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Day at the Derby averages over $37,000US

10152466_1421036048146951_1342465832_n[1]There is certainly something very magical about Kentucky on Derby weekend, the rich history with the ladies in their fancy hats it certainly an event to remember.  One of the events of the season was a roaring success for sale management Jeff Butler, Norm Nabholz, Ernie Kueffner and Terri Packard in Lexington Kentucky.  With this amazing setting, the Day at the Derby sales did not disappoint averaging over $37,000.

Topping this spectacular event was Pen-Col SS Beth-ET (Lot 8), the #1 gTPI Supersire in the breed, and the #4 gTPI female in the world.  From an outcross maternal pedigree this outstanding heifer sold in absentee.  Beth posts a gTPI of 2670 NM$ 1051 PTAT 3.05.  Her Grafeeti dam is a maternal sister to the highly popular Beluga at ABS and from 2nd Dam Vison-Gen Super Bonnie VG-86 2yr  backed by 10 generations of VG or EX. (Sold in absentia)

The 2nd highest seller of the day was Rosylane-LLC Oak 7276 (Lot 16) the #23 gTPI female of the breed and #1 AltaOak daughter, selling for $176,000. From one of the premier families at Rosylane.  They don’t classify but in recent years have placed over 60 bulls in A.I.. This long beautiful heifer is from a very promising square rumped Shamrock who is the #8 Shamrock in the breed, then backed by a Super who has sons in A.I. (Sold in absentia)

Rounding out the top trifecta was Morningview Uno Lara (Lot 9) at $162,000. A May 2013 Uno with a GTPI+2562 GLPI+3118 DGV+3281 PL+6.8 and outstanding health traits.  Lara is a  Uno x Morningview Shtl Lucy Ex-90 2E DOM dam of Liftoff at ABS, Lucid at Select.  Then 11 generations of VG or EX, including Crocket-Acres Drhm Mae VG-87 GMD DOM who was nominated international cow of the year in 2009. (Sold in absentia)

Also in the money was T Spruce LGold 7933 (Lot 38) an extreme milk fat and protein Liquid Gold from and Epic dam then Co-Op Bosside Yelonda.  7933 is the #4 protein heifer in the breed as well as the #4 gTPI Liquid Gold female with indexes of GTPI2488 GLPI+3421 DGV+3535.  Her dam Bosside Epic Yinga, one of the highest Epic’s in the breed also sold in the sale for $43,000.  Yinga is from a Boulder dam (3 extreme outlier genomic sires in a row) has indexes of GTPI+2423 DVG+3359 M2190 NM792 and is due in August to Wild Beast. (Sold in absentia)

The first of the “Also Ran” in the sale was Aho Numero Uno Lip (Lot 17).  Selling for $149,000 Lip is the #31 gTPI female in the breed, with indexes of GTPI+2580 PTAT+3.86.  Her dam Aho Super Loper GP83 is a high outcross Superstition daughter from a Maximus and the Aho Marty Laura 1973 VG-87. (Sold in absentia)

Also in the fold was EDG Lucy Tango L461 (Lot 13) selling for $117,000.  The #3 Tango in the breed, L461 has indexes of gTPI +2568 GLPI+3232. Her Dam Butz-Hill Bookem Lucy is due in July and looks fantastic.  2nd dam is Kellcrest Manoman Lacy VG has four sons over +2400 gTPI.


Desnette Brielle Lauthority VG-89 2yr (Lot 4) the 1st Senior 2 Year Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion NY Spring Show sold for $135,000

Another 6 figure price tag came in for Desnette Brielle Lauthority VG-89 2yr (Lot 4) the 1st Senior 2 Year Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion at the recent NY Spring Show. Selling for $135,000 Brielle is backed by 10 generations of VG or EX and will certainly be won to watch for on the tanbark trail through the summer months.

The last animal to break 6 figures was Comestar Lautalva Munition (Lot 26), selling for $102,000. From the famed Laurie Shiek family, Munition has extreme indexes of +2608M, +180 combined fat and protein and +3571 DGV LPI.  Her dam Comestar Lautamisha Snowman VG 87-2YR is the #9 gLPI Female in Canada.


