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Wendon Dempsey Prude’s Beemer Daughter Tops the Westcoast Classic Sale at $92,000

Cold wind, rain and long distances could not stop breeders from western Canada and the United States from making it to the 2017 Westcoast Classic Sale in Abbottsford British Columbia Canada.  Topping the sale was a very stylish Beemer daughter from the extremely popular, 2016 All-Canadian and All-American Wendon Dempsey Prude.  She was purchased by Pete Malljaars with Westcoast Holsteins retaining an interest. Demsey Prude has become a crowd favourite where ever she goes, and is at the show to defend her 2016 Grand Champion title.  Prude is a 5th generation EX in Canada bred by the Chalack family of Alberta.  Her emotional story over the past year was felt by all in attendance as attenddes took a moment to remember Logan Chalack after the calf sold.  (Read more: THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE THAN A COW SHOW) The sale was managed by Barclay Phoenix and Gary Vanderpost and had an outstanding average of $7,340.

The 2nd highest seller of the day was 1st choice by mutually agreeable sire from the 2016 Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion, Jacobs Gold Liann.  As announcer Norm Nabholz mentioned to auctioneer John Copithorn during the sale Liann is one of the greatest young cows in the world today, and everyone should be getting in on this great opportunity.  In the end, it was Tim Abbot of Vermont who made the final bid of $36,000.  

Rounding out the top sellers of the day was Westcoast Doorman Cash 344 a show winning Doorman from Chassity Goldwyn Cash EX-91 1*.  Not only is she extremely impressive to look at she has the numbers to back it up with a DGV Conf+18 GTPI 2126 PTAT 3.13. A potential 7th generation EX from the Regancrest Barbie family she was consigned by John Sunder and Ravendale Holsteins and purchased by Westcoast Holsteins for $35,000.

Sale Prices

Lot #1- 92,000-Westcoast Beemer Prude (Sept 2016 Beemer from AC Wendon Dempsey Prude EX-95)

Lot #2- $9500- Vogue Vision of Love (Sept 2015 High Octane from Doorman Lovestruck VG-86) Bred to Light my Fire with US Female

Lot #3- $36,000 1st Choice MAS from Jacobs Gold LIann VG-89 – Grand Champion RWF 2016

Lot #4  $29,000-Westcoast Avalanche Redhot (4/26/16)

Lot #5- $35,000- Westcoast Doorman Cash 344 DGV Conf+18 GTPI 2126 PTAT 3.13 (Doorman from Chassity Goldwyn Cash EX-91 1*)

Lot#6 $6,000-Craila Doorman Lululemon (9/11/16)

Lot#11 $3,000 Silvermaple Dempsey China (12/27/16)

Lot#12A  $1,000 Wedgwood Avalanche Paradise (9/20/16)

Lot#12B $6,600=Wedgwood Avalanche Presence (9/23/16)

Lot#13 $8,500 Lucky Sweetridge Av Enough (9/6/16)

Lot#14  $3,000-Pierstein Dempsey Rubic (9/1/16)

Lot#15  $13,000 Elmbridge Goldsun Lush (Fresh Sept/12/16)

Lot #16 $6500 Blondin Armani Sweetheart (Sept 2015 heifer due July 2017 to Cinderdoor) Armani from Blondin Destry Sally EX-93

Lot#20 $8,500  Tomalynn S C Melinda  (1/6/13due 9/19/17 To Jk Eder I-Control)

Lot#22 $4,400 Pierstein Goldwyn Renata (9/3/16)

Lot#23 $3,300  Pierstein Goldwyn Renaulde (9/3/16)

Lot#25 $8,200  Westcoast Avalanche Lucia (7/8/16)

Lot#28 $3,000 Westcoast Awesome Lanae (10/9/16)

Lot#34  $4,300 Blondin Alonzo Harlow (3/1/16)

Lot#42 $1,900 Elmbridge Leverage Diamond (09/02/16)

Lot#43 $5,500 Highcrest Golden Dreams Tiara (09/02/16)

Lot#44 $3,700 Ravendale Kingboy Aria (05/04/16)

Lot#45 $2,900 Ravendale Kingboy Amber (05/05/16)

Lot#51 $4,700  Phoenix Crystals Dempsey (09/09/15-Due 09/06/17 To Pine-Tree Sid)

Lot#52 $2,500  Westcoast Akito Ring (09/03/16)

Lot#53 $4,100  Westcoast Windbrook Booboo (03/05/15 fresh 12/06/16Bred 02/24/17 to Scientific B Defiant)

Lot#57 $4,200 Sledgestar Lotus Angelica (06/21/16)

Lot#59 $5,700 Sunnyhome Kingpin Marilyn (01/17/15fresh 12/20/16)

Lot#64 $3,800  Kentville Dempsey Muffin (09/04/16)

Lot#65 $3,000  Rietben Ok Maze (02/02/16)

Lot#68 $4,300  Rockledge Sheba Goldchip (12/02/16)

Lot#71  $5,000  Lovhill Soloman Hearsay (03/01/16)

Lot#72 $4,000  Willswikk High Octane Shalin )(06/03/16)

Lot#75 $5,400 Crestomere Golddust Victory (03/02/15 due 03/31/17 to Sexed Atwood’s Archrival

Lot#77  $3,100  Shadynook Moses Adara (04/13/16)

Lot#78 $2,500  Shadynook Redhot Adeline

Lot#80  $6,200 Rockledge Ruby Absolute Red (12/12/14 Fresh 02/05/17)

Lot#82 $3,600 Wendon Bien Kingpin Chill (12/02/16)

Lot#83 $3,600 Dempsey From Wedgwood Jordan Dellia EX-93 3E 07/28/16

Lot#91 $6,000 Medway Atwood Lovette  (09/03/14 Due 11/04/17 To Walnutlawn Solomon)

Lot#103  $1,300 Added Lot

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