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Eclipse Genetics Master Breeder Sale Achieves $27,000 Topper

Sale top of $27,000 was paid for the cover cow, Eclipse Jordy Lotto, VG 87 (pictured) on her first lactation and due in September to sexed Jagger.

The recent Final On Farm Sale for Eclipse Holsteins of Master Breeder Richard Hull at Jancourt East recently topped at $27,000 and sold to all States of Australia excepting WA.

Sale top of $27,000 was paid for the cover cow, Eclipse Jordy Lotto, VG 87 (pictured) on her first lactation and due in September to sexed Jagger. This fabulous young cow completes 11 generations of EX & VG with her 3rd dam Eclipse Shottle Lotto, EX a former IDW Intermediate Champion.
She was purchased by A & S Barron of the famed Ardylbar herd of Cambooya, Queensland.
Equal second top of $14,000 was the outstanding Red heifer Eclipse Jordy August-Red backed by 9 direct generations of EX dams and due to sexed Diamondback, she was sold to G & L Hibberd of Cooriemungle Holsteins of Timboon. These same buyers also selected the tremendous uddered freshly calved heifer Eclipse Doc Frosty (Imp.ET). She is by King Doc from a Byway from a Doorman bred down from the 2 time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Harvue Roy Frosty, EX 97 at $14,000.
Gorbro Holsteins of Cohuna selected Eclipse Crush A1 Princess 1V, VG 86, a tall, stylish young cow from the former All Australian 2 year old winner Atwood Princess, EX 91 at $13,250. The same buyers also selected Eclipse Emilio O Princess, a classy heifer due to sexed Jagger at $7,750.
Top selling unjoined heifer at $12,200 was Eclipse Moovin Jenn 2 a daughter of the 4th generation EX Eclipse Sid Jenn, a grand daughter of famous Canadian Show Cow Valleyville Lheros Jenn, EX 94, she was purchased by Kayton Holsteins at Cohuna. This Master Breeder herd selected several lots including Eclipse Crushabull D Princess 1 a very correct heifer from famed Brood Cow Eclipse Damion G Princess, EX and due to sexed Jagger at $9,500 and the wonderful uddered heifer Westmuir Doc Ainsley 111 (Imp.ET) VG, bred down from Apple-Red, EX 96 at $8,000. Eclipse Jordy D Princess, a stylish daughter of Damion G Princess, EX due to sexed Jagger at $7,000 and Eclipse Champ Paradise, a wonderful uddered 2 year old also at $7,000.
Local Breeder Roger Russell of Maple Ridge Holsteins paid $11,000 for the exceptional young cow that completes 8 generations EX & VG in Eclipse Solomon 7 Princess 2, VG 87. Her younger full ET sister Eclipse Solomon 7 Princess 4, VG 86 that displayed great capacity and dairyness sold at $10,000 to Eloora Past Co of Blighty, NSW.
The powerful joined heifer Eclipse Bradnick Cinderella (Imp.ET) bred from the 11th generation EX & VG cow De Rith Cinderella 21, EX a Shottle from the Giessen Cinderella/Roxy family sold at $9,000 to Westmuir Holsteins of Bungador. These buyers also selected a beautiful yearling heifer Eclipse Moovin Cretonne 2 bred from 10 gens of EX & VG dams at $7,250.
Eclipse Altitude J Princess-Red due to sexed Mirand-PP was the first Red Princess and sold at $9,000 to R & B Walmsley of South Australia . Another Red heifer to create much interest was Sea Breeze Mirand Hague-Red-Poll, she is backed by 5 generations of VG and was purchased by M Hassett of Singleton, NSW also at $9,000.
Return buyers to Eclipse, S & L Coombes of Attunga, NSW purchased Eclipse Doc GD Mae, VG 86 at 2 years completing 13 generations EX & VG at $8,500, they also selected Eclipse Alltheway Princess, VG, a 9th gen EX & VG with a wonderful udder at $8,250 and Eclipspeirce Undenied Britney a grand daughter of the EX 96 Jacobs Goldwyn Britany at $7,000.
Another of the many past Eclipse buyers was Andrew Crawford of Coolea Holsteins, Numbaa, NSW who paid $8,500 for one of the many classy heifers by Lindenright Moovin in Eclipse Moovin D Princess 11, a direct daughter of Damion G Princess. Coolea also purchased the 3 month old red heifer calf Van Dijk L Moovin August at $7,500 backed by 10 gens of EX & VG and Eclipse Sanchez Lotto, VG 87 at $7,000
Eclipse Sheikh Cinderella 2 was a wonderful uddered young cow that completed 13 generations of EX & VG, she sold at $8,000 to D Walters of Cobden. At the same figure was the great framed young cow Coomboona Diamond Sally a direct daughter of Royal Winter Fair Champion Blondin Destry Sally-Red, EX 93, she sold to M, J & C Staley of Yarram who selected several lots throughout the sale.
Other noted sales included Eclipse Doc D Princess V1 a fresh calved daughter of Damion G Princess at $7,250 to B & S Glass of Gundowring. Eclipse Jordy Shandy 11-Red a smart heifer from an EX 91 dam and due to sexed Moovin at $7,000 to Whytcross Farming of Swan Marsh and Eclipse Alltheway Oct Princess a sister to Perenial at ST Genetics also at $7,000 to Bronwen Russell of Buffalo.
DLS report the following details –
53 Cows averaged $6,335
26 Joined Heifers averaged $5,881
41 Unjoined Heifers averaged $4,276
2 Bulls averaged $4,000
122 Holsteins gross $671,950 for an overall average of $5,510
The sale was livestreamed on Elite Livestock Auctions who report more than 370 people viewed the auction from the platform.

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