NMPF confirms Canadian dairy policy was part of NAFTA discussion

The National Milk Producers Federation confirms the Canadian dairy policies were brought up during this week’s 4th round of NAFTA renegotiations.

NMPF’s Chris Galen tells Brownfield he agrees with Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who said there are things that need to be discussed and you can’t conclude a successful round of negotiations without resolving them.  He says Canada’s Class 7 system is one of them.  “For too long, we’ve seen really sky-high tariffs that Canada has been allowed to maintain on imports coming from the U.S. as well as other countries.  Those tariffs range from 250-300 percent and they really fly in the face with the whole philosophy of having free trade, or at least freer trade.”

Canada has already said the issue is a non-starter.  Brownfield asked Galen if that’s true, should the U.S. impose tariffs or barriers of its own?  He replied, “From our standpoint, it’s too soon to cross that bridge.”

NAFTA talks continue next month in Mexico.


Source: Brownfield

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