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Undercover Video Captures Abuse at Pennsylvania Dairy

Compassion Over Killing (COK), a national animal protection organization, released a shocking new investigation* of Mason Dixon Farms. The video reveals alleged abuse of dairy cows on a 2,600 cow dairy farm, one of the largest on the East Coast and is well known for being one of the first farms to adopt robotic technology on a major scale in the U.S.

Filmed by a COK investigator working inside the dairy facility in Gettysburg, Penn., the video reveals employees handling cows by kicking, punching and prodding them. At one point a cow is allegedly shocked 100 times with a handheld taser.

Mason Dixon Farms is a supplier to Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the nation’s largest milk marketing cooperative. According to DFA, Mason Dixon has fired one employee in response to the acts of animal cruelty documented in this footage.

DFA would rather see animal abuse reported immediately to the proper authorities than used in an undercover video to be spread online. (Read more: DFA Urges Activist Groups to Report Not Record) In a news release from DFA they state, “Unfortunately, we question the agenda of organizations like Compassion Over Killing. Rather than work with us, they continue to use deceptive practices to go undercover recording footage over a period of months that is then used to create highly edited videos that distort what truly happens on America’s dairy farms.”

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