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Baby Lucy needs your help

Recently had a request from Brian Van Doormaal who many of you may know from Lactanet and for many years Canadian Dairy Network, for his granddaughter who is in need of your help.

Lucy was born on April 1st and at 5 weeks of age was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called SMA1, which has a normal life expectancy of 18-24 months. They were devastated! Recently, Scott and Laura learned that Lucy qualifies for a single-dose gene therapy treatment called Zolgensma. While excited about that outcome, that treatment is known as the most expensive treatment in the world. As a consequence, they have come to the conclusion that they have no choice but to start a national fundraising campaign to raise $3 MILLION to save Lucy’s Life. They are looking for hundreds of thousands of people to each give a bit, which means they need Lucy’s campaign to get huge visibility and to go viral.
Scott and Laura were recently interviewed by CTV News and Global News in an effort to help spread the news of Lucy’s need.

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