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GEA Advances DairyRobot R9500 With New Features

Thousands of dairy farmers worldwide milk their herds using GEA robots. These farmers depend on GEA’s reliable systems to harvest high-quality milk, maximize production and collect individual cow data to manage their herds. With GEA’s push for continual excellence, the intelligently designed DairyRobot R9500 just got smarter.
“Milking robots are an easy way to get time back in your day, and we’re excited to help push farm efficiency even further with new features on the DairyRobot R9500,” says Stuart Marshall, GEA AMS business development manager. “Features include easier serviceability, less required service and quicker diagnostics – all designed to increase uptime and give you time back to focus on other tasks. Plus, new software minimizes box times so you can milk more cows per box or achieve more milkings per day.”
New DairyRobot R9500 features include:
Enhanced In-Liner Everything
One of the DairyRobot R9500’s key features is the In-Liner Everything process, which completes all milking procedures in one attachment – cleaning, stimulation, fore-stripping, milking and post-dipping. It is the most hygienically sound and animal-friendly way to milk a cow. Cleanliness and attention to milk quality continue after the teat cups are removed between cow milkings. After each milking, the inside and outside of the teat cups undergo a backflush and rinse, and the attachment camera is cleaned, benefiting cow health, milk quality and robot performance.
Now, the In-Liner Everything process is further refined with the largest, most extensive update since the introduction of GEA robots. New software logarithms further optimize post-milking cleaning procedures by allowing some functions to occur simultaneously, shaving seconds off the process. This reduces box time – when one cow leaves the box, the next cow can begin milking sooner. Time savings means the robot spends a higher percentage of its time milking cows, while protecting high-quality milk production.
“Each day in North America alone, over 100,000 cow milkings use GEA’s In-Liner Everything milking technology – it is proven to be safe, reliable and effective,” says Marshall. “It simply matches the best in milking procedures with flat out speed – speed of attachment, speed of milking and speed of cleaning to prepare the box for the next milking.”
Faster serviceability
Time is money – whether you, an employee or a dealership technician perform robot maintenance tasks. GEA robots use a unique removable service module. The service drawer can be removed and replaced with a fully serviced spare unit to minimize downtime.
“With our latest update, we’ve made the service drawer more ergonomic and accessible to key components,” says Marshall. “The drawer features a new larger design, along with color-coded hoses matching up to each individual quarter throughout the service module for faster, more intuitive maintenance.”
Many wear components now feature an extended service life after extensive testing. Longer service life will help to reduce annual service costs, while still maximizing performance and reliability.
Efficient cow management
Manual access to the robot is critical – whether you’re training heifers, milking a fresh cow or examining a cow needing attention. The DairyRobot R9500 features an operator pit with rear access to the udder, just like in a parlor for a safe environment to dry treat cows or manually attach teat cups.
The new software includes a separation mode, allowing you to milk a series of special-needs cows, whose milk must be separated from the tank, without an intermediate box cleaning between each cow.
“Series milking of special-needs cows means you can accomplish daily milking chores faster, get the box back open to normal cow flow and move on to other tasks,” says Marshall. “By reducing the need for cleaning between cows, it significantly reduces water, detergent and energy consumption.”
More sustainable function
Since its inception, the GEA robot has been accompanied by a streamlined power supply unit, making it possible to operate it economically and sustainably. One supply unit can now support up to four milking robots, optimizing water and power consumption compared to other robots on the market.
“A single supply unit per four robots also provides you with total service parts savings and lower cost of ownership for multi-box installations,” says Marshall.
Staying up with technology
GEA robot technology is incredibly modular. The same robotic stall module used in a box-robot facility is used on the deck of a robotic rotary.
“Technology moves fast – and because of GEA’s modularity, you can evolve with the latest technology,” says Marshall. “You can add options like sophisticated somatic cell count sensing, pulsation monitoring and other new developments, even after installation – that’s great peace of mind for the future.”
GEA’s DairyRobot R9500 design principles focus on delivering the best efficiency and profitability.
“With smart engineering, we’re making a more sustainable robot,” says Marshall. “The DairyRobot R9500 uses less energy and minimizes the need for consumables while milking more cows – making it a reliable investment for your farm.”
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