Jaspar Iatola Earmuff, the 2013 All-Canadian Milking Yearling, sold for $47,000

Top Jersey animals in the sale where Jaspar Iatola Earmuff, the 2013 All-Canadian Milking Yearling and EK-RR Tequila Variety, both selling for $47,000.

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The Rest of the Story

Lot 1A Ms Gold Barbara Brynne-ET (McCutchen x Gold Barbara EX-92) — $47,000
Lot 1B Ms Gold Barbara Bailey-ET (McCutchen x Gold Barbara EX-92) — $24,000
Lot 2A Ms Gold Barbara Brooke-ET (Doorman x Gold Barbara EX-92) — $30,000
Lot 2B Ms Gold Barbara Bright-ET (Doorman x Gold Barbara EX-92) — $15,000
Lot 3 Mapel Wood Windhammer Elegance (Windhammer x VG-86-2Y CAN Dundee) — $33,000
Lot 4 Desnett Brielle Lauthority VG-88-2Y CAN (Lauthority x VG-88-3Y CAN Shottle) — $135,000
Lot 5 Donnaview Damion Lyza-ET EX-91 (Damion x 2E-90 CAN Integrity) Nom. All-American & All-Canadian Sr 3 ’11 –$20,000
Lot 6 Jaspar Iatola Earmuff VG-88-2Y CAN (Iatola x VG-87 CAN Maverick) All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2013 — $47,000
Lot 7 EK-RR Tequila Variety-ET (Tequlia x EX-95 Vivid Deluxe) — $47,000
Lot 8* Pen-Col SS Beth-ET (Supersire x +2334 Grafeeti) #1 GTPI Supersire & #4 GTPI Heifer in the Breed — $350,000
Lot 9* Morningview Uno Lara-ET (Numero Uno x Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 2E) GTPI +2562 — $162,000
Lot 10 1st Choice MAS Female x Morningview Destry Lani-ET VG-88 – $9000
Lot 11* 1st Choice Atwood or Doorman x Blondin Lauthority Libye VG-87-2Y Can GLPI +2308 — $20,000
Lot 12* EDG Jewel Tango 70759-ET (Tango x +2346 Shamrock) #4 Tango +2458 — $145,000
Lot 13* EDG Lucy Tango L461-ET (Tango x +2368 Bookem) #3 Tango +2568 — $117,000
Lot 14* EDG Lucy Tango L4666-ET (Tango x +2368 Bookem) +2458 GTPI — $43,000
Lot 15* Curr-Vale Park Deline P-ET *TR *PP (Parker P x +2026 *RC *PO Colt) — $90,000
Lot 17* Aho Numero Uno Lip-ET (Numero Uno x GP-83 +2114 Super) #31 GTPI Female in Breed +2580 — $149,000
Lot 18* 1st Choice Atwood x Apple EX-96 — $78,000
Lot 19 Ms Apples Uno Adele-ET *RC (Numero Uno x Apple EX-96) — $21,000
Lot 20 BBM Gold Chip Apple-ET *RC (Gold Chip x Ms Candy Apple-Red-ET EX-94 2E) — $33,000
Lot 21 Miss California-Red VG-89 (Destry x Apple 2-Red EX-93 2E) — $25,000
Lot 22 EK-STJ Sympatico Cypress-ET *RC (Sympatico x Miss California-Red VG-89) — $4900
Lot 23 EK-STJ Sym Carmel-Red-ET (Sympatico x Miss California-Red VG-89) — $3900
Lot 24 Miss Maryland-Red (Seven P-Red x Miss California-Red VG-89) — $3400
Lot 25 EK-STJ Blaze Corona-Red (Blaze-Red x Miss California-Red VG-89) — $3500
Lot 26 Comestar Lautalva Munition-ET (Munition x VG-87-2Y CAN Snowman) +2484 GTPI +2608M — $102,000
Lot 27 Comestar Lamadona Doorman-ET (Doorman x VG-87-2Y CAN Man OMan) 1st Summer Yearling Quebec Spring ’14 — $43,000
Lot 28 Ms Monique Magic (Atwood x All-American Monique EX-95) — $11,700
Lot 29* 1st Choice MAS x Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-95 — $18,000
Lot 30 Ms Ariannas Door Adrian (Doorman x BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89 2Y) — $12,500
