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GENEX Brand Goes Global

GENEX will begin marketing dairy and beef cattle genetics across the globe under one brand name.

Previously the organization’s cattle genetics were marketed under the GENEX brand name within the USA and Canada, while the same products were distributed globally by Cooperative Resources International (CRI) – the parent company of GENEX.

“As we begin this global branding initiative, for the first time all dairy and beef producers around the globe will know and refer to this organization as GENEX. This change to one uniform global brand will enable us to better serve all our customers, incorporating our value-added programs and communications across borders,” explains Huub te Plate, who oversaw CRI international marketing for more than 15 years before being named GENEX chief operating officer in August 2017.

“In this transition, our customers outside the USA and Canada – whether purchasing our products from a GENEX-owned entity or our network of distributors in more than 65 countries – will continue to receive the same high-quality semen from both a fertility and genetic perspective that they have thus far from CRI,” adds te Plate. “The GENEX product continues to be produced according to the same stringent standards by the same professional and experienced staff.”

This transition to one brand will create synergies as producers all over the world will be served by one organization with one overall purpose: GENEX is the trusted provider of world‑class animal genetics, progressive reproductive solutions, value-added products and innovative services to members and customers.

This transition is the next step in the GENEX brand evolution which also included rebranding and the unveiling of a new logo in December 2016.

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