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Only in Japan: A new form of milk delivery?

Dairy products aren’t as popular in Asian countries as they are in the west, but Rakunoh Mothers wants to get more kids drinking milk. Or running screaming in terror, we’re not sure which after seeing this pair of udderly ridiculous ads. In the first CM, as a farmer lovingly tends to his cows, a UFO flies overhead and abducts one of his prize heifers. Apparently liking what they find, the aliens then use some kind of bizarre technology to suck the milk straight from the rest of the cows’ udders without disturbing their grazing time while the farmer looks on in confusion. As a follow up, a horde of milk-deprived children scamper up a hill and raise their empty glasses aloft. As if summoned, the UFO looms overhead, releases a single, jiggling teat and squirts milk perfectly into each glass. The kids drink happily, since their parents only told them not take candy from strangers; milk is apparently a-okay. …maybe we’ll just have toast for breakfast tomorrow.

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