Lot 31* 1st Choice MAS x BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89 2Y) — $18,500
Lot 32 Renaissance Jethro Endless (Jethro x Unanimous All-American Verbatim Effortless VG-89) — $6500
Lot 33 Taylor Made Minister Farrah VG-89 2Y (Minister x VG-88 Justice) 1st Jr 2, NY Spring Show & MD State Fair ’13 — $17,000
Lot 34* Compass-Trt America Okay-ET (AltaOak x Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET VG-86 x Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87) #5 AltaOak in the Breed — $52,000
Lot 35* Compass-TRT Amrc AE J925-ET ( AltaEmbassy x Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET VG-86 x Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87) #2 GTPI AltaEmbassy in the Breed — $53,000
Lot 36* Benner Let It Snow Seasons-ET (Snowman x VG-85-2Y CAN Iota x Ammon-Peachey Shana VG-87-2Y CAN) — $69,000
Lot 37 Blue-Horizon Jckmn Babydust (Jackman x VG-89 Bookem) #1 GTPI Jackman from a classified dam — $98,000
Lot 38* T-Spruce Lgold 7933-ET (Liquid Gold x +2423 Epic) #4 Protein female in the Breed (+88P) — $152,000
Lot 39* Bosside Epic Yinga (Epic x GP-83 +2041 Boulder) +2423 GTPI / +3359 DGV — $43,000
Lot 40* OCD Parish Daffodil-ET (Parish x VG-85 +2269 Freddie) GTPI +2500 / GLPI +3178 — $53,000
Lot 41* Peak Chanda Pred 756-ET (Predestine x +2463 Robust x Larcrest Chenoa-ETS VG-87 DOM) — $31,000
Lot 42* 1st Choice Tango x Clear-Echo M-O-M 2213-ET VG-86 2Y — $70,000
Lot 43* Triplecrown-MH Tango 641-ET (Tango x +2321 Mogul x Morsan Man D Missy-ET VG-85) — $69,000
Lot 44* 1st Choice Kingboy or Monterey x Jook Effect P 9179-ET *RC *PO — $30,500
Lot 45* 1st Choice Powerball x Butlerview Colt Pixie *RC *PO GTPI +2093 — $25,000
Lot 46 Willow-Marsh Sundance-Red (Redliner x EX-90 Encounter) Unanimous All-American R&W Winter Yearling 2013 — $36,000
Lot 47 Kostka Steady Dinamite-ET (Steady x VG-88-4Y CAN Freelance) — $6000
Lot 48 Ms Licorice Uno Liberty-ET *RC (Numero Uno x Rockymountain Talent Licorice-ET EX-95) — $8600
Lot 49* 1st Choice Atwood x Ms Licorice Uno Liberty-ET *RC (sold as Lot 48) — $8100
Lot 50* 1st Choice Alta1stclass or Supershot x +2444 Mogul x VG-85 Planet — $30,000
Lot 51* 1st Choice Female x +2398 Superstition from the “Pala” family — $18,200
Lot 53 Rustowill Rdbr Seslyn-Red-ET (Redburst x Blondin Redman Sesame-Red-ET VG-85-2Y CAN) — $7100
Lot 54 Ernest-Anthony Jaz Tempo-ET VG-89 3Y (Jasper x Ernest-Anthony Tara EX-92) — $17,000
Lot 55 Ernest-Anthony Hot Tamale (Alexander x VG-87 Aftershock x Ernest-Anthony Tabitha-ET EX-95 2E) — $8500
Lot 56 Savage-Leigh Black Silk-ET (Sid x Savage-Leigh Leona-ET 2E-96) — $10,400
Lot 57 Budjon-JK Fever Dynasty-ET (Fever x Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95 2E) — $4400
Lot 58 Hez Gldwn Helga-ET (Goldwyn x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92) — $10,000
Lot 59 Hez Atwood Henna-ET (Atwood x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92) — $9000
Lot 60 Butlerview Doorman Cosmo (Doorman x Camomile EX-95) GTPI +2246 +4.19T — $8500
Lot 61 Butlerview Brokaw Cami (Brokaw x Camomile EX-95) Top 10 Type Heifer in the World +4.58T — $16,000
