High Octane x Goldwyn x AMYLY)
– Toc Farm Byway Bina VG88 (Byway x Stanleycup)
– Toc Farm Uno UDILIA EX95 (Numero Uno x AMYLY)
– Toc Farm Lis Shania EX94 (Let it Snow x AMYLY)
– Toc Farm Kingboy Krystal EX91 (Kingboy x UDILIA x AMYLY)
– Toc Farm Atwood Altea EX90 (Atwood x Amyly full sister)
– Toc Farm Byway Brenda EX90 (Byway x Goldsun)

Congratulations to the team at Toc-Farm Holsteins for this great achievement with Udilia and the Amyly family. 

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