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Bull attacks fifth-generation dairy farmer.

A North Carolina dairy farmer is in the hospital recuperating after being assaulted by a bull in his farm’s field on Sunday.

Randy Lewis is a sixth generation farmer who has spent his whole life working on his family’s farm. According to WXII, Lewis was evacuated to UNC Hospital. Lewis had several injuries, including fractured ribs, lung punctures, and shattered bones in his face, back, and collarbone. He had surgery at the hospital.

Taylor Hayes, COO of Ran-Dew Dairy, said the farm is feeling the effect of Lewis’ absence on a GoFundMe page put up to support Lewis in his rehabilitation.

“We are reeling from the shock and worry for our friend,” Hayes said on Facebook.

According to Hayes, the GoFundMe was put up to pay for Lewis’ medical expenses as well as the additional hired staff the dairy is seeking to help on the farm.

She also expressed her hope that many people would donate to Lewis’ rehabilitation and that people will learn more about the farm and Lewis by seeing a short video about the property’s history.

As of Thursday, approximately $150,000 of the $195,000 target on GoFundMe had been given to aid Lewis and the farm.

According to WXII, more than 200 individuals have volunteered to help out on the farm until Lewis heals.

“Our community is saying in a really generous, open-hearted way that we love Randy,” Hayes said.

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