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Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96 4E Passes


Mark Rueth of Rosedale Genetics shares the following:

As a bitter cold winter that never seemed to leave is final gone, the cow I hoped would never leave is now gone too. She is now grazing forever green pastures with her past family members. She has been with us everyday since we started farming in 2001.

last night I had to smile in between some tears. She left this world as gracefully as she did parading the color shaving in 2005. After I consoled her last few breath, I began preparing her spot as I did for lea-ann and Paradise. I had to smile because I that it was funny, I looked around and said the farm never looked better. you see I always mow the lawn on Friday so it looks nice for the weekend. for some reason I could not get my mower started and I tried and tried but no luck. I finally got the mower started sunday but rain was starting to fall. I know many people don’t need more rain but we can always use some here and thing were getting very stress from lack of rain. Monday morning it poured for a while but in the afternoon the winds picked up and I went out and mowed the lawn and got done just before milking. nicky commented that the flowers had more bloom and color since the rain. she past at 7pm. as I looked out it was amazing the skies that were cloudy were now clear skies and the sun was starting to set. I said to myself this was the most beautiful sunset of the year. it was as if God opened heaven to take her up.

On May 8th our good friend told us Redrose had tumors and we knew the end was near, at first we were a little scared but in the end ended up being a gracefully ending. For every bad day she had she would have 5-6 good days. during the day time we would let her roam the farm. she loved grazing with Lexington and she had a number of days with her, she was caught in the feed room a number of time stealing goodies, one day we found her in her old boxstall in the milking barn were she was on parade for her birthday party a few month ago. on Saturday we found her laying in the alley way right next to Lexington boxstall. the last three weeks have been special as were the past 14 years. like I said she would have a bad day but the next morning she was waiting to be set free to roam the farm but Monday morning she did not look as good and when I let her out a blast of rain turned her path and she went and laid down on the show pack where the end would come.

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