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Minecraft influencers to partner with dairy industry

The dairy checkoff wants to reach Generation Z where they are and believe new partnerships in the gaming space will do just that.

Joanna Hunter with Dairy Management Inc. says nearly 90 percent of Gen Z classify themselves as gamers and a test partnership will enlist the help of four influencers with a combined reach of 120 million followers.

“They’re going to visit farms from across the country, different sizes, different sustainability practices, and then after that farm visit, they’re going to build a dairy farm in Minecraft.”

She says the goal of the gamers is to engage followers in the dairy sustainability story.

One of the virtual farm tours will be on Aric DeJager’s 2,000 cow Colorado dairy.

“They’ll have 40 million people watch them build a dairy on Minecraft and you have all of these young people watching this—it’s going to be insanely impressionable.”

Gen Z includes early teens to early ‘20s and the checkoff says it is also testing partnerships with NFL Madden and retail, and, if successful, will amplify future gaming investment. 

This first $2 million project includes partnering with Mr. Beast – Jimmy Donaldson, Brianna Playz – Brianna Arsement-Barnhart, and her husband Preston Playz – Preston Arsement.


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