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GENEX now markets ReMOOV™ horn paste

GENEX now offers ReMOOV™ horn paste for safe, efficient horn bud removal in calves.

ReMOOV™ horn paste is an accurate, easy-to-use caustic paste that inhibits horn growth before it starts. The product contains a mixture of calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide in an aqueous glycerine gel and comes in a unique syringe with a special tip enabling precise application to the horn bud. Additionally, the syringe features a dial that measures out the appropriate amount of paste needed for each horn button. 

“Not only does the syringe make this product easy to administer but it is also less painful to the animal, less stressful for the animal and the handler, and there is no bad burning smell like there is with hot irons,” states Bob East, senior manager of the herd care product line. 

ReMOOV™ horn paste comes in a 1.6 oz syringe that can disbud approximately 24 animals, with six syringes per box.


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