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Jacobs Lauthority Loana now EX-96-2E

Congratulations to Ferme Jacobs on Jacobs Lauthority Loana scoring EX-96-2E in their recent classification round.  Loana was the recent Grand Champion at Le Supreme Laiter. Other exciting results include:

1st Calf / 1er veau
Damestar Doorman Brandy VG-88
Jacobs Doorman Barcelone VG-87
Jacobs Absolute Beigette VG-87
Jacobs Gold Chip Attorney VG-86
Jacobs Doorman Bomba VG
Elka Cantinale Dempsey Lea VG
Jacobs Doorman Beth VG
Burn Merrick Poli VG
Jacobs Gold Chip Atomic VG
Jacobs Mccutchen Olympia VG
Earlen Durbin Cheddar VG
Straitside Wildly Doorman VG
Jacobs Doorman Baya VG
Frasercle Presto Impression VG
Jacobs Gold Chip Lizard VG
Gracelyn Doorman VG
Jacobs Reginald Elodine VG
Jacobs Doorman Mayhem VG

EX cow / Vache EX
Jacobs Lauthority Loana EX-96-2E
Jacobs Goldwyn Lisamaree EX-94-2E
Blondin Goldwyn Golden EX-93-4E
Canhope Dempsey Brenlyssa EX-92
Jacobs Golswyn Beige EX-3E
Jacobs Goldwyn Noleta EX-3E
Jacobs Goldwyn Lovely EX-2E
Jacobs Sid Glory EX
Earlen Genimi Cheddar EX
Little River Harlo Ronda EX

2nd Calf / 2e veau
Pierstein Cicero Time Out VG-89
Chantal Cecile Attorney VG-88
Jacobs absolute Bima VG-87
Jacobs Goldwyn Blueberry VG-87

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