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Switzerland April 2018 Evaluations – Casper #1

Topping the Swiss genomic evaluations is Claynook Casper, this Hang-Time x Bombero is the #1 ISET bull with +1768. S-S-I Modesty Marguee is second with +1760 ISET and Endco Supreme is third with +1731 ISET. This is the top 3 genomic sires in Zwitserland.

The top daughter proven sire is Clear-Echo Lexor Racer,  moving up from #2 last round. Second highest sire is S-S-I Mogul Reflector. Rounding out the top sires is Reflector is View-Home Ernhardt Powerball.

Topping the R&W is the Bretagne-son Redbird. He has +1635 ISET, and is more then 30 point higher as his runner up the Sunfish-son Manana Red with 1602 ISET.  Rounding out the top sires is R DG Aladdin Red. 

Number one on the daughter proven sire list is Ri-Val-Re Rager Red with +1440 ISET. Rager Red knocked the widely loved Tiger-Lily Ladd P Red of its throne, followed by Mr Ansly Addiction Red.

Check below for the full index runs:

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