Lot 64* Peak Pie Symp 738-ET *RC (Sympatico x GTPI +2395 Dakker)#9 GTPI & #2 CFP RC Female — $40,000
Lot 65* Progenesis Enforcer Pam-ET (Enforcer x +2405 Cameron) +2419 GTPI / GLPI +3343 / DGV +3424 — $22,000
Lot 66* Ms Predestine Macy-ET (Predestine x +2414 Epic x EX-90 Ramos) #13 GTPI Predestine in the Breed +2454 — $20,000
Lot 67* Ms Marilyn Embassy Mary (AltaEmbassy x +2414 Epic x EX-90 Ramos) GTPI +2395 / GLPI +3198 / +3268 DGV — $8200
Lot 68* Ms Jacey Audrey-ET (Jacey x +2288 Numero Uno x EX-90 Planet) +2443 GTPI / GLPI +3050 / DGV +3105 — $14,700
Lot 69* Grandeur Uno Tamriel-ET (Numero Uno x +1968 Domain x EX-90 2E Goldwyn) GTPI +2401 / GLPI +2964 / +3071 DGV — $5200
Lot 70* Sully Numero Uno Madge-ET (Numero Uno x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET GP-83 +2127 GTPI) GTPI +2384 / GLPI +3105 / +3170 DGV — $5300
Lot 71* Ms Lana Coin 55426-ET (Cashcoin x +2364 Mogul x VG-87 Bolton) +2437 GTPI / GLPI +3169 / DGV +3203 — $11,500
Lot 72* Butlerview Uno Sho-Off-ET (Numero Uno x Vision-Gen Sh Sho A12024-ET VG-85) GTPI +2437 / GLPI +2947 / +3042 DGV — $14,500]
Lot 73* IHG Platinum Sassy-ET (Platinum x +2437 Numero Uno x Vision-Gen Sh Sho A12024-ET VG-85) #2 Platinum in the Breed — $50,000
Lot 74* IHG Platinum Shoiri-ET (Platinum x +2437 Numero Uno x Vision-Gen Sh Sho A12024-ET VG-85) +2404 GTPI — $4700
Lot 75* 1st Choice of March Gold Chip or April Brokaw x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX-90 — $10,000
Lot 76 Golden-Oaks D Lovesong-ET (Doorman x EX-91 Atwood x Calbrett Shottle Lucy EX-94) GTPI +2319 +4.13T — $4100
Lot 77 Ocean-View Atwood Zandra (Atwood x EX-93 3E Derry x Ocean-View Mandel Zandra EX-95 2E) — $3300
Lot 78 Ms Abrianna Goldaction-ET (Goldwyn x BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET EX-92) — $8000
Lot 79 Butlerview Gold After-ET (Goldwyn x BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET EX-92) — $6200
Lot 80 Butlerview GC Asset-ET (Gold Chip x BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET EX-92) — $6800
Lot 81 Butlerview GC Wisdom-ET (Gold Chip x Gold Winter EX-94) — $5300
Lot 82 1st Choice of Windbrook or Sid x Ms Baltimor Cutie-ET EX-92 — $5100
Lot 83 Milksource Glwn Astonish-ET (Goldwyn x EX-90 Durham x EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel EX-96 3E) Full sister to Goldwyn Africa EX-92 — $4000
Lot 86 Morningview Uno Lady-ET (Numero Uno x Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 2E) GTPI +2273 — $2700
Lot 87 Liatris Brokaw Toutoune — $14,000
Lot 88* Rayon D’Or Chevrolet Esmeralda (Chevrolet x Wabash-Way Shottle Ember-ET VG-87-3Y CAN GLPI +3015) GTPI +2474 GLPI +3155 — $89,000
Lot 89* Vieuxsaule Aikman Konala *RC (Aikman x VG-86-3Y CAN +3015 GLPI) 154 RZG GTPI +2400 — $49,000
Lot 90 Butlerview GC Glory (Gold Chip x Pellerat Jasper Ginger VG-89 2Y) — $15,400
Lot 91 MM-T Pockets Epic Beyond-ET *RC (Epic x VG-87 Destry x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95) — $8200

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