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CDCB Hires Dr. George Wiggans

unspecified[1]The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) is pleased to announce that Dr. George R. Wiggans who retired in June 2016 after serving 38 years as a Research Geneticist with the Agricultural Research Service of U.S. Department of Agriculture is employed on a part-time basis as a consultant with the CDCB since August 2016.

Dr. Wiggans had a productive career with USDA as evidenced by his 335 publications. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Jay L. Lush Award (1996) and Fellow Award (2012) from the American Dairy Science Association, National Association of Animal Breeders’ Research Award (1996), National Dairy Herd Information’s Outstanding Service Award (2006), and the American Dairy Goat Association’s Mary Farley Award (2000).

Dr. Wiggans has made numerous contributions to improving the accuracy of genetic evaluation procedures for economically important traits of dairy cattle and goats. He will be providing expertise to CDCB in areas concerning improved management and genetic of dairy cattle, particularly in assisting CDCB gain operational efficiency in the evolving genomic era. The CDCB is pleased to have the opportunity to benefit from Dr. Wiggans’ expertise and welcomes George into the team.

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